Wellington Panels

These instructions show how easy it is to use Wellington faux stone panels in DIY projects

Carlton Panels

Detailed instructions for home remodelling projects using Carlton faux stone decorative panels

Regency Panels

Regency stone veneer installation instructions

Norwich Panels

Step-by-step photographs illustrate how easy it is for the amateur remodeller to use Norwich fake rock siding in their home design projects.

Cambridge Panels

We explain everything the home remodeller needs to know to use Cambridge fake stone siding in their remodeling projects.

Windsor Panels

It’s easy for amateur remodellers to use Windsor faux panels and siding by following these step-by-step instructions.

Oxford Panels

Oxford decorative wall panels are used by amateur remodellers and experienced builders and contractors to add a luxurious look to any redesign project.

Versetta Panels

Versetta Panels

Nailon Siding

Nailon exterior siding has an extremely user-friendly installation -- especially if you follow our thorough, illustrated guidelines.

Novi Siding

Even rank amateurs can get professional looking results by following the Novi faux stone siding instructions.

York Siding

York Siding

Log Siding

Log Siding

Ashford Columns

These faux stone pillar installation instructions give you the look of masonry without any of of the hassle.

Skirting Mates

Customer Installation Videos

Mitering Panels

Learn how to install faux brick or stone panels to your mobile home for a polished, elegant look.

Watch us on TV installing the panels: