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Decorative stone wall panels bring the natural beauty and taste of stone into your home without the hassle and expense of using the real thing. Every panel is designed to perfectly capture the tiniest coloring and textural details of real stone. No one will ever believe you didn’t use natural materials in your design.

But as lifelike as they appear, the faux panels® are actually made of high density polyurethane, making them even better than stone or rock. Polyurethane has amazing durability and the ability to withstand harsh climate conditions such as moisture, cold, sunlight, scorching heat and wind. Pest and insect damage won’t be a problem either, or any other form of wear and tear, indoors or out.

Being light weight is another huge benefit of using polyurethane. Unlike real stone, the material is cost-efficient, hassle-free and easy to install by almost any homeowner. Forget about hiring a stone mason! Just follow our simple, step-by-step instructions and you’ll be all set. Using tools and equipment you probably own already, you should have the panels up in almost no time.

These decorative stone panels are the epitome of class and taste. Use them to transform your home’s exterior, making it the standout of the neighborhood. Indoors, they’ll lend a subtle, sophisticated backdrop to a contemporary kitchen, modern dining area, family room, den or office.

In colors ranging from soft ivory to deep slate gray to rich, vibrant castle stone, they provide limitless design possibilities. Add in its cost effectiveness versus natural stone, and it’s clearly a winner.