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We have completed our project and are extremely happy with the results. I have attached a before and after pictures
Becky W.
Clemons, IA
The purpose of these stones were to cover old railroad ties that formed a raised flower bed under my picture window in the front of my house. We used the panels and the corners to cover the railroad ties box. For the top we used rectangular pavers that we purchased for $2.00 each at the local Garden Store. It completed the look beautifully at half the cost of replacing the box with real stone. The neighbors all commented how beautiful it looked and only took a few hours.
Stratford, CT
The Bath Cave - All walls and ceiling are done with the Carlton Dakota Panels. It came out absolutely beautiful! The panels arrived in a timely manner and in perfect condition. The stones are very realistic and were easy to cut and put up. The bathroom actually appears to be larger than before.
Hopewell Junction, NY

To whom it may concern,

We have received our cobblestone panels in good shape and they are the perfect color and match the rest of the house. Thanks to your informational web site it was easy to order and the fast delivery was great! Would recommend your site to whom ever would ask where we found our cobblestone.

Thank you again.

Vicki Weber
Jenison, MI

When I purchased my home a few years ago, I knew I wanted to make the media nook an accent wall. At first I tried to paint it a different color and hang the tv. It looked okay for a few months until I came across your website. I spent a lot of time looking at all the customer's submissions and realized this truly is a DYI project. I finally settle on the stacked stone panels I wanted and ordered them.

Shipping was quick and everything was very well packaged. There was no damage to any of the panels. The installation was extremely easy. The panels are simple to cut and hang. The drywall screws used to hold the panels up are completely hidden by the next panel. I used the grout and touch up kit to hide the seams. I also added 2 accent lights above the panels to light up the nook area at night.

Everyone that comes over to my house compliments me on the wall. Most people think it is real stone until they touch it. Your product holds up extremely well and it very easy to clean with the brush attachment on a handheld vacuum. My suggestion for people who are cutting the panels; hold a vacuum next to the area where you are cutting suck up all the shavings from the cut. Excellent product and I getting ready to do another wall.

Las Vegas, NV

Thank you SOOOO much Shari! You are the best! I am beyond relieved. So wonderful to know that the testimonials in regard to customer service were spot on. Thank you, thank you!

Well, it's nice that a company cares that much about customer service nowadays! We need more of you folks.

Wanted to say thanks for all you assistance in getting our panels. I have attached some photos of our set. We have received many compliments on how great it looks on TV and in person. Everyone thinks the stone is real, they have to touch it to believe it.
WCTV Studio
Wadsworth, OH
We are writing to express our sincere appreciation for all that you and your company contributed to the beach family's new home. It impresses us beyond words that in this economy you came on board to make a difference. We could not do what we do without the support and dedication of generous people like you. Together, We made the impossible possible!

Thank you for being a part of something great and joining us in changing lives!

Veronica V. & Alexandra L.
Extreme Makeover

We chose this product as an alternative to actual stone installed by a Mason. The look we desired was accomplished in two afternoons of work (8-10) hours total at about 1/3 the cost. The panels are light and east to work with using common tools such as a circular saw, file, caulking gun and a cordless screw driver.

Faux Panel personnel were helpful and provided excellent customer service even calling us personally to discuss our needs. Our local contractor / builder stopped by to check it out and was amazed at how much it looked like actual stone.

Central Texas
I purchased 5 of these pillars and they look amazing. even fooled a mason who thought they were real stone. A+++++++++++++
Scottie Joe
Newfoundland, Canada
Wanted to have something low maintenance and good looking on the bottom of my cabin home. The edges (sides and top) were a bit of a challenge to blend together with the rough cuts, but by the end of the project we learned a few tricks and had it looking really good. There were a few errors in the shipping that caused some delays, but customer service was good to work to rectify the problems. Everything needs a little more touch up, but it looks great and I am looking forward to less painting and maintenance for years to come.

What can I say...

You have been an amazing continual support to our team. This episode marks the beginning of it all!

We could not do what we do without the support and dedication of generous people like you!!
Alex & Veronica
Extreme Makeover
Stone wall panels look great. Just what I was looking for. Online calculator calculated the right amount of pieces needed
Thank you so much for your generous contribution to the Williams Family's new home! Words cannot express how much we appreciate your dedication and time spent on this project. We would not be able to continue helping families without the support of vendors like you! Thank you for working with us to help change the lives of such a deserving family!

All the best,
Extreme Makeover Design Team

I recently purchased and installed Nailon Stone Wall Plus Lewinston Crest Panels and would like to share my experience. We have a newly built home and in our community we are required to have no exposed basements walls. Rather than pay the $18,500 that our builder wanted to install a stone veneer, I independently went with another option with a much lower cost. Stone Panels.

This product was better than advertised! Installation was a breeze, and I am what you might say is a “do it your selfer” with no construction or carpentry experience. We had NO issues or setbacks during the installation. Cutting was easy (table saw). Everything locked in perfectly and the panels look great. Installation took a total of 3 work days for approximately 400 square feet of installation. We have had several compliments already and everyone says it looks just like real stone. The color is amazing, our house looks that much better, I saved a LOT of money with little effort and we could not be happier.

Westminster, MD
We cannot thank you enough for your generosity in helping on so many of our builds these past few years! It has truly been a pleasure working with you and your team! Thank you for your patience and understanding of our crazy time frames! We are grateful for your continued support of the show and our families. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future!
Extreme Makeover
This product is just wonderful and has transformed my rustic cabin into a touch of class! I had a lot of corners to do, which are not easy because of trying to match lengths. But, I will do the touch up finishing in the winter when I have time for indoor projects!
Neebing, ON, Canada
I think this is the best stuff I have ever used in designing my home. I love to do my own interior decorating and this stuff really makes the rooms look expensive and comfortable. Best of the best in my book. Thank so much for making it easy to find you on the internet! as soon as I have my project finished I believe you will enjoy the way it looks and others will see what can be done to a room with this material.
Tarpon Springs, FL

I just installed some light fixtures on the stairwell, and I just finished my first concrete countertop for the kitchen island. The faux panels have been a big hit, I used them for our stairwell in the entry way going down to the basement. I also used them to cover the island in the kitchen after joining an extra base cabinet.

It is strikingly different looking now. I think it turned out nice (we are very happy with it). I will also post a positive review online - thank you for your help and follow thru.

Shawnee, KS
Dear Tina,

Per our conversation, please place the order for us for the enclosed quotes. Can't thank you enough for working so well with me to place the order. You are a "gem" to your company.
Candy Stevens
S & G Custom Builders, Inc.
I've always liked the way bricks, pipe and exposed duct work looked in a bedroom. I wanted to recreate that look in my bedroom. I looked no further after finding the Regency Old Brick panels. This was my second time using the Faux Panels product and it was even easier this time around. I'm very happy with the way the wall of my bedroom came out. I used the ledger pieces and mounted them vertical to add some depth to the wall. Thank you for making a high quality product that is easy to work with!
Las Vegas

We received our order through Fedex this morning around 9:30 am. The package was not damaged, when we opened up the product we inspected it very carefully as suggested and found no faults. I must add that we were very pleased with what we found and would not hesitate to order further products from you if we need them. They were worth waiting for and we would recommend them to anyone. You do a good quality product.

Thanks again,
John & Claudia A.
Faux Panels on my wall look nice. I am very satisfied and they were really easy to install :)
Just wanted to say thanks. We had a flood and wanted to change the living room and master bedroom walls. A two foot high stone wall looks great and adds to the rooms. Should have the house completed within a week. You have an awesome product.
Garry R.
Cottonwood, AL

Our summer project this year was an outdoor kitchen, a must in Southern Louisiana. We knew that we wanted it to have a rustic look with stone but this was strictly a DIY and we had no idea how to do real stone work not to mention the cost. I had seen some of your other products on a DIY TV show and decided to check out your entire product line online and found exactly what we wanted with the York Stacked Stone PVC siding in the Auburn Hills color. The siding cost plus required matching corners were well within our budget.

The siding arrived in a more than timely manner and was well packaged with the items suffering no damage in transit. We received exactly what we ordered and found the installation to be easy and straight forward. Our outdoor kitchen came out looking wonderful and all our friends and neighbors can’t believe how great and real the York Stacked Stone siding looks. We have other projects planned for the future and Fauxpanels is at the top of our list of needed supplies.

Floyd and Karen G.
Southern Louisiana
We went with the Cambridge Aged Brick Panel for our new Studio and we just wanted to say thank you for such a great product! Here’s a link to our YouTube channel where you can see just how great the wall turned out. http://www.youtube.com/nstuffmusic. Thanks again!

NStuffmusic Team
Pittsburgh, PA

I thoroughly researched for a product that could effectively replace the metal skirting on my mobile home. Your product sounded perfect to suit my needs, so I purchased it. My friend and I installed it in 2 days and it looks fantastic. The instructions were very clear and any questions that I had prior to my purchase and after were handled efficiently by your customer care department.

I hated the metal skirting; not only because it wasn't substantial, but because it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. My new faux brick random rock looks absolutely amazing. It's so sturdy and beautiful, was easy to cut and install, the shipment was prompt. My house has a whole new look.

Your faux brick was relatively inexpensive in both cost and labor and made such a HUGE difference. My only regret is that I didn't do this years ago. I LOVE your product and would highly recommend it to everyone.

Lynda P.
Oxnard, CA

I've been redecorating, up-dating and structurally improving a veritable wreck of a house I bought 12 years ago during my prolonged divorce. I did pretty intensive study and research before first calling your company to obtain samples, and, most recently, to place an order.

