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At FauxPanels® we offer the most realistic faux stone, rock, wood and brick panels and siding available on the market today. The molding process for our products makes them indistinguishable from the real thing while costing and weighing less.

Over the years our products have been used worldwide to update home exteriors, adorn fireplaces and add finishing touches to design projects. They can help create home bars and wine cellars, gorgeous signage for your business, beautiful kitchen backsplashes and accent walls to complement your home design.

They’re a perfect choice for your DIY projects, set design, commercial remodels, trade show booths and various other builds. When the real thing is too costly, too time-consuming or too heavy to be used, using simulated wood, rock, stone and brick are efficient options.

Browse through our online photo galleries to get a better look at the countless ways in which faux panels® and siding can enhance your home, office, business and more. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight alternative to brick facing, realistic simulated stone wainscoting, artificial river rock for your bathroom or maintenance-free faux wood panels for your den… there is a FauxPanels® product perfect for you!

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