Kitchen Island Design Ideas: Photo Gallery

Looking for ideas for a dazzling kitchen island design? This gallery showcases just a few island projects completed by FauxPanels™ customers.

A kitchen island is the room’s hub, both in utility and design. Most homeowners would agree that an island is high on the list of essential kitchen elements. It can provide additional counter space, storage, an area for food prep – even a place to sit and enjoy a meal.

While function is important, don’t forget to consider the island’s impact on decor. Typically placed in the center of the room, it sets the tone for the whole kitchen, so you want to make sure it looks its best.

Many of our customers have built or remodeled their kitchen island using FauxPanels in a variety of stone and wood finishes. Molded in high-density polyurethane, the panels capture every textural detail of their natural counterpart, but offer a simpler, more affordable alternative.

Another benefit of the polyurethane material is that it’s easy to clean. Food and drink spills can simply be wiped off with water and a soft cloth. The panels are also lightweight with an easy DIY install; the average homeowner can complete the project in just a few hours.

Spend a few minutes browsing through these photos. Then imagine how one of these looks could significantly upgrade your own kitchen.

Kitchen Island

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KI1. Wellington Drystack Boston
Before and After
KI2. Wellington Drystack Boston
KI3. Regency Stacked Stone Earth
KI4. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Birchwood
Before and After
KI5. Wellington Drystack Boston
KI6. Wellington Drystack Boston
KI7. Wellington Drystack Boston
KI8. Regency Stacked Stone Earth
Before and After
KI9. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Earth
Before and After
KI10. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Misty Morning
KI11. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Sierra Brown
Before and After
KI12. Wellington Reclaimed Barn Board Multicolor
Before and After
KI13. Wellington Reclaimed Barn Board Multicolor
KI14. Wellington Drystack Earth
KI15. Regency Stacked Stone Earth
KI16. Regency Stacked Stone Earth
KI17. Regency Contempo Brick Baked Clay
Before and After
KI18. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Fresco
Before and After
KI19. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Fresco
Before and After
KI20. Wellington Reclaimed Barn Board Multicolor
KI21. Wellington Drystack Earth
KI22. Wellington Drystack Earth
Before and After
KI23. Carlton Cobblestone Summer Tan
KI24. Carlton Cobblestone Summer Tan
Before and After
KI25. Wellington Drystack Quarry Gray
Before and After
KI26. Wellington Drystack Quarry Gray
KI27. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Desert Sand
Before and After
KI28. Norwich Dakota Stonewall Desert Sand

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