Photo Gallery: Modular Home Designs

Modular homes are becoming increasingly popular and below you’ll find ideas for modular home designs that will help you make your home uniquely and beautifully yours. Whether you use stone cladding to enhance your foundation or brick veneer to cover an entire wall, there’s a maintenance-free style option for you. Even better, thanks to its durable polyurethane construction, our brick and stone cladding can take whatever Mother Nature can throw at it while staying gorgeous.

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Modular Homes

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MH1. Nailon Random Rock Mountain Red
Before and After
MH2. Nailon Random Rock Mountain Red
MH3. Nailon Random Rock Mountain Red
MH4. Novi River Rock Plus Ausable
Before and After
MH5. Novi River Rock Plus Ausable
MH6. Novi River Rock Plus Ausable
Remodeling modular homes with faux stone panels gives them a classy, eye-catching look. MH7. Carlton Castle Rock Sierra Sand
Faux stone siding creates an almost zero maintenance exterior. MH8. Carlton Castle Rock Sierra Sand
Faux rock siding prevents the stucco walls from visually blending into the sidewalk. MH9. Windsor Random Rock New England Mocha
Manufactured home skirting panels in fake stone add the visual appeal of actual stone. MH10. Windsor Random Rock Sedona Red
Stone veneer panels are a great way to personalize prefab houses for a low cost. MH11. Windsor Random Rock Tri Gray
Faux stone decorative wall panels create a cozy outdoor fireplace look. MH12. Regency Stacked Stone Potomac
Faux stone pillar wraps are showcased in this decorative home show display.
MH13. Regency Stacked Stone Potomac
Covering the lower portion of these columns with stone veneer skirting improves their durability in inclement weather and adds beauty and elegance. MH14. Regency Stacked Stone Potomac
Mobile home rock skirting brings a more modern look to this home. MH15. Nailon Random Rock Mountain Red
Before and After
MH16. Nailon Brick Used Buff
Before and After
Modular home skirting panels make it easy and affordable to upgrade the designof your home. MH17. Nailon Brick Used Buff
Before and After
Faux rock skirting frames a home MH18. Windsor Random Rock Tri Buff
MH19. Nailon Brick Used Buff
Stone veneer skirting dresses up this ranch house. MH20. Regency Stacked Stone Tudor
MH21. Nailon Mountain Red Stone
River rock faux panels® make a mobile home look like a traditional house MH22. Oxford Large Natural Riverstone
Modular home renovation with artificial stone panels adds a sophisticated new look. MH23. Carlton Cobblestone Sierra Sand
Modular home designs are given beautiful facelifts with faux brick paneling. MH24. Nailon Brick Used Buff
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