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Commercial Designs

Updating your business spaces and store fronts is a snap with the ideas in our Commercial Design Portfolio.


The Fireplace Photo Gallery proves that nothing adds warmth, style and comfort to a home like a cozy hearth can.

Accent Walls

Let the Accent Walls Portfolio inspire and enhance your home and business design ideas.

Kitchen Backsplashes

View photos of kitchen backsplashes that are beautiful, durable and functional in our Kitchen Backsplashes Gallery.

Trade Show Displays

Create expressive exhibit designs with inspiration from our Trade Show Booths Gallery.

Set Designs

Set Design Gallery photos feature outstanding uses on TV sets, Theatre Stages and at Music Venues.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Enhance your home's exterior and take life outside with ideas from our Outdoor Living Spaces Portfolio.

Home Bars

Our Home Bars Gallery features successful use of our panels to create a wonderful social atmosphere.



Mobile Home Skirting

The Mobile Home Skirting Gallery can give you real-world ideas for how to maximize the curb appeal.

Signs and Monuments

The Signs and Monuments Photo Gallery provides lots of design ideas for how to highlight your business.


The Wainscoting Gallery features great ways to spruce up interior and exterior home designs.

Decorative Columns Wraps

Our Decorative Column Wraps Gallery shows off the versatile uses of our wraps, sleeves, columns and posts.

Wine Cellars

The Wine Cellar Photo Gallery proves that old-world elegance can be yours at a fraction of the cost and time of a genuine stone installation.

Modular Homes

Dress up your modular home with the ideas in our Modular Home Photo Gallery.

Amusement Parks


The Mailboxes Gallery highlights our mailbox columns and posts that are sure to add curb appeal to your home.

Keystones & Trim Blocks

View how our keystones and trim blocks make a great addition to fireplaces, doorways and windows.


Retaining Walls


Man Caves


Water Falls

Horse Jumps

Entertainment Centers

View how our keystones and trim blocks make a great addition to fireplaces, doorways and windows.

At FauxPanels® we offer the most realistic faux stone, rock, wood and brick panels and siding available on the market today. The molding process for our products makes them indistinguishable from the real thing while costing and weighing less.

Over the years our products have been used worldwide to update home exteriors, adorn fireplaces and add finishing touches to design projects. They can help create home bars and wine cellars, gorgeous signage for your business, beautiful kitchen backsplashes and accent walls to complement your home design.

They’re a perfect choice for your DIY projects, set design, commercial remodels, trade show booths and various other builds. When the real thing is too costly, too time-consuming or too heavy to be used, using simulated wood, rock, stone and brick are efficient options.

Browse through our online photo galleries to get a better look at the countless ways in which faux panels® and siding can enhance your home, office, business and more. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight alternative to brick facing, realistic simulated stone wainscoting, artificial river rock for your bathroom or maintenance-free faux wood panels for your den… there is a FauxPanels® product perfect for you!

Panel Lines

Regency Panels

A photo gallery of real-world design ideas using Regency Panels to add warmth and elegance to your home.

Wellington Panels

Photo Gallery of how our customers use Wellington Faux Panels™ to create the appearance of stacked stone without the hassle.

Carlton Panels

The Carlton Faux Panel photo gallery demonstrates the wide range of possibilities for their rock, brick and cobblestone-look panels.

Norwich Panels

Use the photo gallery of Norwich Faux Panels to show you how to create a classic stone look easily and cost effectively.

Cambridge Panels

See how our customers use Cambridge Panels to create the look of brick, stacked stone, drystack and more in this photo gallery.

Windsor Panels

In the Windsor Faux Panel™ photo gallery, see how homeowners used these simulated rock panels to cover a boring foundation or even a full exterior.

Oxford Panels

This photo gallery demonstrates why Oxford Faux Panels™ are perfect for both residential and commericial uses.

Versetta Panels

Versetta Panels

Nailon Siding

The Nailon Siding Photo Gallery demonstrates how easy It is to completely change the look of your home, professional building, etc.

Novi Siding

The Novi Panel Photo Gallery shows how our customers have used its faux siding to create the look of authentic brick, stone or rock.

York Siding

York Siding

Log Siding

Log Siding

Woodland Panels

Woodland Panels

Ashford Columns

The Ashford Column Photo Gallery illustrates real-world applications for these gorgeous synthetic stone columns and posts.