Nailon Faux Stone Wall Siding

  • $32.72 each panel
  • Model: NP-SW-PN-DC
  • Color: Dry Creek
  • Production Time: Approx. 1 to 5 business days
  • Quantity:
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Specifications of Nailon Stone Wall Dry Creek Panel:

  • Model: NP-SW-PN-DC
  • Line: Nailon
  • Style: Stone Wall
  • Color: Dry Creek
  • Type: Panel
  • Edge Type: Interlocking
  • Production Time: Approx. 1 to 5 business days
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Overall Dimensions: 44 ½" Wide × 19 ½" High × approx. ¾" Thick
  • Coverage Dimensions: 40" Wide × 18 " High
  • Coverage: Approx. 5.03 sq. ft.
  • Weight: Approx. 4 lbs 10 oz each panel
  • Exterior Use: Weather Proof, near zero UV degradation
  • Interior Use:
    This product is made out of polypropylene and has a Class C fire rating. Please check with your local building codes if you intend on using for interior.
  • Area price: Approx. $5.43 / sq.ft.
    based on overall dimensions
  • Coverage price: Approx. $6.50 / sq.ft.
    based on coverage dimensions
  • Price per pound: Approx. $7.11 / lb.
  • Ships From: Northeast Region
    Please note that these products are polypropylene siding and not the same as our polyurethane panels. We strongly suggest that you order a sample of the product prior to purchasing to be certain that it correctly meets your needs.

    Nailon Faux Stone Wall siding offers a beautiful and hassle-free means to bring the appeal of stonework to your indoor or outdoor design project, at a fraction of the cost of real stone. They are available in natural and attractive grey and earth tone finishes. The faux panels® replicate the look and texture of real stone to an amazing degree. But they’re even better than true stone. Thanks to their polypropylene makeup, they’re much more resilient and durable than their natural counterparts in the face of harsh climate, moisture, sunlight, heat and cold, as well as other forms of wear and tear.

    Polypropylene boasts another great advantage over real rock and stone due to its convenient and super-lightweight quality. You’ll never have to hire professionals to take this stone design project on—all the average homeowner requires are a few basic tools that are probably already lying around the house, as well as our basic, step-by-step instructions for guidance. You should have these panels, and their matching ledgers and corners, installed and ready to enjoy in almost no time!

    With these versatile colors and finishes, the design possibilities for Nailon Faux Stone Wall panels are wide open. They’ll add polish and charm to almost any room, traditional or contemporary, casual or formal, as full-wall siding or as accent in areas such as fireplace surrounds or as wainscoting. Your imagination and creativity are the only limit!

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