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Faux wall paneling: one of the easiest ways to bring new life to a room. Our faux brick and stone panels make it easy for you to transform the character of your living or work space, bringing out its best features.

Faux panels® are a simple and beautiful design tool for bringing the beauty of brick, stonework, wood, rock and other expensive, well-crafted finishes into or outside your home, without the cost and inconvenience of working with the actual materials. Our wall paneling recreates the natural appearance of brick, stone and so forth, down to the tiniest details and irregularities of coloring, shading and texture. They’re so lifelike—even to the touch—that people will assume the panels are made from the real thing. But they’re not!

This paneling is composed of polyurethane, a highly-durable material. Compared with real rock or brick, it’s even more resistant to harsh climate such as wind, moisture, cold, sunlight and heat, and all other forms of wear and tear. There’s no fear of fading, peeling or cracking, even years after the faux panels® are in place. They stand up beautifully to pest and insect damage also.

Polyurethane’s lightweight nature is another huge advantage, bringing a cost-effective, easy installation within reach of the skills of the average homeowner. The panels look thick and heavy, but can be lifted and transported without a major hassle. There’s no need to hire a mason or other professional for this project. Simply follow our easy, illustrated step-by-step instructions to achieve your beautiful results, using tools and equipment that you probably own already! The whole process is simplified and foolproof. The faux panels® will be up in no time, and you’ll soon be enjoying their good looks for years to come.