DIY Chimney Design

Chimneys are commonly lined with brick or stone but real masonry can be costly, heavy and time consuming. Luckily, a beautiful DIY chimney design is easily within your reach with faux brick and stone – an alternative solution that is long-lasting, lightweight, easy to install and withstands the elements.

Don’t struggle to make your ideas a reality while carrying the real thing up a ladder and across your roof when you have a lightweight option. Make your remodel safer, simpler to install and affordable even if you’re on a budget.

Browse through this gallery of chimneys remodeled by past FauxPanels customers and get ideas on how the panels can revitalize your own home’s exterior.

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CH1. Windsor Slatestone Mojave
CH2. Windsor Slatestone Mojave
CH3. Windsor Slatestone Brunswick Brown
CH4. Wellington River Rock Multicolor
Gorgeous chimney design is cost-effective and easy with artificial stone panels. CH5. Carlton Fieldstone Harvest
CH6. Carlton Fieldstone Harvest
Dry stacked stone panels can be used on any exterior surface of the home including the chimney. CH7. Wellington Drystack Saddle Beige
Before and After
Dry stack veneer panels are used in this chimney makeover. CH8. Wellington Drystack Saddle Beige
Before and After
CH9. Oxford Stone Wall Tan
Before and After
This faux chimney surround helps keep with the natural aesthetic of the home. CH10. Oxford Stone Wall Tan
Before and After
Chimney surrounds made from faux stone blend with the rugged look of this log cabin home. CH11. Oxford Stone Wall Tan
Before and After
CH12. Oxford Stone Wall Tan
Before and After
CH13. Oxford Stone Wall Tan
A faux stone chimney adds to the much needed facelift of this home's exterior. CH14. Wellington Drystack Tierra Gold
Before and After
CH15. Carlton Fieldstone Harvest
Outdoor faux stone veneer covering this chimney looks like professional masonry without the costs. CH16. Windsor Random Rock Tri Buff
Chimneys and faux panels® are a great match when updating the look of your home. CH17. Windsor Random Rock Tri Gray
Faux stone chimney surrounds fit in beautifully with this real log cabin. CH18. Oxford Stone Wall Tan
Veneer panels made from faux stone wrap this fireplace chimney protecting it from the elements plus adding curb appeal. CH19. Oxford Stone Wall Tan
Manufactured stone mobile skirting adds curb appeal to a tradtional home CH20. Windsor Random Rock Sedona Red
Adding faux brick or stone to your chimney is a simple way to brighten up your home’s exterior. CH21. Windsor Random Rock Sedona Red
This chimney siding made from faux stone blends with the natural colored shingles. CH22. Oxford Coral Block
Chimney design solutions can be found with the use of faux stone paneling. CH23. Oxford Coral Block
Houses with faux stone siding, such as this one, bring a traditional yet classy look to the neighborhood. CH24. Oxford Coral Block
Chimneys are a great way to add a touch of character to your home. CH25. Oxford Coral Block
Enhance your exterior home design ideas with a touch of simulated stone. CH26. Windsor Random Rock Tri Buff
Faux brick is a great way to add a traditional look to your chimney for less. CH27. Nailon Brick Used Red
Your chimneys are a great way to add character and sophistication to a design. CH28. Nailon Brick Used Buff
CH29. Nailon Stone Wall Mountain Ash
Our faux brick and stone panels are lightweight and easy to install. CH30. Nailon Stone Wall Mountain Ash
Before and After
CH31. Nailon Stone Wall Mountain Ash
Before and After
CH32. Novi Random Rock Weathered Blend
A stone accent on your chimneys is a great addition to home design ideas. CH33. Novi Stone Wall Moka

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