I've lived at lumber yards, on the phone with suppliers, and in home improvement stores for the past two years. I am literally crowing to every person patient enough to hear me out about the extraordinary customer service I received when I called Fauxpanels and spoke with Shari. Not only did she go back and forth to your consulting builder with the "iffy" measurements the contractor gave me, she gave me peace of mind from her depth of knowledge and also knowing when to consult with the "hammer and nails" guy.

Customer service has gone down the toilet in our era of "press this # if" automation and outsourcing to cheap labor countries whose populations speak a sort of English, maybe. But not at your company. My experience with Fauxpanels was like dealing with a long-trusted neighborhood vendor.

Customer service has been my career for the past 30 years. As executive director of a consulting company, my groups set up customer contact centers all over the globe. I only wish we had had your Shari to serve as a paragon example of exactly how to fulfill and exceed all the elements that are benchmarks for world-class customer service.

All too often customer service is viewed as a corporate cost and overhead wallet drain. Your entire corporation is to be commended and congratulated that this is obviously NOT the case at Fauxpanels, and your executives need to hear this. They need to hear that the front-line people like Shari are the real life-blood of your corporation. And I can personally assure you that people like Shari are not only rare, but they are the best ambassadors anyone could want for their company.

I do hope you will share my sentiments and praise with your executives. I'm quite sure they hear all of the escalated complaints, but I am also sure they don't hear escalated thanks and accolades as often as are deserved.

Best regards,
Rita R.
Glen Ellyn, IL
I am so very pleased with your product! I am attaching a few before and after photos for your company to display on the website. Thank you so much for an awesome product!!!
Keith G.
Middletown, NY
Awesome products!!!!! Some of the best customer service I have ever encountered ++++++!!!!
Toronto, CA
Installed to give my home bar an high quality aesthetic. Installation was very easy and product was very workable. Have received plethora of positive feedback, even won a home bar contest! Highly recommend this product!
North Carolina
Oh my gosh. Can I tell you how much the Executive Producer at HGTV loves your product... She felt that it really added value to the "Curb Appeal" show, and that it provided great tips for our viewers. I've been in Florida this week shooting two more episodes. So I apologize for my delay in getting back to you.

I know that your episode is currently being edited by HGTV. The new season premiers sometime early Spring, 2008.

Thanks again for your help!
David S.

I loved working with your product designing this room. It was such an easy way to transform a 2nd floor loft in our studio into something extraordinary. It’s made for a beautiful set here at FOX5 in Las Vegas and our celebrity artists are blown away by what they see.

Thanks for all of your help and great customer service!

FOX5 in Las Vegas
I used the panels to hide my ugly concrete foundation. They were shipped UPS and came fast. I found them easy to work with.
George P.
New Jersey

Attached are photos of my home bar renovation project which shows how our lower level bar looked prior to installing the faux stone panels and after the transformation! Not only was it very easy to install, but the end result was outstanding! I thought you would appreciate the final result.

Wonderful product with excellent customer service!

Scott T.
Rocky Hill, CT
Our new bamboo panels look fantastic in our garden! The whole experience was a breeze from start to finish — we got them shortly after ordering them online in tact in secure protective packaging. We were thrilled at how easy it was to install them and now we can enjoy our zen sanctuary!
Jim M.
Boulder, CO

I have attached before and after pictures of a small project that I did using your Novi dry stack siding panels. My basement wall had in its past had some oily residue from either a wood preservative or some type of insecticide placed on its surface. This prevented any type of masonry coating from adhering to the surface.

After many attempts at painting or coating this wall over the years I decided to try putting a Faux stone face on this wall. After an internet search I found your website and have been very happy with your products and the customer service that I received from your staff. These panels were installed by using treated firing strips Tapconned onto the wall. This job went well with satisfying results, and should last for years.

Ken N.
Stanley, NY
I just had to write to tell you how many compliments we have gotten on the purchase of our Faux Panels. My neighbors can't believe that they're not REAL brick. Putting them up was fairly easy, after we squared off the ends. We had a system, my Husband would apply the glue and I would put a couple of nails in the panel to make sure they would stay up. So now all of my neighbor's want to have THEIR next party at my house, since it looks SO GREAT! THANK YOU for making a product that is EASY to use and will STAND UP TO THE WEATHER, and doesn't cost "AN ARM & A LEG".
John K.
Freeport, NY

I'd like to submit a review & photos of my completed project. I was able to complete this entire project alone. It took me a while to get started because I'm a procrastinator. :-). I've had my 1st party & my family, friends & neighbors absolutely love it! The product was very easy to work with.

I would definitely recommend it to an intermediate "do it yourself person" who is comfortable with using a jig saw, drill, construction adhesive & measuring tape. TIP: cutting should be done outside of home due to dust debris unless your cutting tool has an attached vacuum.

Griffin, GA
Wow! We can't believe how great my stone panels look — they were much lighter than they looked, easy to install, and no one knows they're not the real thing! The neighbors are jealous!
Jared S.
Rhinebeck, NY
I feel your product was fantastic for what I was trying to do and it came out great. I call it my hybrid tiki bar. Thanks again.
Santa Barbara, CA
The beach sand siding I ordered not only fit my budget but left me with enough money to change another wall in my home. Can't wait for my stone panels to arrive — I'm going to install them in the living room myself!
Carrie G.
Hyannis, MA

We really love the new appearance your panels made to the front of our house. So far all we have heard is comments on how great the job looks. It isn't perfect as I am not a carpenter but took my time and was very pleased with the out come.

Thanks for your assistance with the project.

Dave S.
My panels arrived last week and they look amazing! Shipping was quick, ordering was easy, and the results are unbelievable – these panels gave my building's facade an "extreme makeover" in just a few hours. I'd recommend these to everyone who wants to change the look of their building or home.
Mara S.
San Bernadino, CA
Husband did this project in just a few days. Everything went smoothly and the result was absolutely striking. We have gotten more compliments on our new entertainment center. My husband has gotten several requests to create similar entertainment centers for friends who have admired how this looks. Truly increased the value of our home.
We couldn't wait for our brick panels to get here. The bricks and grout look perfect – they're elegant and traditional and cost much less than a bricklayer and materials. And no one can tell they're not the real thing!
Marvin J.
Westport, CT
For years i wanted to get rid of my side yard unfinished foundation wall eyesore. Faux panels were the perfect solution. And if i can install them w/ relative ease - then anyone can! Tremendous product - i'm looking at doing the back wall next.
Maple Shade, NJ
Why didn't I order my wood panels sooner? Not only do they look fantastic, won't rot, and add value to my house, they were a breeze to put up. I'd order them again in a heartbeat!
Lou B.
Tampa, FL
We installed the panels as part of an arbor/wall after installing a new Tigerwood Deck and it feels and looks incredible! It was very easy to install and several friends have complimented me on an excellent masonry job!! Great Product!
Dallas, TX
Your product is the best-kept secret in building and remodeling… but not for long. We ordered stone siding for my ranch house and there are no seams where one panel ends and the next begins! My walls look great, my home is more beautiful, and it was easy and well-priced!
Tony M.
Dallas, TX
I just wanted to share the before and after pictures of our home after using your products. We can't believe the difference it has made, we are so happy with it. We have received so many compliments. Most people don't even know that it isn't real stone. Great job and a great product! Thanks for all the tech help as well.
Thomas P.
Brockway, PA

We wanted to brick our house but the cost made us give up that idea. Since we found your site we knew it is possible to do again. We were able to do the work ourselves for a fraction of what the mason wanted to charge me. And it was easy to install too and looks very professional.
Lancaster, CA
We used your product to cheer up our hair salon, we are nestled in the Canadian Rockies and your faux stacked panels fits in beautiful with our rocky surroundings! We used the door trim on the corners and really love the contrast it created.
Elli's Hair West
Canmore, Canada
I want to let you know that the sample arrived a few minutes ago. That is the fastest service I have ever, and I do mean EVER, received from a US shipper. I figured sometime next week it would arrive. Congratulations.

The Stonewall Tan sample was sent. That's the coolest product I've seen in a long long time. I am surprised at how hard it is. I think we will be definitely be able to install a firepalce in our home now, and be able to obatin the stone look we want... without the thousands of pounds that usually come along with a natural stone install.
Jim B.
I ordered the castle rock panels without working with them in the past. I found that they were very easy to work with and have enjoyed installing them around my pool. I had a concern for the corners because of the odd angles I had on my job, but they turned out to be very simple to manage. I would like to submit some photos of my work, if you feel they might be of some help to other people.
William H.
Lakewood, CO

This is the most informational website I have ever been on... Well done!

It's about time someone has the wherewithal to put a website together that answers all my questions before I even ask a question.

I am very impressed.

Fantastic job!!!
Product worked just as expected on a tricky interior wall of our radio station production room. It has multiple functions for us, to diffract audio and to look great. Install was simple even on a tricky curved wall. Attached is the finished room.
Bret B.
Our bricks look so amazing and in almost no time our ordinary building was transformed into an appealing rustic sanctuary. My husband could not believe his eyes when he saw me snapping panels together myself — this was so easy to do I’m ordering more!
Rich M.
Annapolis, MD
Thank you, appreciate everything you have done for us. We have been receiving many compliments on the columns, people can’t believe they are faux.
Las Vegas, NV
Faux panels helped us finish our dream house! Fauxpanels.com’s rich stone and slate colors gave our house an instant facelift and now our house looks like one of the historic buildings we loved at a price that worked for our budget!
Maurice A.
Eugene, OR
This product was exactly what we were looking for. Really brought realism to our stone fireplace wall and added great impact to our bar area. Highly recommended!
Jesse R.
Minster, OH
Just wanted to say thanks for sending the caulk as requested. The panels worked out great and were very easy to use. Your customer service was great. I am sure your company will do well if you keep up the good work.
Steve T.
Melville, NY

We are very pleased with the Faux Panels that we used in our new addition. We used it on the fireplace and it's certainly the focal point of the room. Everyone that has seen it is amazed that it is not real stone.

