Cambridge Faux Wall Panels

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Our Cambridge line of stone and brick faux wall panels offers an infinite range of beautiful design possibilities together with the advantages of cost efficiency and user-friendliness. The line comes in five different, appealing faux finishes—Random Rock, Stacked Stone, Drystack, Stonewall, and Brick—with three color choices for faux stone and three for our faux brick panels. Accompanying ledgers, corners and trim are available for each finish, to guarantee a smooth, polished, professional look.

The faux wall and exterior panels capture the intricate coloring and textural details of real rock, stone and brick so completely that it will be hard to convince people you didn’t hire a mason! But in reality, the faux panels® are composed of polyurethane, a material that’s even tougher and wear-and-tear-resistant than actual rock or brick. Polyurethane is not only super-durable, but it’s incredibly lightweight, so that almost any homeowner should be able to install these faux panels® with a minimum of difficulty, thanks to our easy, step-by-step instructions. Using tools you probably own already, you should have the panels up in almost no time.

With so many finishes and colors available, the faux panels® adapt themselves to almost any casual, formal, traditional or contemporary design scheme. They’ll add huge visual appeal to a kitchen, living room, family room or den. Master bedrooms, home offices, baths, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. When used on the exterior of your home you can increase the curb appeal with accent walls, foundation surrounds, chimney makeovers, outdoor kitchens, or dressing up an ugly retaining wall. Take a look at actual examples of our faux panels® in use—you’ll be sold on their beauty and versatility. Let Cambridge faux panels® rock your world—you’ll be glad you did.