Oct 212016
Foundation Veneer Saves the Day

Most of our customers choose our veneer products because they look good. Ken Niles chose them because nothing else would get the job done for his home’s foundation. With their vividly textured stone, brick and wood patterns, and intricately detailed and realistic finish, the primary reason for ‘going faux’ is looks. Our panels are almost Read More…

Oct 142016
Refacing a Fireplace That's Up to Code

At first glance, you might think that Katie Bebout-Rudy’s fireplace refacing project is straightforward enough – using the look of real stone and wood to create a more classic feel for her modern home. But there was an unexpected speed bump in getting her project completed, which Katie explained in her email to us: “We wanted a wood beam Read More…

Oct 072016
Slatestone Porch Post Wraps Make an Entrance

As soon as Gemma moved into her home in Finleyville, PA, she saw the potential in her front porch. Shady, with gorgeous red brick walls and stone slabs underfoot, it was a characterful and welcoming entrance; perfect for warm summer evenings, or fall trick-or-treating. But there was something missing – and Gemma quickly cottoned onto the Read More…

Sep 302016
Adding Eye-Catching Texture with Accent Walls

Debbie Dennis from Frederick, Colorado sent us pictures of her new textured accent walls created with stacked stone style panels. Accent walls are one of the most cost-effective and stylish interior design techniques available. The concept behind them is to use some kind of dramatic or stylish design element on a single wall in a room, and Read More…

Sep 232016
Indoor Pool Surround Looks Cool in Coral

Check out this small yet luxurious indoor pool, with a surround made with Norwich Bleached Coral Stone panels. Just because the summer is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean the swimming has to stop. Not for the DeVrie family, at least, who recently sent in this picture of their stunning interior pool room. Fully climate-controlled, with orangerie-style Read More…

Sep 162016
2-Day Home Exterior Makeover

See before and after photos of the stunning exterior makeover these homeowners completed in less than a weekend. — “These panels are totally worth the money! I believe it updated and increased the value of our house far beyond what we paid for them, even including the time we took to install them. We love our house now!”

Sep 092016
2-for-1 Remodel: Fireplace and Powder Room Accent Walls

Jolene and Scott Johnston from Fishers, IN recently sent us pictures of their newly completed project. In this 2-for-1 remodel, Jolene and Scott used the same style of panels to create accent walls around their living room fireplace and behind the sink in the small adjacent bathroom.  “Thank you for your wonderful products,” Jole writes, in the email Read More…

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