Oxford Panels

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The Oxford line of faux paneling® features a wonderful variety of simulated stone, brick and wood in over twenty different styles and an even larger selection of finishes. With unique textures inspired by natural and urban landscapes, Oxford's many options offer countless and inspired combinations to please every taste, budget and project scope.

Want to bring nature indoors? Add stacked stone light tan panels to the living room and coral block in the den. Use Faux Bamboo panels inside to create an Asian paradise and then continued on into your outdoor zen garden. Oxford Brick panels add the classic appeal of exposed brick, from traditional shades of red to a cool white. Try Oxford Asphalt or Concrete paneling to convey a little more urban look, bringing a hip, edgy atmosphere to an art gallery, café or kitchen décor.

Whatever your design aesthetic, be it rustic or metropolitan, each of these faux panels® are as great-looking as their real counterparts and shipped to arrive “camera ready.”

Every style in the Oxford line is easy to install - you probably own all of the tools already! And no mason is required; step by step instructions make installation of our light, easy-to-handle panels quick, convenient and seamless. No time-consuming sanding, stone-cutting or polishing required.

Once up, these polyurethane panels boast an incredible resilience to harsh climate and pest damage, as well as general wear and tear, allowing them to grace your home or business for years to come.