Vinyl Siding Pictures: Log Cabin Style

Log cabin construction normally involves heavy machinery, build teams and take an extensive amount of time. With faux log siding, you could easily turn those DIY home ideas into a log cabin build without the cost or time associated. Following proper installation techniques, anyone (DIYer or professional) can have these vinyl siding panels up on a home in practically no time.

The vinyl siding pictures below offer a look into how others are successfully using faux log siding on their homes to great effect. Not only do these homes look gorgeous but they have also helped to curb unnecessary wood harvesting. Faux Logs are not only affordable and beautiful; they are an environmentally friendly choice for construction.

Log Siding

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Half log siding adds class to your home
LS1. Smoke
Vinyl log siding lends homes rustic appeal
LS2. Spice
LS3. Vermont Maple
Log veneer siding brings rustic comfort to your homestead
LS4. Spice
Vinyl log siding gives your garage a cabin feel
LS5. Spice
All the beauty of log construction with all the pluses of vinyl siding. LS6. Cypress
Faux log siding makes your home your cabin
LS7. Spice
Vinyl log siding is more affordable and easier to install on an entire home facade. LS8. Cypress
Faux log siding is a great way to give your home a rustic appeal. LS9. Smoke
Whether your faux log cabin is in the woods or the suburbs, the rustic beauty will shine through. LS10. Smoke
Vinyl log siding is perfect for DIY home ideas as it is easy enough for anyone to lift and install. LS11. Smoke
Faux logs add a beautiful traditional appeal to homes. LS12. Vermont Maple
Cladding an entire house or structure with faux logs is as simple as installing any vinyl siding. LS13. Smoke
Faux log siding looks beautiful even up close giving the impression of a rustic dream home. LS14. Smoke
Synthetic log siding provides affordable alternative to actual wood
LS15. Smoke
Adding the beauty of log construction has never been easier than with faux log siding. LS16. Vermont Maple
LS17. Spice

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