It was the first time that the contractor had used the faux panels. He was impressed by the ease of application and how nice it looked when the project was done. Not only did it eliminate the need to hire a mason, but it alleviated a lot of weight on the cantilever of the great room.

So happy with the results. The company is amazing to work with and they stand behind their product! I definitely recommend Faux Panels to anyone who wants to add class to a house inside or out!

Phyllis F.
Red Oak, Iowa
Our random rock paneling looks unbelievable and we love that there is a continuous line of natural looking stones around our fireplace. Our neighbors are convinced we had a stone mason do this because the lines are so beautiful!
Jennifer T.
Elmira, NY
As with anything, we were concerned ordering off the internet without seeing the product. But we wanted a unique look for our house that we are building ourselves. Our friends think we installed stone on our columns! Love the look and it was easy to install. Thinking about ordering more for an accent wall.
Sami Jo
My partner and I used drystack panels and corners to remodel our restaurant and turned a dreary tavern into an elegant continental restaurant in less than a day’s work! Our customers love it.
John R.
Naples, FL
A husband and wife team did the entire project in one weekend. The difficulties that we faced were due to the wall we were working on. It had a fireplace and 4 receptacles which we had to cut panels to accommodate. Out of the 17 we installed, only 4 did not require cutting. However, the material was easy to work with, easy to install (once cut) and looks absolutely beautiful!!! We love the room....and everyone says that it looks so warm and cozy now!!!!
Pocius Project
Mount Airy, MD
People cannot believe how I did a “major renovation project” on my own. Once I put the faux stone wall in my gallery students, neighbors and local artists thought I must know elaborate stone masonry! With each panel weighing less than two pounds it was a snap for me to change the gallery’s look myself! I love it!
Taos, NM
Here are some photos of our bar and fireplace we made with your project. I love it because it is easy to use, looks real and can be removed without destroying the house if we ever change our minds. Thanks!
Kathryn F.
I want to thank you again for getting our order in and shipping so quickly. They came in time for us to take advantage of some super weather (Indian Summer in Ohio). We're very happy with your service and the product. Ran into a few ‘challenges' along the way but figured ‘em out. We'll probably use this 'stuff' again on another rehab project down the road. Thanks again!
Teresa S.
I purchased your product the end of last year (2013). The product was so easy to work with and looks amazing. It completely transformed my space. I have so many people come to my house asking about where I got the product and wanting to know more. I would recommend this to everyone. Please see attached for my before and after photo's.
David F.
Our new Nailon siding looks beautiful — there is just no comparison with other siding out there. Believe me — we looked at A LOT of siding. After the nth trip to Home Depot we are so happy we decided to order our panels from your site and do this ourselves — it was so easy and cost a lot less than we thought it would to reside our home. Thank you!
John R.
Key Largo, FL

These panels were just what I needed to complete the desired look of my kitchen without the hefty price tag. The faux stone perfectly compliments the wood in my log cabin. I am a beginning DIYer and this only took a few hours to install, I would HIGHLY recommend this product to all skill levels.

Thank you FauxPanels.com

We bought glacier white faux panels and coordinating corners to refinish the back of our house. We wanted something modern and natural and we couldn’t agree on anything until we saw your website. After ordering the panels and installing them we are thrilled with the result — I cannot tell you how great they look! The white stones are easy to clean and they’re a great compliment to our yard.
Mark E.
Eugene, OR
We are very pleased with the look of our renovated hearth using the Carlton Fieldstone panels. Installation was easy, would have completed in one day except for mis-cutting one panel. Had to re-order the panel and was amazed at how fast it was shipped. Was still able to complete the job before the scheduled installation of the new pellet stove. Would definitely use this product again.
Bob Y
As a contractor I’ve ordered many products from your site — everything always arrives in perfect condition, on time, and ready to go. We recently bought a place in the outer banks and we wanted something that would be quick to install, sturdy and have a classic feel. The used buff brick paneling was absolutely ideal — this place will definitely sell for much more than we paid for it!
Rae A.
KittyHawk, NC
The product is great and I get a lot of complements about the way they look.
Greg R.
Thanks for a neat product! I recently bought and renovated my home making several changes including Nailon bricks on the sides and front of my home. The bricks look spectacular and the panels were so easy to put up.
Jennifer M.
Bench Creek, UT
We used the faux rock for the wall in our baptistery at church. We mounted a stain glass cross on it and made a waterfall that cascades down it . Then we put blue lights to reflect on it. Everyone loves it and thinks it it real rock. They are surprised when they find out it is faux rock! Highly recommend this product!
Bennie D.
Marietta, SC
You'll be sure to get tons more orders. Thank you again for the great product!
Alan S.
New Shoreham, RI
We put dessert buff brick siding up last year and it looks brand new! We LOVE the color and the neighbors can’t believe we didn’t spend a fortune redoing our siding. It’s not a secret anymore... I’ve pointed several people to your site and they are buying Nailon panels like ours.
Daniel M.
Gardnerville, NV
We wanted to add a rustic and warm feeling to our basement. We recessed an electric fireplace on the wall under our steps and then cut the faux panels to fit around it. Overall it took about a day to do all the work and was not too hard. Turned out awesome!!!
Conshohocken, PA
Wow! After buying my first restaurant I was overwhelmed by everything I had to do — the last thing I wanted to think about was redoing the exterior of the building. After my business partner convinced me to look at your site we bought Nailon mountain red stone siding. We installed it ourselves to save money. I was shocked at how easy it was to totally transform an old hamburger joint into a gorgeous place that looks stylish, clean and modern — we love it!
Jack D.
San Bernadino, CA

Here are some pictures of what we did with the panels. We made a box planters / divider wall coming out from the house, put lights on the walkway side, and also used rope lights inside the planters so the light shines through the plants at night. Everyone thinks it’s amazing.

Working with this materials was a breeze. Used a jig saw with a fine tooth blade and it makes easy cuts that do not get away on you. We also never used glue or nails or screws to hold panels together. All panels are attached with stainless steel springs. Since the walls are only a foot thick I used one spring on the inside and connected it to the outside wall so they can flex all they want in any weather.

I made the framing out of 2x3s and made it all in one afternoon .It was such an enjoyable project to do. I got all these crazy ideas for the backyard. Anyways thanks for the hospitality of dealing with you people. Also the shipping was amazingly fast, like three days. Thanks again!

Joe K.
Fergus Ontario, Canada
Our stone fence columns are beautiful! The shapes and colorations of the stones look and feel like the real thing. No one knows they didn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars to build and install and we have privacy and elegance. Thank you!
Greenwich, CT
Just wanted to send in a few photos of the finished look. It took us about 2 and a half days to complete…and we are ecstatic with the results. Fabulous product. Amazing results. Photos really don't do it justice. I'm so glad we decided to go for it. (note: we found that using a carpenter's wood filler product helped create and even out some of the trickier joints, etc…better than the sanded caulking in some spots).
David A.
We are so thrilled with our brick columns, they look like real, elegant, stately brick but they’re even better because they don’t require a lot of attention from us! And we love our new mailbox!
Cherry Hill, NJ
Looks so natural and looks great with the siding already on the house.

Your selections floored me. The Regency Stacked Stone “Everscape” looks as though it was dug out of my back yard in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. AND the Norwich Kentucky Dry Stack is a close second. I started in the construction industry in 1978 and at the end of my career I was the Manager of Land Acquisitions for a $12B national builder. The last 10 years we built 30,000 homes +/- in Northern Virginia/DC Metro region.

I very familiar with the use of cultured stone and lately “AirStone” for interior applications but your product blows them a way as far as ease of application, “fool-proof-ness” and final results. Look forward to using your product and I have already flipped your website address to my construction contact list.

Mitch E.

We decided to add a fireplace into our home and were going to use an electric insert. Having had troubles with the initial insert being broken, we wanted to make sure we were able to get in and fix or replace the fireplace should any other problems occur. That is when I came up with the idea for a removable face that allows us to get behind the fireplace and work on whatever is necessary. We knew we wanted ledge stone and after much research we came upon your product. It seemed to be the best solution for allowing the face to come off without weighing too much or be necessary to make multiple removable sections.

We ordered a sample piece and were pleasantly surprised at how real the stone looks. After seeing how easy it would be to cut we decided to order the panels. We decided to place our fireplace in the corner so we started by peeling back the carpet and making a base for the hearth and to set the insert on. After this we built the frame for the insert and the removable face. The backing is a 1/4" sheet of plywood with two 2x4 vertical braces on the back for rigidity. To allow for removal, I placed five gate latches on the back to set the face firmly in place. We used natural stone for the hearth and scrap pieces of this stone at the sides of the insert to cover the backing of the panels. The other edges of the panels are then 45'd to the wall. I set the top part of the panels first to allow for a finished edge at the top of the insert, since I could take the panel off to place the lower pieces on later. The mantle is a piece of 1x12 oak with an oak crown molding mounted on the bottom side. This slides under the bottom of the upper drywall wall, allowing it to lock into place and appear finished.

When we need to get into the back, the mantle slides out, the gate latches get undone, and the panel is then able to be lifted out of the way. The panel weighs only a few pounds, but appears in its finished state to be solidly built into the wall. Thank you for your product and the ease with which it can be installed. Due to this product we were able to have a solid stone look, without the hassle of having to tear it back out should anything go wrong.

The Cunninghams
Your website was very informational and helpful!
Rick D.

We are submitting these before and after pictures of a retaining wall in our pool area. We installed gray Nailon panels on the wall and could not be happier with the results. Before application, the retaining wall was unsightly and the paint would repeatedly peel. Now the wall is a centerpiece of beauty and sets off the area complimenting the deck.

