Jul 292016
Interior Chimney with a New Stacked Stone Finish

A homeowner in North Dakota recently sent us a picture of a newly-finished project – remodeling his fireplace and interior chimney with a stacked stone finish. North Dakota might be the fourth least sparsely populated state in the Union, but that’s changing. Rich in natural resources, more and more people have been moving there in recent years in Read More…

Jun 242016
Stunning Corner Bathtub Wall Surround

Homeowners from Ardmore, OK, sent in photos of their stunning new bathtub wall surround. Stone is ‘in’ at the moment. While arguably a good stone finish never goes out of style, if you visit high-end hotels or luxury apartments in London, Paris, New York or Rome, you’ll see bathrooms and wetrooms finished off with wall-to-wall stonework Read More…

May 202016
Seen on PBS' Make it Artsy: Craft Corner with a Brick Accent Wall

A craft corner built on PBS’ Make it Artsy included a brilliant accent wall created with our Old Chicago Brick panels. For years, crafty fans devoured the hit PBS show Scrapbook Soup, to the point that they started to run out of scrapbooking ideas, and investigated other cool, easy and low-budget crafting projects. This led to Read More…

Apr 222016
Covering Up Old Wainscoting with Stacked Stone

A home gets a fresh new look by covering old, dated wainscoting with the look of stacked stone. While we’ve posted pictures of some epic panel projects, we still believe that there’s merit to the philosophy of ‘less is more.’ This is why we like this project, pictures of which were sent in by a Read More…

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Feb 122016
Give Neutral Wall Colors a Little Oomph

Grey is the new black, according to The Telegraph. But while this newspaper argues that neutral wall colors are the new ‘in thing’ in interior design, faux panels offer a way to give monochromatic palettes a little more oomph. “In the early 2000s, gray became the new neutral,” writes Woody Marshall, for the Macon Telegraph. “It reflects interest in Read More…

Jan 222016
Safer, Cleaner Pallet Headboards

A popular design inspiration at the moment is the ‘pallet headboard’ – a bed headboard made from reclaimed pallet wood. But does ‘going faux’ offer a better alternative? “My wife had been bugging me about it ever since she saw it on Pinterest,” explains Tim, a homeowner from Wisconsin. “We’ve been working on our house for Read More…

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Jan 152016
Not Your Grandma's Wood Paneling

Wood paneled walls aren’t strictly limited to your grandparent’s basement. Wainscoting is a centuries-old tradition – and it could transform your home. When I first moved to Long Island in 2001, my first apartment was in a Polish couple’s basement – and it was lined wall-to-ceiling with flimsy wooden panels. It looked like something out Read More…

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