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  • Oxford Rustic Barnwood Panels — 47 ½" × 23 ¾" × ½"

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    Firerated panels may take longer.

Rustic barnwood faux wood wall panels will guarantee a memorable look for your home. Whether they work as indoor paneling or exterior siding, these panels replicate the rustic beauty of actual barnwood down to the tiniest details of coloring and texture. In either a natural brown or grey finish, barnwood looks great in outdoor settings: as siding, foundation accents, porches or giving a one-of-a-kind accent to a garden or patio area.

Indoors, your imagination is the limit: faux barnwood can accentuate the relaxed charm of a living room, family room, den or guest bedroom. And while real barnwood is famous for its fading and eroding, the tough, highly durable polyurethane composition of the faux panels® means they’ll stand up to all manner of fading, eroding and peeling caused by climate stresses like heat, sunlight, moisture, cold, wind or even pest and insect damage. As the years go by, the panels will look exactly the same as they did the day they were installed.

And as for that installation, polyurethane’s lightweight nature makes them extremely install-friendly and cost-effective. There’s no need to hire an expensive contractor or crew of professionals; just about any homeowner should be able to tackle this simple, straightforward project with tools that are likely on hand already. Using our easy, clear cut instructions and guidelines for installation, you’ll have your faux wood wall panels up in practically no time.

With the versatile coloring and pleasing warmth of real wood, these are panels that will raise the bar for your design project, and transform your room or house exterior with a look that maximizes all the innate qualities your home. It’s a brilliant tool for long-lasting beauty and durability.