Bathroom Design Ideas

Typical bathroom design ideas usually include a touch of color, some new fixtures and a nicer vanity. Adding stone, rock or brick is often impossible because of the weight on the walls, the cost and the time to install. Our faux panels® add a realistic look to your bathroom for a fraction of the cost and time, plus they’re durable and waterproof! This portfolio of bathroom remodeling pictures shows off some great uses of the panels by past customers.

Made from closed-cell polyurethane foam, our panels are highly resistant to moisture and damage associated with wet conditions. Their maintenance is minimal, requiring only a periodic cleaning with soap or a mild detergent, water and a soft bristled brush. Unlike real stone, faux panels® are not porous so mold and mildew have a harder time latching on giving you an easier time cleaning them.

This makes them a perfect choice for bathroom walls, showers and tubs when you’d like an added touch of character with little maintenance. They’re lightweight and simple to install, helping you finish your DIY projects in a snap.

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BR1. Regency Stacked Stone Misty Morning
Tiny House Nation
BR2. Regency Stacked Stone Misty Morning
Tiny House Nation
BR3. Regency Stacked Stone Misty Morning
Tiny House Nation
Bathroom renovation is easy and fun to do with stone veneer panels. BR4. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Tall Rusty Tan
BR5. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Tall Rusty Tan
Before and After
Bathroom shower designs look fabulous with fake stone panels. BR6. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Tall Rusty Tan
BR7. Regency Old Chicago Brick Antique Brick
Bathroom renovations look gorgeous with the help of faux stone panels. BR8. Regency Stacked Stone Potomac
Before and After
These faux stone panels for bathroom are durable and highly waterproof. BR9. Oxford Large Riverstone Tan
Before and After
This bathroom with faux rock accents around the tub brings a stylish yet serene ambience to the room. BR10. Oxford Large Riverstone Tan
BR11. Oxford Large Riverstone Tan
BR12. Carlton Fieldstone Dakota Blend
BR13. Carlton Fieldstone Dakota Blend
BR14. Carlton Fieldstone Dakota Blend
BR15. Carlton Fieldstone Dakota Blend
BR16. Oxford Colonial Tan Full Size Worn Brick
Before and After
Tub and shower designs can equally make use of the wonderful designs possible with faux stone paneling. BR17. Carlton Fieldstone Desert Sky
Before and After
Faux stone gives a realistic look without needing load-bearing walls or additional support for them to be added. BR18. Carlton Fieldstone
(painted by owner)
Express your bathroom design ideas like this customer did by painting additional rocks for a more varied look. BR19. Carlton Fieldstone
(painted by owner)
Bathroom showers with faux stone are affordable, durable and elegant. BR20. Wellington Drystack Espresso
Faux stone interior wall panels create a dramatic change from the previous bland shower stall. BR21. Wellington Drystack Espresso
Before and After
Create gorgeous bathroom showers for less by using artificial stone instead of the real thing. BR22. Wellington Drystack Espresso
Before and After
This stacked rock backsplash surrounding the tub brings a calming ambience to the bath. BR23. Regency Stacked Stone Honey
Before and After
Shower designs featuring faux stone walls create a unique and relaxing feeling. BR24. Regency Stacked Stone Honey
Before and After
Realize incredible bathroom design ideas with a touch of artificial stone and rock. BR25. Regency Stacked Stone Honey
Before and After
These faux stone bathroom walls are a sophisticated upgrade as seen in the before and after. BR26. Regency Stacked Stone Riviera
Before and After
A touch of character in your bathroom design ideas can make any space more pleasant and inviting. BR27. Regency Stacked Stone Riviera
Faux stone on and around your tub can create a wonderfully inviting touch to your entire bathroom design. BR28. Oxford Stonewall Tan

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