Outdoor Kitchen Designs

DIY Outdoor Kitchens to enjoy on those cool spring evenings and warm summer nights.

Outdoor living is the perfect way to expand the comfort of your home to your deck, patio, backyard and other areas outside. Building DIY outdoor kitchens is one of the more common ways to bring the family out of doors during those warmer nights. Grill islands, dining areas, fire pits and more are some of the simple ways to enjoy the exterior of your home.

Outdoor kitchen design should be eye-catching and add to the appeal of your home. Faux panels® are a simple, affordable and easy to install way to spruce up your exterior design plans. Their lightweight construction makes them prefect for a weekend DIY outdoor kitchen project. Give your outdoor living areas the look of realistic brick, stone or rock without the hassle or costs associated with a professional mason.

Easily enhance the look and feel of your outdoor living spaces. Made from polyurethane, our panels are durable enough to handle the elements and are resistant to pests and insects. Add a new space to entertain friends and family by bringing them outdoors. Outdoor kitchen designs and dining areas are a simple and enjoyable way to make better use of all of your home and enjoy what nature has to offer.

Benefits for Outdoor Kitchen Designs:

  • Durable, lightweight construction
  • Perfect for DIY outdoor kitchen projects
  • Affordable & long-lasting
  • Available in many different designs, colors and textures
  • Easy to install
  • Resists deterioration, pests, and weather
  • Virtually maintenance-free

Outdoor kitchen designs will look appealing and create a more comfortable atmosphere when updated with realistic-looking artificial rock, stone or brick panels.

Our Customers say:

This is our outdoor deck area. The Fauxpanels® were used to replicate stacked stone columns. They turned out very realistic looking! Visitors don't know that they are not real stone until I tell them! Thanks!!

Travis Y.
Oklahoma City

Here are some pictures of what we did with the panels. We made a box planters / divider wall coming out from the house, put lights on the walkway side, and also used rope lights inside the planters so the light shines through the plants at night. Everyone thinks it's amazing. I made the framing out of 2x3s and made it all in one afternoon. It was such an enjoyable project to do. Thanks for the hospitality of dealing with you people. Also the shipping was amazingly fast, like three days. Thanks again!

Joe K.
Fergus Ontario, Canada

I was building a frame for my grill. Originally I was going to use a stone veneer, price was not an issue, but the weight was. My wife's company had built me a frame out of aluminum and I doubt it would have supported heavy stone. It was a matter of minutes before I discovered faux panels® and my samples were on the way. The product was easy to work with on the straight runs and took a little work on the corners, but just like wallpapering a room. Add granite tops, stainless steel pendent lights and its time to party outside on my deck, with built in bar and grill.

Billy B.

Outdoor kitchen designs benefit from the rustic, down-to-earth character of faux panels®.
Wellington Panels
Build beautiful DIY outdoor kitchens with the look of stone or rock. Your outdoor living spaces, dining areas and grill islands will benefit from stone and rock accents.
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Outdoor living areas are made beautiful with the realistic look of faux stacked stone and rock.
Regency Panels
Give your outdoor living space a sophisticated atmosphere. Faux rock or stone panels in your outdoor kitchen designs will make them shine.
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DIY outdoor kitchens with professional flair but no need for a mason.
Norwich Panels
Give your DIY outdoor kitchens the professional look of stone and rock without needing a mason. Spruce up outdoor living areas with any of the various colors and styles offered.
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DIY outdoor kitchens are a perfect way to add extra comfort and appeal to your home.
Carlton Panels
Outdoor kitchen designs, dining areas and fire pits are enhanced by the various stone designs offered. Line your outdoor living spaces with fieldstone, ledgestone, cobblestone, castle rock or brick.
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DIY outdoor kitchens are a great weekend project to spruce up your home.
Windsor Panels
DIY outdoor kitchen projects should be simple, easy to install, affordable and look great. These extremely lightweight panels are the perfect complement to your DIY project.
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Outdoor kitchen designs shine with the beauty of Versetta cast stone panels.
Versetta Panels
Cast stone outdoor kitchen designs will beautify your surroundings and impress friends & family with the look and feel of stone while saving you on installation thanks to Versetta's panelized design.
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Beautify your outdoor living areas with the timeless quality of wood.
Woodland Panels
Update your outdoor kitchen designs with the old-world appeal of tongue-and-groove faux wood panels. Authentic looking wood designs for outdoor living spaces without the maintenance hassle.
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