Home Bars

Bar designs for your home using faux panels® can create style and refinement.

Looking to build or update a home bar? Bar designs with real wood or brick masonry may be too heavy and costly for your needs. Home bar ideas with faux paneling® provide a simple, attractive and easy to install alternative to the real thing.

Made from lightweight, durable polyurethane, our panels are virtually maintenance-free, resistant to wear and tear, stand up to heat and moisture, and are resistant to pests and insects. Also, they are made using molds of the real thing in order to provide a realistic look.

Benefits for Home Bars:

  • Easy installation
  • Perfect for DIY projects
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Great for indoor or outdoor bar designs
  • Resistant to weather, moisture, insects and pests
  • Available in a large array of colors, textures and styles
  • Ships right to your front door

Whether your home bar ideas involve a Irish Pub in your basement, a wet bar for your dining area or an outdoor bar for socializing, there are faux panels® that will get the job done easier, more affordably and just as attractive.

Our Customers say:

My wife's company had built me a frame out of aluminum and I doubt it would have supported heavy stone. It was a matter of minutes before I discovered faux panels® and my samples were on the way. The product was easy to work with on the straight runs and took a little work on the corners, but just like wallpapering a room.


I was looking at stone to go around my bar in my rec room, but I wanted to get something to stay within my budget. The Fauxpanels® are fun and easy to install and way cheaper than real stone for the same look and feel. The professional customer service along with the fast shipping made me want to use Fauxpanels® on the fireplace for the next upcoming project.

Josh G.

I wanted to have a bar with a brick look to it, I priced a local brick retailer. The price was steep, and I knew it would be labor intensive. I was very pleased with the sample, so I sent for another type of brick. The panels were installed quickly with, the entire project completed in less than 3 hours. I am very happy with the results.


Add a rugged character and look to your home bar ideas.
Wellington Panels
When you want a more rugged look and feel to your home bar designs, Wellington offers the best panels. Available in Dry Stack and River Rock, both are natural looking and durable alternatives to the real thing.
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Professional bar designs without the cost or hassle of real masonry.
Cambridge Panels
Add that touch of professional masonry to your bar designs without the cost or hassle associated with it. Whether brick, rock or stone, Cambridge panels will add appeal to home bar ideas.
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Give your home bars that ideal look and feel with decorative panels made from molds of real stone.
Regency Panels
Your home bars will benefit from the look and feel of real stone. Regency panels are made to closely mimic rock and stone, extremely durable, impact-resistant and maintenance-free.
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Professional style bar designs without the time or cost associated with professional masonry.
Norwich Panels
Norwich panels provide a professional look for any home bar ideas. Available in multiple styles, made from durable and lightweight polyurethane and easy to install.
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Accent your home bars with classic brick or rustic stone without the worry and upkeep.
Carlton Panels
Easily update your home bars with faux brick, rock and various stone patterns. If your bar designs need the classic look of brick, the rustic look of ledgestone, the professional lines of castle rock or more, there is a pattern suited for you.
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Easy to handle, easy to install and perfect for making bar designs look gorgeous.
Windsor Panels
Perfect for DIY home bar ideas. Your bar designs won't need a mason or a team to help out… these panels all weigh less than five pounds, are made from durable polyurethane and are virtually maintenance-free.
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Home bars of any shape, size or style can benefit from the numerous panel options.
Oxford Panels
Bar designs come in many forms and Oxford panels feature styles for every need. Whether your home bar ideas involve the look of rock, brick, bamboo or even rusted diamond plate, Oxford panels can give you want you need.
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Give your home bar designs a classic style and rich look with old-world style panels.
Woodland Panels
Whether you're home bar ideas are an Irish Pub design or you want the warmth of wood for your own personal sports bar, our faux wood wall panels get the job done. Perfect indoors or outside, easy to handle, lightweight and maintenance-free.
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