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Faux wood wall paneling is the first step in bringing out the best in your home, by giving your interior or exterior a distinctive look that’s simple, earthy and appealing. Faux beadboard panels and tree bark panels can add charm to a variety of settings. They duplicate the texture and visual detailing of actual wood to an amazing degree, while offering a stronger, longer-lasting and more cost-effective option.

Remember that trendy wood paneling from the 70’s? We’ve come a long way since then with the state-of-the-art strength, durability and sheer beauty of the faux wood panel. Yes, you can’t tell them apart from actual wood panels, even by touch. The fine surface irregularities of true wood, the color gradations, textural details, are replicated brilliantly in these polyurethane treebark and beadboard panels.

But while they look just like the real thing, their polyurethane composition makes them more highly resistant to all the forces that can cause erosion, fading or peeling: heat, moisture, cold, climate issues, pest damage and all other forms of wear and tear.

They’re also a huge improvement over wood because they’re lightweight, making them both easier on the wallet and simpler to install without any need for a professional contractor or handyman. Using our concise, easy, step-by-step instructions for installation, almost any homeowner is up for the task, and you probably already own all the tools you’ll need.

These attractive, homey panels can fit in with all sorts of interior design plans. Beadboard gives a sweet finishing touch to a guest room or children’s bedroom. Treebark can add a striking accent in a more large-scale setting such as a dining room or party area, while never losing its casual appeal. Either as full-wall exterior siding or as a foundation accent or interior wainscoting, the panel shines. It’s a look that will stay smart, stylish and beautiful for years to come.