The siding was applied as part of our weekend projects and was easy to install. We've had many compliments about how much this has added and improved the area that previously we were at a loss as how to renovate.

Jane & Jim S.
Fayetteville, GA
This is my second project with this product. First one was a tremendous success. Great product!
Doug P.
Pittsburgh, PA

Our Restaurant was established back in the 1920s. We have owned it for about 35 years. We wanted to update to a more Modern Rustic Look so our customers would feel welcomed and more relaxed feel. Yes, we started our remodel October 2012 and are about 95% done. We do have more of your panels to install on another wall at the counter. We installed the panels ourselves and it was very easy, No Problems. We wanted to use your panels so it would speed up the time for install plus a lot less mess and weight. We done our renovation in 6 days, that was being closed of course. It all took about 6 hours to install the panels.

We found you by searching the net and stumbled upon you, we were so glad we did. Everyone thinks its real stacked stone and they can't believe it’s a faux product. The response has been overwhelming. We have had many many people wanted your address and phone number so they can order themselves. To sum it up in a nutshell, Beautiful, High Quality, Easiest of Install.

Lee and Shelia C.
Prestonsburg, KY
My order was delivered yesterday. It arrived in perfect condition. The panels look awesome. They are far more impressive full size then the samples. The samples don't do justice to the full size product.

I plan to install them this weekend. I will let you know how it comes out. If you like, I would love to send you some before and after photos.
Steve S.

We received our Faux Norwich Sierra Brown Dakota Stonewall Panels the end of the week, worked on installing it in a lower cabinet below the TV over the weekend and by Monday we had finished the installation of our fireplace, faux panel and our mantel in our motor home. We wanted to have a fireplace in our motor home and save money by doing it ourselves. Also we'd never seen a motor home with a stone fireplace like we wanted.

We built the mantel ourselves from some scrap wood we had, sanded and stained it to complement the colors in the stone. In order to prevent us from making a mistake cutting the stone, we made a paper pattern first with our measurements written on it. We built a frame for the fireplace so it wouldn't move when the motor home was traveling. Following the paper pattern, we cut and installed the stone and fireplace. Those who have seen it, have said "Wow, it looks so real". It has become the centerpiece of our motor home, making it feel like a cabin instead of a motor home.

Connie M.
I have installed the rock panels last weekend and I have to say that they look so real that all the neighbors were blown away with how fast I installed and how real they look. Thank you again!!!
Tad H.
Little Rock, AR

It's Chris Potter from the TV show "Design Star" . You helped us out a ton last winter with the stone for our set. I told you I would get you pictures, and now here they are. The network wouldn't give them to me until after the show finished it's run.

Thanks again! It's always a pleasure to work with you and your team. And your great products.

Chris Potter
Production Designer
CBS Eye Too Productions
Design star
I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was dealing with your company. I especially am grateful to have worked with Liz. She went above and beyond my expectations as far as customer service. She was very pleasant and answered all my questions in a timely manner. She even went out of way to make sure I had the panels I needed promptly. I work in a field that concentrates on customer service and relations, and I would be happy that she is on my team. I just wanted to say that she did a great job. Too often we only hear the bad and what our employees didn't do. I just wanted to send my thoughts to you. The panels look awesome, and I will be sending you before and after pictures for you to view and possibly use on your website. Thanks again and I will be promoting your business when possible.
Brian R.
What a great product, easy to install fast shipping great customer service, did the job in an afternoon. So happy with it, price was so much better than other products too. The panels took an ugly fireplace and made it really sharp.
Tony O.
Grand Ledge, CT

Hi, I finally installed the last panel,and quess what, it's super I love it. Nice product. To me it looks like a million bucks. I will keep you in mind if I have future applications for this product.

George R.

We recently received our order, and I was pleasantly and impressed with the quality of your product. I ordered the Norwich Colorado stacked stone in the Earth color and the product and color is perfect, exactly what I expected. Attached is a picture of our gorgeous new room.

Thank you for making a durable and beautiful product that is easy to install and looks fabulous.

Cathy and Mark K.

I love the service you provide! Seriously, you have made the purchase extremely enjoyable and you have built up so much trust, that I am telling all my friends and neighbors about you and your company.

Tina is your gal! Thanks for everything and we did have a fabulous fourth!

All the best,
John R
Eugene, OR

I spent hours of web surfing before I came to your web site, which I am very glad I did. Your product at the time in my eyes was definitely Superior to all others. I especially liked the abundance of choices you have to offer your customers. After purchasing Faux Panel, I can now truly say "YOU HAVE A AWESOME PRODUCT!" And I can not say enough about your companies exceptional customer service and support group! Thank you!

What brought us to buy Faux Panels was the purchase of our new home. We immediately wanted to start making little changes to make it ours, so we started with the interior. We choose to give the Family Room/Great Room a new face lift. What better room to start from, as this is where we would be spending most of our time. We decided to choose the Wellington Dry Stack (Earth) for our project. I made a few sketches of how I wanted the room to look... and jumped in with a very skilled friend of mine to start the project. Your product was very easy to work with and truly looks like real stone once up on the wall. I get many complements on our room thanks to your product!.

Here are the pictures of our New Family Room. We were extremely pleased with the outcome. I hope you guys at Faux Panel enjoy seeing how your products has a positive impact on peoples lifes! We will enjoy many years of movie nights and parties here with our friends.

Thanks again for your wonderful product, service and support!

Steven C.

I received my new panels this morning. I’ve only opened three of the fifteen boxes, but the panels from those three boxes look absolutely perfect! I can’t wait to get my wall/fence built. Once I’ve done that, I’ll send you pictures. Thanks to you and your team for the extra work it took to get this right!

Doug H.
Sandy, UT

We love the faux stone panels! Please see attached before and after photos of our fireplace.

Thank You!

Amirra B.
Fremount, CA
We constructed our house last August. We have a poured wall foundation that approximately 2 feet was left exposed in the front of the house. We wanted a stone look to be added to the top of the foundation. We didn't want to have to pay someone to come in and do this. After purchasing the panels, it took us only a few hours to install 24 panels; this included having to trim the panels to meet our dimensions. They were very easy to use and look fantastic! We then purchased the dark gray caulking to cover up the seams and add the finishing touches. We couldn't be more pleased with the cost, the work time, and the overall look to our new home!
Daniel L. B.

I have been meaning to get these photos to you for the past couple of months. Needless to say we are very pleased the way the stone work turned out. We designed and built the artwork over the baptistery. Its 1/2” computer routed acrylic edge lit with LED lights. I figured you might like to see our innovation on the stone work in front of the pulpit.

I accomplished this by vertically routing the back of the panels on 3” center with a ½” wide route line. I cut the panel within about 1/8” of the rear stone surface – in other words about ½ way through the panel without cutting through the lowest part of the stone joints. This way I was bend about 1" of material instead of 2". Then I put the panels in the warming oven in the church kitchen (don’t tell the ladies) for about 30 minutes. The oven only goes to 180 degrees and I believe the panels were probably 110 – 120 degrees when I bent them. I bent them by securing the female end of the panel again the floor at the wall and then just applying gradual pressure. They bent easy with no distortion. Thanks for your produce.

Pastor Bruce S.
Clermont, FL
What a wonderfully easy site to find my way around. I am not very good at this but your site is extreemly easy to find what I am looking for. Thank you for making it easy for a 64 year old rookie.

We used Regency Stack Stone "Earth" color from www.fauxpanels.com for our new and improved fireplace. We ordered a sample first to test the color and design and we fell in love with it. We then ordered many panels which took about 3 weeks as we live in Canada and my husband put it together in a week. It was step by step easy and anyone can do it.

The company itself and their consultants were very helpful, courteous and always there to answer any of our questions.

Our new fireplace has transformed the entire look and feel of our main floor and our family's cannot stop talking about it. They all said: Magazine house...I love this! My house needs an Extreme Makeover Vasso & John Edition...NOW! Wow! Next project... using the same beautiful panel for the exterior of our home. Can't wait until it's done. Thank you Faux Panels for everything! You have changed our lives!

Vasso & John

I am very pleased with the final outcome of the Faux Panels on our home. People walking by always compliment how the house looks now, and even contractors have come by to see your materials.

Everyone thinks its real stone....... and that's exactly what I want to hear.

A great product, endless selections to choose from, and the staff is very pleasant to deal with.

I cant wait to use this for applications with my sign business next!

Len A.
Love it on my Tiki Bar. Outdoor Kitchen
I used this paneling to cover the cement block columns that support the roof on my outdoor kitchen/tiki bar here on the beach in Kauai. It will hold up better than natural bamboo in these weather conditions, its easy to maintain, looks great and was super easy to install.
I just wanted to write a big thank you for getting my second shipment of brick panels within a week. Given that the first delivery was delayed a lot due to the bad weather, I really appreciate the speediness this time around. The product is excellent and your customer service is the same. I will continue to recommend.
Ken F.
Little Silver, NJ

We run an online digital die cut company and when it comes time to showcase our products, we don't settle for mediocre. We currently use FauxPanels as backdrops and sometimes even surfaces for our product photography. Why spend so much time creating a beautiful product and then shooting it on sub-par backdrops. There are a number of companies that sell "printed" canvas backdrops that feature wood patterns, stones etc. The problem is the lack of texture and realism. Unlike the canvas option, FauxPanels give our photo shoots added dimension because they are dimensional! The look and feel of Faux Panels are second to none and the photographs speak for themselves.

Thank you for helping our site stand out. Our photography is one of the reasons we are at the top of our industry and we partially owe it to FauxPanels.

