Kitchen Backsplash Pictures

These kitchen backsplash pictures demonstrate how a faux stone wall panel can protect your wall from water as well as providing a visual element that ties a room together. Why go for bland paint when you can have fabulous?

Our stone veneer and faux brick panels are made of durable polyurethane that holds up beautifully year after year with virtually no maintenance. Lighter than real stone and easier to install, it’ll protect your wall from water damage.

Kitchen backsplash ideas aren’t purely limited to the kitchen. You can use them in home bars and wine cellars, too.

Pair a faux stone backsplash with some simple task lighting for a dramatic effect. Contrasting colors can also highlight cabinetry or unify a great room.

Kitchen backsplash ideas for ultra modern cooking spaces or cozy classics can both use faux stone veneer. It’s the perfect finishing touch for a practical and beautiful kitchen backsplash.

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Kitchen Backsplashes

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KB1. Regency Old Chicago Brick Antique Brick
Tiny House Nation
KB2. Regency Old Chicago Brick Antique Brick
Tiny House Nation
KB3. Wellington Drystack Espresso
KB4. Wellington Drystack Espresso
The stacked stone backsplash adds texture to the décor of this kitchen. KB5. Regency Stacked Stone Potomac
This faux stone backsplash complements the cabinets as well as the granite countertops in the kitchen. KB6. Regency Stacked Stone Potomac
KB7. Norwich Carolina Random Rock Rusty Tan
Before and After
KB8. Norwich Carolina Random Rock Rusty Tan
KB9. Norwich Carolina Random Rock Rusty Tan
KB10. Kentucky Drystack Earth
KB11. Kentucky Drystack Earth
This dry stacked stone backsplash looks elegant and sophisticated. KB12. Wellington Drystack Earth
The dry stack stone backsplash brings contrast to this perfectly designed kitchenette. KB13. Wellington Drystack Earth
Home bar designs such as this one using faux stone look truly authentic and inviting. KB14. Carlton Ledgestone Harvest
This home bar design from faux ledgestone brings a truly realistic appeal to the Irish pub theme. KB15. Carlton Ledgestone Harvest
This kitchen stone backsplash truly complements the wood cabinets and stylish fixtures. KB16. Cambridge Dry Stack Light Gray
Before and After
Faux brick backsplash enhances the décor of this modern kitchen. KB17. Cambridge Aged Brick
Fake brick walls, such as this one used in the kitchen, can truly change the look of a space. KB18. Cambridge Aged Brick
Before and After
This brick panel made from durable polyurethane can hold up even in the busiest places, such as the kitchen. KB19. Cambridge Aged Brick
Before and After
This faux kitchen backsplash modernizes this kitchen remodel, as seen in the before and after pictures. KB20. Oxford Ledgestone Tan
Before and After
A stone kitchen backsplash is an affordable way to dramatically change the look of your kitchen. KB21. Oxford Ledgestone Tan
These kitchen backsplash panels made from faux stone complement the stainless steel appliances. KB22. Oxford Ledgestone Tan
KB23. Oxford Red Full Size Brick
Before and After
KB24. Oxford Ledgestone Tan
Kitchen backsplash ideas are just an important in wet bars as they are kitchens and this faux brick version adds the perfect touch KB25. Oxford Brick Dark Brick, Dark Grout
Faux brick wall paneling dresses up a wet bar KB26. Oxford Brick Dark Brick, Dark Grout
Faux red brick siding and wall panels coordinate for a uniform look in this basement wet bar. KB27. Oxford Brick Dark Brick, Dark Grout
Kitchen backsplash ideas show how task lighting paired with faux stone can create a dramatic effect KB28. Wellington Dry Stack Quarry Gray
Before and After
Kitchen backsplash ideas with before-and-after photos of a home bar/wine cellar. KB29. Windsor Random Rock Sedona Red
Professional masonry for your home bar plans is costly but faux stone panels are an affordable and durable alternative. KB30. Windsor Random Rock Sedona Red
This rock backsplash made from faux materials seems realistic and blends well with the other features of the kitchen. KB31. Oxford Ledgestone Tan
KB32. Oxford Ledgestone Tan
Faux stone backsplash panels add texture and color to this renovated kitchen. KB33. Oxford Ledgestone Tan
A faux stone backsplash creates a stylish setting for this wet bar. KB34. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Desert Sand
KB35. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Desert Sand
Before and After
Kitchen backsplash ideas for how to add rustic charm to an eat-in kitchen with stone veneer KB36. Regency Stacked Stone Ponderosa
KB37. Oxford Stonewall Tan
Before and After
Home bar plans that incorporate faux stone offer dramatic results that are affordable. KB38. Regency Stacked Stone Ponderosa
Home bar design ideas such as this faux stone paneling can deliver a lot of bang for your buck. KB39. Regency Stacked Stone Ponderosa
This fake stone backsplash is perceived as truly realistic and enhances the look of this elegant kitchen. KB40. Oxford Stone Wall Tan
Faux stone backsplashes like the one seen here in this kitchen remodel, can help accent cabinets & countertops. KB41. Oxford Stacked Stone Light Tan
Stacked stone wall panels in this kitchen remodeling project have the advantage of being low maintenance KB42. Oxford Stacked Stone Light Tan
Kitchen backsplash pictures show that the faux stone panels can be used throughout the room, too KB43. Oxford Stacked Stone Light Tan

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