Commercial Designs

Commercial Designs

When considering updating or renovating commercial designs, it's important to consider cost, labor, time and how well it will look when finished. You need something that will look great, withstand anything, save on installation and have little to no long term maintenance. Faux panels® are a perfect option for storefronts and retail space design for any need.

Every simulated stone, artificial brick and faux rock panel is molded for a realistic look while offering unmatched durability. It'll be hard to tell they aren't real once they're up on your storefronts, displays and more.

Made from lightweight materials, each panel is a fraction of the weight that real stone, rock or brick would be. This means that it will take less time, cost less, need fewer people to install and won't need added supports or mortar.

Low to no maintenance is guaranteed with our faux panels® and siding. They were designed to withstand wind, rain, deterioration, pests, UV and more. What this means for your retail space design, storefronts and signs is that no matter what the weather is or how long you have them up, they'll stay looking great far longer than the real thing.

Benefits for Commercial Designs:

  1. Saves money on labor
  2. Quick installation to reduce store downtime
  3. Maintenance free
  4. Large variety of styles and colors
  5. Weather, Pest & UV Resistant
  6. Ships right to your — or your business' — front door

Don't waste time with costly masonry for your commercial designs when faux panels® will save you on time, money and labor. The durable, lightweight and realistic option for all your needs.

Our Customers say:

I loved working with your product designing this room. It was such an easy way to transform a 2nd floor loft in our studio into something extraordinary. It’s made for a beautiful set here at FOX5 in Las Vegas and our celebrity artists are blown away by what they see.

Thanks for all of your help and great customer service!

FOX5 in Las Vegas

We run an online digital die cut company and when it comes time to showcase our products, we don't settle for mediocre. We currently use FauxPanels® as backdrops and sometimes even surfaces for our product photography. Why spend so much time creating a beautiful product and then shooting it on sub-par backdrops. There are a number of companies that sell "printed" canvas backdrops that feature wood patterns, stones etc. The problem is the lack of texture and realism. Unlike the canvas option, FauxPanels® give our photo shoots added dimension because they are dimensional! The look and feel of Faux Panels® are second to none and the photographs speak for themselves. Thank you for helping our site stand out. Our photography is one of the reasons we are at the top of our industry and we partially owe it to FauxPanels®.

Leo Photographer and Co-Founder

Looks beautiful and we have received many compliments. Thanks so much for all your help!

Jill H.
Pita Pit Owner

Save on labor, time and costs by using faux panels® for your commercial designs.
Wellington Panels
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Cambridge Panels
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Regency Panels
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Carlton Panels
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Lightweight faux stone perfect for store displays, accent walls and wainscoting.
Windsor Panels
Our lightest panels offered, Windsor is a great choice for small businesses looking to do their own renovations and remodels while still getting a professional look.
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Cast stone storefronts add beautiful detail and visual appeal that will turn heads.
Versetta Panels
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Woodland Panels
Tongue and groove paneling adds sophisticated flair with a rugged touch. Using faux wood lets you create a classic design efficiently and affordably.
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