Photographer and Co-Founder of SVGCuts.com
We received the Regency Stacked Stone Honey Panels and put them on our chimney. They look great and were easy to install. Best of all they were so light weight as our roof would not hold the weight of stone.
Peter and Terri


Enclosed are two photos of a project I just completed using your Oxford Old World Brick Panels. This wine cellar is in the basement of my 90-year-old home. The room (which already existed) is 4 1/2 feet deep by 6 feet wide. I was hoping to achieve a nice visual effect with a mix of materials: wood, tile and brick.

I found your panels easy to work with. I cut it rather close on the quantity I ordered and found myself doing some piecing together at the end but you'll be hard-pressed to see where. Because the room is cement block construction and I applied cement board over that, glueing then screwing the panels in place was not feasible. So I undertook the tedious task of just gluing them in place but also bracing each panel until the glue cured.

Thanks for producing such a versatile product. Now to fill it with wine!

Jerry Vath
Lancaster, PA


This mailbox was the best purchase we've made in years. We started to have a stone mailbox made but saw this one and decided to try it. I've never received soooo many compliments. Even the mailman gave me a compliment! LOVE IT!

New Hampshire

Looking at the current projects listed on your website gave us some general ideas on how to use the Stack Stone, but we knew we wanted more than just a stone wall placement. We decided to go with keystones and trim blocks outlining the windows in the placement you see in the pictures as well as adding a ledge stone. Using Autodesk Cad we designed the blocks and keystones and juggled their placement on the computer before finally deciding on how they should go. This was a tremendous advantage as it allowed us to financially see how much the entire project would cost with each new design. It also allowed use to minimize the amount of blocks that would require cutting before mounting them.

Once we knew our design, we ordered our materials, making sure to order extra caulk in all the shades available per the sites recommendations as well as touch up paint. Everything arrived as scheduled, in good condition and well packaged. The installation of the stone panels and the ledger stone was every bit as easy as the site says. Leaving a 1/4 inch gap between the stack stones and the blocks and key stones was vital so as to allow us to install a nice caulk/grout line between the two.

Cleaning up the caulk between the stones was a little trickier, but a wet cloth while the caulk was fresh was vital. After drying, we used the matching touch up kit to cover any remaining residue of caulk on both the stone panels and the ledge stone. Next we put in the blocks and keystones, plugged the installation holes with a touch of the same caulk we used to grout between the stones and then let everything dry. We also used a touch up paint to cover the cut edge of the stones that required altering, and then when we added the caulk between the blocks, the cuts just disappeared. Using a touch up paint, we then covered the mounting screw heads and any place the dark caulk had gotten onto the stone panels.

Overall, we are very pleased with the way the project turned out. The material is very, very realistic looking as you can see by the picture and very impressive when installed according to the sites instructions. Thanks for making such a great project.

Juanita F.
East Burke, VT
I told you I would send a before an after picture of my kitchen remodel. This is the wall with the matching island. I am so happy with your product and have tons of compliments. People want to know what it is, and where I got it. It's hard shooting a picture into the light, so had to have the blinds closed. Hopefully this will give you an idea. You have great customer service and everything was well packaged with no damage. Let me know if you would like any other information.
Jackie W

I just love my stone wall. I have been wanting a stone wall for a while now but, due to the fact stone is so heavy and would need the floor supported for the weight just never did it. When I saw this product on line I thought this would be a good answer for us.

My husband completed the job in three days, along with adding a wall fireplace. Everyone loves the new look. He did a great job, and we found the product to be very believable. We used cobblestone, in harvest. I would recommend the product, and the company.

Donna E.
Pipersville, PA

Our log home in Northern Michigan has been under construction for the past 8 years. We have noticed to much wood on the exterior of the house and thought we should break it up with some rock or stone. We were going to go with cultured stone but do to the weight of the real stone and the possible damage of our new standing seamless steel roof we found Faux Panels. We decided to go with the Oxford tan stone wall panels to put a new face on our chimney.

We were very impressed with the durability, the irregular stone look, which gave a more rustic look to the home that we were looking for. The panels were very easy to work with and simple to install. Our home is built on a hillside in which three sides of the home has large decks. We are so pleased with the way the chimney turned out, next year we are going to use Faux tan stacked stone panels and caps to stone panel all the post columns of our decks.

Thank you Faux Panels for such an easy to work with great product!

Ronald N.
Wetmore, MI

I've finished my project finally using your awesome product. I'm becoming an expert at installing this stuff! lol I've attached a zip file of some before and after photos of this latest project in hopes that you might be able to use them.

Great new video by the way, I just watched it.

Thanks so much for everything.

Jeff W.

Our boring living room was begging for a focal point, and your faux panels helped bring my vision to life! With a quick rearranging of furniture and the addition of an electric fireplace beautifully set off by a tall (faux!) river rock chimney, our living room now boasts character and style. The material arrived promptly, was easy to use, and made our weekend project a great experience!

I'm so pleased with the last project, I'm already looking forward to the next. I will be sure to shop fauxpanels.com again! Thanks for a great product and offering so many fantastic styles to choose from!

Jessica S.
The panels look great, product is very easy to work with.  Lots of positive comments, thanks.
Don M.

Fantastic update to dated office building. After much research, my husband and I decided to try this product on the 35 year old office building we were remodeling for my clinic. We were pleased with how easily it went up, compared to traditional stone, and how much more realistic it looked than the cheap vinyl brands. The corner pieces locked together to create an ideal solution for the ugly gas lines going up the back of the building as well. So far we have had nothing but complements on the look of the new clinic. Thank you for the excellent product!

Oh, and the extra pieces left over from the cuts? Our friend that helped us with the remodel is taking them home to make a castle playhouse for his daughter. How awesome is that?

Dr. Katie B
Flora, IL
I was building a frame for my grill and it soon turned into a whole bar and grill project. Originally I was going to use a stone veneer and I priced it out. Price was not an issue, but the weight was. My wife's company had built me a frame out of aluminum and I doubt it would have supported the heavy stone and so I went on an internet search. It was a matter of minutes before I discovered faux panels and my samples were on the way. Soon after my order was in and I was awaiting UPS. 14 panels arrived and unfortunately 4 panels were damaged in transit. I called customer support and they told me how to claim and my new 4 panels were soon on their way (rushed order). The product was easy to work with on the straight runs and took a little work on the corners, but just like wallpapering a room, only I could see the joins. Add granite tops, stainless steel pendent lights and its time to party outside on my deck, with built in bar and grill.
Newton, PA

I had a very boring white side wall under my covered bar on my pool deck. I ordered and easily installed the River Rock panels in gray. In two evenings, I completed the project.

Now the wall is the highlight of the pool deck bar. It's looks so real. You cannot find the seams in the panels. Everyone says it looks great! We love the way it turned out and we're so glad we ordered the Faux Panels.

Dave B.
Jarrettsville, MD
We used the Regency Stacked Stone panels and transformed our dining room into a place of beauty! We also used it in the living room to dress up the fireplace and wall. Our friends and neighbors can't believe the difference. Installation was simple and fast!
Meridian, ID
Thank you very much for your amazing product, I used Carlton Brick Bold Dusted Panels to re-do my house addition siding. Whole job was a breeze, easy and clean. Everybody admires my bricklayer's skills now. Attached are a few pictures of before and after.
Stefan V.
Cleveland, OH

Looks beautiful! Just like real stone.

The stone turned out beautiful and was worth every penny. Installation was pretty easy and the purchase process is very easy to navigate and helpful. Customer service was proactive and also very helpful. Picking the color online was a little difficult but it was as true as can be expected and did not disappoint.

I am a proficient DIYer & professional handyman, so there were no surprises. I had planned the project carefully from start to finish and panels were easy to work with. The wellington panel is the most attractive of all the dry stack panels because of the warm earth tones. The realism of the panel compared to real stone is amazing and literally un-detectable. The response I have had to my makeover from onlookers and neighbors during and after the completion of the project has been what I have come to call the "OMG factor"
We are very pleased with how nice our project turned out. The FauxPanels samples made it easy to select the perfect style and color for our living room. Ordering was easy and all products arrived on time and in good shape. The instructions were good and installation was easy. The Carlton Cobblestone panels made an amazing transformation of the wall. We could not be happier with the results.
Larry S.
Meridian, ID
The faux panels are great and we have people stopping to "gape". Since I'm an old retired General Contractor, the "wall" is bringing me work I'm not sure I want. But the attention has been great and most people must be convinced the faux panels are not real stone. The Wall is 70' long with 4' returns at each end. You will note that we "beveled" the corners rather than use corner "posts", I believe this gives a more real look. Also, you may see that we attempted to match the colors on the stone on the house. In the background of one picture you will see our new porch, just finished with the Wall. The porch is all Cedar, the intention being to give a Southwest Texas look to the entire house and wall. I trust these pictures can be helpful to your efforts in the future. Thanks again for the 1st Class Panels.
Ray R.

Here's a couple pics of our home project this summer featuring your panels. We are extremely satisfied with your product and we've had many compliments and inquiries about your panels.

Larry & Maxine G.
Spirit Lake, Idaho

Our project was the addition of an outdoor kitchen to an area between our patio and detached garage. As such, we had some unique challenges related to the outdoor setting. While I planned a small "shed roof" over the counter area, and the remainder of the counter and BBQ grill would be sheltered under our existing patio cover, a small portion of the area would remain exposed to rainfall and needs a drain under the new kitchen cabinets. Therefore, I designed the cabinets to sit on adjustable height stainless steel "feet" which would hold the cabinet bases up off the patio and allow rain water to drain under the cabinets and also allow us to level the cabinets & countertops despite the fact that the patio is sloped 1 to 2 degrees to facilitate drainage. As such, using actual masonry to cover the cabinets would now be out of the question. Only FauxPanels would provide the look of masonry yet allow us to leave the required gap beneath the bottom row of "stone" and the ground to afford the patio to drain off below the cabinets.

