Photo Gallery: Business Signs and Monuments

Standing tall outside your business for all to see, your sign design has got to be eye-catching and welcoming enough to attract the attention of passersby. Using fake brick and stone columns to enhance their business signs, our customers’ photos show simple, cost-effective, and (of course) stylish way you can make your business stand out.

Check out the photo gallery to grab some inspiration and jumpstart your sign makeover. Our fake panels and columns can be used as base posts, side columns, or backsplash—to name just a few options. Really with a little creativity the possibilities are endless.

Made of lightweight polyurethane, all of our fake brick and stone products can stand up to the great outdoors’ harshest elements (rain, snow, sleet, and sun are no match for them) and yet are easy enough to manipulate and install without hiring a mason.

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Signs and Monuments

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SI1. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Motley Gray
Holiday Hill Inn & Suites
SI2. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Graphite
Avon Place Apartments
SI3. Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Graphite
Avon Place Apartments
SI4. Wellington Drystack Earth
Covenant Love Church
SI5. Wellington Drystack Earth
Covenant Love Church
SI6. Windsor Slatestone Mojave
Legacy Ridge Golf Club
SI7. Carlton Fieldstone Desert Sky
Before and After
This imitation brick wall serves as a sturdy foundation for this commercial sign. SI8. Oxford Red Brick
Worthington Place Shopping Center
SI9. Oxford Red Brick
Holt Run Shopping Center
Business sign ideas that utilize faux stone can create an eye catching, professional display. SI10. Oxford Stonewall Tan
Pitttsfield Rye
SI11. Carlton Cobblestone Sierra Sand
(Repainted by Owner)
Before and After
Stone column wraps add style and character to this medical office sign. SI12. Carlton Cobblestone Sierra Sand
(Repainted by Owner)
Before and After
Outdoor faux brick siding can even bring charm to this commercial gas station sign. SI13. Carlton Brick Bordeaux
Fake stone siding provides architectural interest to this landscaping project.
SI14. Wellington DryStack Earth
Albertville Airport
Stone veneer panels add elegance to this community sign -- and fool most people into believing it's genuine stone. SI15. Norwich Dakota Stonewall Graphite
Faux stone panels provide easy maintenance in all types of weather for this community sign. SI16. Norwich Dakota Stonewall Graphite
This faux rock underpinning does a great job of professionally displaying this sign. SI17. Windsor Random Rock New England Mocha
CMH Manufacturing
Manufactured stone panels give a warm welcome to your guests
SI18. Oxford Stonewall Tan
Olive Garden
SI19. Carlton Brick Bordeaux Column
SI20. Carlton Brick Bordeaux Column
This faux wall used as the base of a commercial sign, looks professional & can hold up to strong weather conditions. SI21. Oxford Stonewall Tan
SI22. Oxford Stonewall Tan
Stone Wall Tan Panels SI23. Oxford Stonewall Tan
Treo Solutions
Outdoor column wraps can help your business make a lasting impression. SI24. Oxford Stonewall Tan
Treo Solutions
Stone Wall Tan Panels SI25. Oxford Stonewall Tan
Treo Solutions
Exterior column wraps can be easily installed over a wooden frame to create a professional business sign. SI26. Oxford Stonewall Tan
Treo Solutions
Before and After
Fake stone wall panels used to make columns create a rustic-Texas ranch-style entrance SI27. Windsor Random Rock Tri Gray
Faux stone pillars create an impressive business sign. SI28. Oxford Stonewall Tan
Brick exterior siding fools passersby into believing this business's sign is made of genuine brick. SI29. Oxford Old World Brick
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