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  • Oxford Barn Board Panels — 47 ¾" × 24" × ½"

    Please allow a production time of approximately 5 to 7 weeks for your products to ship out.
    Firerated panels may take longer.

Oxford Barn Board decorative wood panels are a great way to add charm and ambiance to a room or exterior landscaping scenario. Available in driftwood and walnut finishes, the panels are casual, striking, and look good indoors or out. It takes years to achieve that characteristic rustic, weathered look of aged wood, but with the Barn Board panels, it’s available to you in a matter of hours.

This artificial wood siding brilliantly recreates weathered wood grain, down to every knot and splinter. Everyone will think these panels are made up of actual wood. However, thanks to their polyurethane composition, they’re much stronger and damage-resistant than natural wood. Even outdoors, the can panels withstand heat, sunlight, cold, moisture, wind, pests, insects and any other forms of damage or wear and tear. The panel won’t buckle, fade, peel or crack, and will look great for years.

Polyurethane is also incredibly lightweight, and easy for the average homeowner to install within a matter of hours, using basic tools and with guidance from our concise, step-by-step instructions, and without any need to hire a contractor or team of professionals.

As for its applications, the casual beauty of artificial driftwood or walnut panels looks great in a variety of settings, from the guest bedroom to family room to den, and as full-wall siding or accents. Outdoors, the panels uplift the entire look of the home as siding on a shed, porch or as complete coverage for a home. It’s an easy, relaxed look,…an easy, relaxed project…go for it!