The cabinet frames were built using Armour Wood® – a real-wood, pressure-treated product that minimizes the movement of moisture through the wood, which is associated with shrinking and swelling. Armour Wood® features an alkyd-based primer that adds an extra degree of protection from the elements. And it's safe for children and pets. I ripped the planks to 2-1/2" widths to be used as stiles and rails and fastened them using the Kreg Jig pocket joinery system to a base of 3/4" outdoor plywood. I then faced and backed the assembled cabinet frames with 1/4" plywood and laid a top substrate of 3/4" plywood to lend additional support for the granite countertops. All materials for the cabinets and the shed roof cost just under $500.

Next, we installed the faux panels ($838.43). All panels were cut with a circular saw or table saw. Inside corner cuts were cleaned up with a jig saw. I designed the panel locations on the fly as well, simply working with whatever piece may have been in my hand at the time. It was so incredibly easy. After cutting a panel to size, I'd zig zag a bit of construction adhesive to the backside, stick it in place and throw a couple sheetrock screws in to hold the panels until the glue set. The Wellington Drystack Earth panels pattern afforded me the ability to start and stop, and patch & piece panels as needed. The seams aren't even noticeable and I never even tried to "line up" the drystack patterns. I simply started with any exposed edges and placed the finished ends of each panel where they would be seen FIRST. Then I filled in spaces between by cutting panel pieces to match the odd shape left between panels. When all sides were completely covered with FauxPanels, I started in with the caulk on all seams. I personally found that the caulk provided by FauxPanels was of an undesirable consistency and color. After picking up some TEC Invision 10.5 Oz. Terrain Ready-to-Use sanded caulk from my local Lowe's store, I went back to work sealing all seams. I don't think it took me more than a couple hours of squeezing and smearing and the finished result was a thing of beauty.

I then installed the appliances. We've owned the BBQ grill for more than ten years (so it cost us $0) but we still think it's a better built unit than what they sell at home improvement stores so I simply cut the wheels off the legs and built it into my kitchen cabinets, added a drop-in side sear burner from HomeDepot.com ($168) and a huge 30" sink with commercial sprayer faucet from Overstock.com ($700) and a 4.5 cu ft refrigerator from Lowes ($289). I left a couple spaces empty where I'll come back and install a drawer dish washer and under counter ice maker when my home improvement spending account recovers a bit.

After the local bath and kitchen company installed the granite countertop ($1,525), the finished product was a thing of real pride. What an incredibly easy, fast project. Why did I wait so many years before tackling this project? The difference was Faux Panels. Once I watched the videos and blogs at FauxPanels.com, I knew this was the product that would allow me to build our outdoor kitchen project.

So I was able to knock this project out for a hair over $4,000. And that's $4,000 we would certainly get back (and then some) if we were to ever sell the house. The FauxPanels cost less than 20% of the project budget but made 100% of the difference in the project's success!

Thank you, FauxPanels for an EXCELLENT product, super website and friendly, personable support people. You truly made this project possible and the results are fantastic!

Granbury, Texas
I purchased the panels with the idea I would install them myself, then I decided to ask a handyman who installed my countertop. He didn't want to do it because he had never installed anything like that. So I decided I would go back to the original plan and do it myself. I'm a 50 year old woman with above average DIY skills. It was easy to do and I did it all myself. Everyone is amazed. However I did refer to the directions several times. Mitering the corners was difficult, but that's because I'm inexperienced with it. Overall, I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Shelly S.

Thank you so much for your support and donation of the faux wall panels. Everyone on set loved them and wanted to take them home for their kids to play with. More importantly, they were awesome in the shots we used them in. The color was PERFECT for the close up we needed with a long lens.

I've attached three pictures, two displaying the use of the paneling, and the third showcasing my cast and crew on the second day of our four day shoot. Everyone involved was there for free, donating their old 1950's cars, their time, their catering abilities, anything and everything under the sun in order to make the shoot a success. Your paneling was the icing on the cake. We clipped into into stand, propped it up with the ladder, and had a very tight shot on it with a shallow depth of field. It looks amazingly real.

Thank you so, so much!

Milan C.

We literally had people driving up to our house to look and touch the product. Said it was the most realistic looking faux stone they had ever seen. I highly recommended the company. The product arrived in great condition and it is easy to cut and trim. I would definitely purchase a second time. As you can see, our house is still a work in progress but adding the faux stone has given new life to a nice old 70s ranch.

Thank you very much for your help in getting me the right brick panels. I've never dealt with Customer Service for any company as helpful as you have been. I recommended you to a couple of contractors in the area, and showed my brother the finished product. He said he wished he had known about FauxPanels since he just spent around $5,000.00 on a real brick wall inside his house. I'm enclosing a picture of the finished product, which is in my cabin I built all by myself.
Joe A.
Reform, AL
We converted our attic into a romantic loft hideaway, and the gas fireplace is the crown jewel of our remodeling job. We used the ledgestone faux panels to cover the fireplace with spectacular results. Everyone comments on how beautiful the stone is and they're always surprised to learn it's faux paneling. It was the perfect solution in terms of beauty, cost, weight and ease of installation. I highly recommend faux panels!
Terry H.
Grand Rapids, MI
Panels are awesome!
Amanda N.
Powhatan, VA

Extremely easy to install and the seams worked out perfect to give a real brick look.

After using this product for the first time I was surprised at the ease of the installation and being a former Mason I was impressed with the way it looked, like a real brick panel wall. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking to get the look of a brick panel wall at a fraction of the cost and installed in less than a day.

Anthony M.
Lorton, VA
Just wanted to show you how well my pond project turned out using your Regency panels. I was so pleased with how easy it was to use your panels and how realistic they look. Thanks for your quick delivery and great product.
Tom S.

I was very skeptical of the FAUX products at first. I was planning an interior wall project with real stone veneer and came across the Faux Panel website. I ordered a bunch of samples and pleasantly surprised of the real look and feel. I chose the stacked stone and ordered all the supplies for install right from the web site. The folks there are very knowledgeable and friendly (especially Jessica who was very helpful with how much material needed etc...).

Brian H.
Here a few photos of a master bath renovation using barnsiding and your stone panels. To give the room a more rustic look, we added a mixture of joint compound and sand applied over some areas of the panels to appear like the stone had been "uncovered" in the renovation. We also tinted several of the rocks to vary the colors more. Thanks for a great product!

Note: Joint compound and sand applied over some areas of the panels to make it more Rustic.
Sue L.
I just renovated my fireplace, your product is awesome. Photo attached to help you sell more.
Tim S.
I always wanted a rock facing on our fireplace but it was never affordable. Surprised to find this product & especially pleased at how great it is to work with. A little planning & you have a great weekend project (plus a day or two)! Great products you'll be glad you invested in.
Wendy W.
Paint Lick, KY

I purchased the Norwich Colorado Stacked Stone Earth Panels for a media room in our home. The installation was incredibly easy, I completed the wall in about 6 hours, and the finished product is far beyond what I expected.

We had multiple friends and family members come through our home over the holiday and everyone that saw the room was absolutely amazed. They did not believe that the panels were “faux” and refused to believe that it wasn’t real stone until they actually felt the wall. My father who is a retired stone mason, was astonished at the finished product and couldn’t believe it when I told him that it was a faux panel.

For anyone out there that may be reluctant about ordering a faux panel, do not hesitate ordering this product! You will not be disappointed.

Chris and Kara L.
We live in a gated community of 12 homes. All the home fronts look alike. We made an 18 foot by 2 foot metal flower box and faced it with your Faux Panels. It is beautiful, all the neighbors are envious. We love it !!!
Corky & Wilma H.
Fresno, CA
Here are pictures of my stonewall gray panels surrounding my front door. I am very happy with the product and it adds a focal point to the front of my house.
Rich F.
Bay Point, CA
Took about 2 weeks to receive. Noting was missing. This is a great product and We love the way it looks. It was easy to install and looks great!!! We are trying to figure out our next project..
Thanks for making a realistic, easy to install product. I went from a ventless gas fireplace to a wood burning insert. I sheet-rocked in the unsightly chimney pipe and used your tan interlocking stone to create a great looking chimney. I have many photos start to finish if you would like to see.
Columbia, SC
I find this to be a really amazing product, We could not afford to side this addition with real stone or brick, Faux stone is actually nicer, easy to work with and looks great.

Added Aug. 2009
As you can see it’s not completely done as of yet; Landscaping, some trim and of course the light beacon @ the top. We are getting very close!!! I still feel the same about the panels, (wonderful product)! Most people don't realize that it is NOT real stone until they are either told or investigate with touch (really)! This has to some of the most forgiving product I have ever worked with. The lighthouse is the talk of the neighborhood, and people are amazed at the faux siding.
Dean W.
I found the product easy to install, I didn't think I had it in me but when I got started it all went together nice. It's a water wall water fall. I live on a canal so water comes up from the canal from my sprinkler system that I hooked up, separate water line's, the back down into the canal. No harm to environment.
Paul M.
As promised, I am sending you a few pictures of our kitchen project using the faux stacked stone in light tan. We really love the new look! Thanks so much for making this available to us.....there wasn't anything like it here in Canada!
Melody C.
ON, Canada
I ordered one of your faux panel products and received the order as specified very timely manner, excellent packaging without any damage. We wanted to let you know that your product is as awesome as awesome can get. My project for my Master bedroom has come out looking so much better that I had imagined it to look. With your product and a little outside the box thinking, you can achieve great new ideas and wonderful looks...

Thanks to you, I was finally able to change my entire living room’s look! Your panels are amazing and we are very happy with the results!

