Numerous retail outlets, stores, super markets and more have turned to® to update their storefront designs, displays and interior layout over the years. Simulated stone, rock, brick and wood panels offer an affordable means to create impressive designs without going over budget.  

We pride ourselves on offering some of the most durable, lightweight and low maintenance products in the building industry. As an exterior design element, faux panels® withstand blistering heat, freezing cold, deterioration, pests and anything else that might be thrown at it. This means your storefront design will stay looking incredible even years down the road when real stone or brick would have faded and chipped.

The various styles, designs and colors of our products also make them perfect for your commercial interior design ideas. Adding real brick or stone masonry indoors requires a team of masons, added support structures, can take weeks and is a drain on budgets. The beauty of faux panels® lies in how simple it is to achieve that same look for less whether it's part of a display or an entire wall.

Knowledgeable Staff:
Our Customer Service team includes design engineers and consultants with degrees in engineering and years of experience in the industry. If you need help with blueprints, product selection and more, don't hesitate to contact them for assistance.

Class A Fire Rating:
When you update your retail design, customer safety is tantamount. Many locales require Class A building materials in order to meet building codes and requirements. If you need fire rated materials for your design, a number of our product lines can be ordered with optional class A fire rating.

Realistic Look:
Get the same great look as traditional masonry for less. Every panel is molded from real stone, bricks and rocks which gives them their hyper-realistic appearance. Unlike the real thing though there is no messy mortar or expensive added supports needed to install them.

Benefits for Retail Store Design:

  • Save time and money on labor and installation
  • Molded to look like real stone, rock and brick
  • Class A Fire Rating Available
  • Cost effective alternative to traditional masonry
  • No long term maintenance necessary
  • Resistant to fading, chipping, deterioration and more

FAO Schwarz used various faux panels to create this impressive Astro Kids display.

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