Jul 202012

The team at N’Stuff Music, in Pittsburgh, are proud to show off their awesome new studio – completed using our faux brick panels and faux stone ledgers.

N'Stuff Music in Pittsburgh put together some great videos in their new studio space with faux brick backdrop.

Our Cambridge panels make a great backdrop to NStuff’s awesome new studio.

The steel town of Pittsburgh has always had a rich musical heritage, giving birth not only to the great tradition of piano jazz, but also some of its greatest proponents – Earl Hines, Erroll Gardner and Sonny Clark.

Pittsburgh’s passion for piano explains the continued popularity of the city’s famous Pianos N’ Stuff store – founded in 1968 and today recognized as one of the city’s leading music stores (leading them to rebrand as N’ Stuff, since they carry much more than pianos today.)

We recently received an email from the NStuff team, telling us about the incredible new studio they’d created using our Cambridge Brick Aged Panels and Light Gray Ledgers.

“We just wanted to say thank you for such a great product! Look how great the wall turned out!”

Our Cambridge brick panels make a great choice for a studio. Not only are they affordable and easy to install, but they’re also molded from durable polyurethane; which actually has great sound absorbing qualities and makes a smart choice for places you need to insulate from noise and vibration.

And regarding NStuff’s choice of panel – the photos and video speak for themselves.

The aged red brick, molded directly from the real thing and painstakingly colored and detailed, perfectly matches the look and feel of Pittsburgh – a city built with steel, brick and the sweat of the American working man.

The use of our faux stone ledgers at the top and bottom adds a great contrast piece, and frames the finished product beautifully.

Don’t just take our word for it (or theirs!), Check out the great video NStuff showed us. Our faux panels are in the background.

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