The installation was really easy and very fast – the entire project took us less than a day to finish. The only hard time we had was to make the choice of which panels to order because we like them all.

My family is very excited about the new look of the living room and we are looking forward to having our friends over. I am sending Before and After pictures to show off my living room’s new look and I definitely will recommend your product to all my relatives and friends.

Thanks again and keep up the good job guys!

Svetlana Z. WEST HILLS, CA
We have just finished installing your faux panels in our new log home. I wanted to say how pleased and amazed we are with the quality and look of the faux stone. We installed our entire wall in one day with no mess and little physical effort. The panels are light and easy to handle and cut. We've had countless complements on it and few people can tell it's not real or manufactured rock and mortar from looking at it, and even when touching it, it's not easy to decide the difference. The cost turned out even cheaper than using manufactured rock and mortar, and the time savings was not even comparable.
Rob M.
Swoope, VA
We finished our installation yesterday, here are some pics, everyone was thrilled with the look of the columns, a big hit! The sign identified a special area at the McAfee user conference at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. After I left, they installed some uplights to highlight it even more! Thanks for everything, it all worked out great
Tim L.
Sacramento, CA

After finishing a big exterior project, I had a few Regency stacked stone (Earth color) panels left, so I decided to cover one interior wall in our dining room.

Installing the boards was very easy, even working alone. The fact that they are so light helped a lot, especially when installing panels 10 ft. from the floor.

One key thing is to make sure the panels are level, because even slight steps from one panel to the next means that the next row will show a substantial gap, and it won't look that nice. If you end up with a small step, you can trim off a little bit of material from one of the panels (do it on the one which will not show off) so that they end up leveled.

P. V.
Tuxedo, NY
This is our outdoor deck area. The Fauxpanels were used to replicate stacked stone columns. They turned out very realistic looking! Visitors don't know that they are not real stone until I tell them! Thanks!!
Travis Y.
Oklahoma City
Enclosed is picture of our kitchen remodel from this past summer which we'd like to submit for possible use in your on-line portfolio. We used your Oxford tan panels and they turned out so beautiful. We've gotten many positive comments on it's authentic look. We are now getting ready to re-do our master bedroom and I'm looking at using the panels in there as well.
John B.
Stanwood, WA
This product looks as real as the real stone. It was easy to install and all the people I had to deal with in the process of ordering this merchandise were very helpful and easy to work with. When guests visit, they have to touch it to verify it is not real stone, and none of them believe I installed it myself, and especially without any help at all. I am looking for other areas to use some of the other various styles you provide. It is acutally fun and rewarding to install. The results are 100% satisfying.
Bill N.
Moravia, NY
I have just completed renovations to my house prior to selling. I decided to use your product because it was the easiest to order and quickest to receive. I must say that I am eternally grateful for selecting your company. Your customer service was outstanding! After receiving my initial order, I realized that I was in need of several other items to complete my job. I called your company on a Monday, and that Wednesday I had the materials I needed to complete the job. I resurfaced the front of my house covering up out-dated brick. The compliments I received after doing this job were amazing! The overall look that it gave to the house definitely modernized the look. I am positive that this will be a huge factor in the sale of my house. I am enclosing a picture of the job that I did on the house. Thank you again for your great service and I will definitely recommend your company to anyone asking.
Craig W.
My company has recently finished a commercial remodel project, that included installing your faux brick panels. My project supervisor and the crew were very impressed with your product. Not only was it easy to install, but the " solid " feel of the finished job, puts it way ahead of vinyl siding. My customer is thrilled with the finished look and is recommending it to many personal & business associates. We had a lot of people stop, while installing your product, and ask questions and give compliments. I am sending you some photo's of the project. Thanks again
St. Augustine, Florida
Your product is amazing. What a great find! We wanted to build our kids a playhouse that resembled our Tudor style home -- not compromising the appearance of our small yard -- your "Old World" brick matched perfectly! Installation was quick and easy. Seasonally it's held up great. My husbands talent to build the house was impressive but your product makes it real!
Nancy J.
We used a faux rock panel to reface entrance sign base to our neighborhood and it turned out very nice. The product was easy to apply and has a very realistic look to it. It really finished off and gave a nice look to our project of installing a new community sign. The product was lightweight and will hopefully endure many years outside giving our community a new sense of pride a new face to present to the other neighborhoods in our area.
C. Parker
I have enclosed two pictures, before and after the installation of your Norwich Motley Gray Colorado Stacked Stone Panel, and one of the front of the house so that you can see how it looks with the rest of the front. I am very pleased with the way this project turned out. Your material is easy to work with, and easy to install. A bonus, it looks like the real thing, at a fraction of the cost. Great material
Austin N. Victoria, BC Canada
We used the material as a skirt for our new aluminum storage building. What a difference it made! Thank you!
D. Shipe
Here are my pics. The panels were very easy to work with, it took me one day to complete job. I'm not a carpenter by a long shot but was easy to do, just double checked measurements. I took photos to work with me and everybody loved it! A couple even wanted to know the website where I got them from. It looks so real! Got the look I wanted and love it!
Steve H.
Saxton, PA
I took these before and after pictures of our mfg home--isn't it beautiful!!! With this much of an improvement, it has definitely added to the value of our home. Our friends can't believe the difference. Hopefully you can add them to your website. Thanks so much for making such an affordable product that really is easy to install and makes such a statement.
Judy T.
Nine Mile Falls, WA
We have used Faux panels in several projects now and are looking for more ways to use them. We are particularly pleased with the detail of the product.
Thank you!

Noble Signs Anniston, AL
I was a little bit apprehensive of using this type of paneling instead of laying the actual stone. I am so glad that I went ahead and used the "Earth" Wellington Panels for my living room wood-framed wall that I designed. The panels made my life so much easier - they were extremely easy to cut to size and were glued into position in no time - all over one weekend! Congratulations Faux Panels on producing such a superbly versatile concept - even my friends and relations back home in the UK have been impressed. I can't wait to come up with another DIY job.
Gerry Q.
Houston, TX
We covered up our ugly cement wall with your faux panels (topped it with blue stone). Then we "Wrapped' the gas fire pit with matching faux panels and topped it with granite. It turned out great!!! Tnx!!
Tom K.
We recently remodeled our living room fireplace! I am thrilled with how it turned out! We used the Carlton Ledge stone Harvest panels.
Shana D.
Noble, OK
Enclosed are pictures of our completed patio wall. We are pleased with the finished project. Even the contractor seems happy. Was a pleasure doing business with you and your company.
Robert M.
North Huntington, PA
I finally got around to taking a photo of my living room, now that the project is complete. I am satisfied beyond expectations. The material was not difficult to work with, and there were very few minor logistical problems along the way. The customer service advice I got from George was invaluable. I have had many compliments as to how the room has totally changed. Thank you all for making such a great product. You have to be here to see it, as the photograph does not do it justice.
Thomas K.
Groveport, OH
It was really easy working with your product, and we are very pleased with the results. Everyone who sees the fireplace thinks we've used real stone.
Marlies S.
I wanted to share with you this photo of the Field Spaniels Meet The Breed booth at the 2008 AKC Eukanuba Show in Long Beach last December. I had the backdrop made to appear as that of an English countryside, complete with part of the Roman wall. The addition of your faux stone gave me the 3 dimensional look that I longed for. I received many compliments on the exhibit and wish to thank you for allowing me to order such a small amount to be used for the display.
Enjoy the photo!
Karen M.
I found the material to be very easy to work with, durable and changed the look of our home. Your delivery and service has been outstanding. My neighbors may be your next customers.

Jeffery H.
Lower Gwynedd, PA

The product went up easy and looks great! I love this product and would highly recommend it.

Ordering - would recommend ordering samples to get the color and style you would like - they rebate you your sample costs when you order. It does take awhile to make your order, so make sure you understand it takes 6-8 weeks from when you order.

Installation - I would recommend a good table saw if planning to make many cuts. The touch up paint comes in handy as well and looks great - a little trick is to use the texture caulk and paint over it in areas where there is a lot of foam showing.

I had many people walk past my house and tell me it looks great and they could not tell it was not stone.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Wanted to send you a snapshot of the specialty dog barn that was constructed using your product. Because my customer had a neighborhood covenant requiring all out-buildings to look like his existing home (even a dog house) we used your Oxford panels to make the dog's home look like his masters! Very impressed with the quality and ease of installation and I look forward to using this product on other small out-buildings that I produce. Your customer service was outstanding.

Best Regards, Jerry D. F.
Knobs, IN
I used Wellington panels to remodel my entertainment center and it turned out to be a great success! Very easy to work with and very light weight. They look really realistic! With spot lights they look even better. Recommended to DIYers, even beginners.
Here are some pics of the project. the panels look great and are extremely easy to work with. I am very happy and have already given your contact info to several friends and family that have seen my basement room.
Steve P.
We love the new look of our home. We have received many complements on our "stone" front.
I had some leftover pieces from my original project and the well cover is what I made from them. I have received many comments about this and also given several friends information and where I ordered the material from. With any luck they have placed orders with your company. I will continue to spread the word, because your product is worth letting the world know about.
Bill N.

Here you go!

Looks beautiful and we have received many compliments :)

Thanks so much for all your help!

Jill H.
Pita Pit Owner

This past summer I purchased your Carlton Sierra Sand Cobblestone Panels to use as skirting on our park model log sided trailer that we have parked at a campground here in Western PA. Below you will see the before and after pictures. The wife & I are very pleased with the finished project. We have received many compliments from all the resident campers and we continue to receive compliments from weekend traveling campers week after week.

I have given out many of your pamphlets and cards as when the people see this they all like it.

I would hope that you use my pictures on your web site and pamphlets, as I could not find any of your panels used as skirting on any trailers when I was shopping on your web site and requesting the samples. After several calls to your customer service people about your product and seeing the samples, I was able to come up with the proper way to install your panels on my trailer.

I Thank all your employees for they're help with all my questions as I was deciding which panels to use and how to properly install them. We are very satisfied customers and I continue to highly recommend your panels.

Bob & Judi V.
This is an interior basement in a house built about 1924 near Chicago. I have to say this turned out fantastic. The material was easy to cut and easy to install. You estimate for glue and calk were spot on and as you can see the look is nothing short of stunning!! I have many more pictures and I will be returning there to take more because they just had carpeting installed and are in the process of picking out furniture. This basement will be the talk of the family for many years to come.
Thanks for all your help!

Bill F.

We ordered the Old World Faux Brick to go with the Mountain Chalet we are restoring. We have a new wood stove and needed to have "brick" behind it for the "chimney" look where we vented the stove pipe. There was already red brick on the floor and the Old World Faux Brick goes great with the existing floor brick.

You can see where we have an electric outlet, the outlet looks as if the brick was laid originally and the outlet installed at that time. The Faux brick is so easy to work with, from the cutting of the faux brick to the installing, super easy. The tongue and groove wood inside of the chalet goes very well with the faux brick and the "chimney" area, the entire wall looks wonderful, better than we had hoped.

We did not think before we began to take the before pictures, but let me just say, there was an ugly paneling on this wall that did nothing for the chalet, but now, wow! Absolutely awesome.

Connie R.
Vonore, TN
We've just completed our home exterior refishining. Our Faux Panels are not only on the front of our house but also now surround our old chimney. Not a single day has gone by that someone hasn't commented on how incredibly great the house looks.
Rita R.

We are very pleased with the prompt shipment of the requested material, the quality of your product and how easy it is to install. As you can see on the picture and the order it was a very small job and was done in a about 1 1/2 hr.

Lorie S.
This is the interior basement landing coming from the foyer entrance. I am attaching a before and after picture to demonstrate the dramatic and beautiful effect of these panels. I am not a professional carpenter and this project was my first home improvement venture. Your staff has been courteous and professional with handing my order and all of my questions. This is a fantastic product that looks like the real thing!
Cliff J.
Thanks again for your expertise. My project is perfect because of you!
Jeanette S.
Well the faux panels arrived earlier than expected. If you had anything to do with that, thanks. We are pleased with the results. The room is much warmer looking and a lot more attractive.Thanks for you assistance.
Bob M.
The panels shipped as promised and arrived well packed and in tact. They installed just as shown. The panels easy to fasten to the wall. The joints were a challenge to fill and get to disappear but came out nice in the end. Matching the paint to the stone was also a challenge. Mitering the end cuts was pretty easy and looked great in the finished product. The window ledger also turned out great. It added the perfect touch to the project. The finished product looks wonderful. We get a lot of compliments on the wall. Thank You.
Steve S.
Fort Mohave, AZ

We are very impressed with your product and company. We will recommend this to our friends and neighbors. Thanks again.

Wayne and Judy G.
Here are my before and after photos of a VW bus project for my game room. I had mounted the rear of this bus over a TV in my game room. I wanted to make it appear as if the bus had gone through the wall so I chose your brick nailon panels. I ordered them on the April 16th and received them on April 28th. I completed this project on April 30th. Thank you for a great product.
Scott S.

As the pics show, we installed our Cambridge panels below our bar which is off our kitchen. The wall turned out GORGEOUS (we get so many compliments) and the install was easy. We're doing our fireplace next to mirror the kitchen bar.

A few things to note would be as follows:
1. Use a properly sized saw...small ones won't cut it (pardon the pun) as the panels are quite large.
2. We wish that FauxPanels offered outlet covers that matched ALL of the panels they offer...we had to get creative for our cover to make it look proper.
3. Finally, Be sure to order the textured caulk they offer online. We didn't do so thinking we could obtain something similar at our local DIY store but you CANNOT! The touch up work is all about the texture of the product your using and not necessarily using the exact matching paint color.

Regardless, the learning curve is totally worth the end result!!! We strongly recommend these to anyone!! Thx, FauxPanels!!!

Weekend Warriors
Eustis, FL

What can i say you have been an amazing continual support to our team. This episode marks the beginning of it all! The Cambridge White Brick panels looked amazing in "The Paris room"! We could not do what we do without the support and dedication of generous people like you

Veronica V.
Extreme Makeover Team

We are writing to express our sincere appreciation for all that you and your company contributed to the Beach family's new home. It impresses us beyond words that in this economy you came on board to make a difference.
The Oxford Rustic Barn Wood panels that were added to the "Tree Fort" room were the perfect finishing touch!
We could not do what we do without the support and dedication of generous people like you. Together, we made the impossible, possible!
Thank you for being a part of something Great and joining us on changing lives!

Veronica V.
Extreme Makeover Team
Thank you so much for offering such a good quality product at such a reasonable price. I will definitely recommend you guys to all my friends & family. I have received so many compliments on the stonewall. People walk right up to it, feel it and still can't believe it's not real stone.. I love it! Keep up the good work!
Happy Customer
Davie, FL

Very easy to install. Everyone thinks it's real stone. The only giveaway is when you touch it. It's not cold like real stone would be but the look and the texture are great. In my opinion it's a little pricey but I haven't found anything else out there like it.

Warren, OH

Here are before and after photos of our country home transformation. You can see that we covered boring, gray cinder block with the faux panels Regency. It took us awhile to "get the hang of it" but once we did we worked hard and got most of the project done in a day and 1/2. With the leftover pieces we are going to cover more cinder block on the back porch area.

Thank you for your attentive assistance, it was important to our success.

Richard and Mary V.

The Regency Potomac Stacked Stone was very easy to order and install, (I am stay at home mom with no carpentry training). The people at fauxwood/fauxstone were very helpful during the ordering and after with any installation questions I had. The only problem I had was trying to choose the type of stone and color I wanted, because of the large selection. I wanted something that would look natural to our area in New York yet get rid of the horrible stucco and help our cookie cutter raised ranch stand out. They helped me figure out what would work well, and it sure does look great. My elderly neighbor across the street says people keep stopping in the middle of the road to look at our house. I had some left over so I put it on the face of my entry stairs. I love the overall results

Sharon M.

The installation was done in a rented apartment to "frame" a living room picture window having a very nice view of a wooded area. The decision was made not to use any glue so "damage" to the original apartment wallboard is minimized upon removal.

A total of twelve panels were installed over a period of two days (3 hours per day). The installation process was straight forward and was done by a marine engineer/pipefitter. A baseboard heater and two duplex receptacles had to be accommodated. The panels were cut after measurements by using a jig saw. The panels were mounted to the existing wallboard with 1-1/2" outdoor-rated woodscrews. The key to doing the job correctly is contained in the old expression "measure twice, cut once".

A total of only 27 screws were used for the entire job and no glue and no caulking was used (4 tubes of caulk were purchased just in case).

The detail of the paneling design makes it very difficult to see the dull heads of the recessed screws and the paneling seams are also nearly invisible - even though no caulking was used. The seams and screws are only visible very close to the wall.

The results are very impressive and worth every dollar of the price and all the installation time.

Lynda B.
Troy, New York

This is the outdoor kitchen I built in my Lanai. I had no plans except what was in my head and basically planned it step by step as I went along. I built the frame of PT lumbar and used exterior grade 3/4 inch plywood for the sides and under the porcelain countertop. Stainless steel T-Nuts were used on the bottom of the frame with four in the front and four in the back. This was it could be leveled and it would kept the wood from contacting the concrete pad.

I was very pleased with the appearance of the stacked stone faux panels. I had no room for error and one bad cut and I would not have enough panels. Needless to say, I had to think every cut out very carefully.

I mitered the corners with a circular saw with no straight edge,so extreme patience was required. The corners were then caulked with your caulk as were the holes left from the deck screws. I tried to put all deck screws in the beige as the caulk matched perfectly and no painting was required. I did have to paint the corners which took a little practice and blending of the three matching colors that I purchased from your company.

Everyone that has seen the final project has been very impressed and want me to build them one. Unfortunately they cannot affored my labor rates. ha ha. I too am very pleaseed but most importantly my wife is happy!

By the way note how the TV, seen in a couple of the pictures, is attached mounted on an umbrella stand. I used a galvanized chain link fence post to attach the TV to the stand and then concrete screws to attach rollers to the bottom of the stand. I can roll where ever I want while cooking or watching football from within the hot tub. Maybe you should build these and see them, if you do don't forget me. lol. I am also proud of the cover I made for the stove top. Seems sometimes the little things can give just as much self satisfaction despite their simplicity.

However, your panels made everything possible. Thanks for a great product.

David E.

Attached are Before and After pictures of a very successful project. Thank you for the materials and informative website. The material was surprisingly easy to cut and install. We're very happy with the end result.

John L.

These Norwich faux panels are very easy to work with. I got my project done in a half a day, working by myself. Thank you, FauxPanels, for such a great design!

Kay R.

We are writing to thank you for the incredible service that we recently received. During our order process we spoke with 3 different staff in person and each was very helpful and genuinely interested in our project. The website is fantastic and we referred to it often. Ordering was very easy and the product was shipped promptly and surprised us by arriving 3 weeks earlier than expected! Installation of the panels was very easy and the faux rock looks great – we have had many compliments on it. We are thrilled as we have not been able to source river rock panels here in Canada.

Thea & Rick C.
Calgary, AB, Canada

Let us start by saying, we couldn’t be happier with your product and the look that was achieved; just as we imagined it. Enclosed are the before and after photos. I spoke with someone from customer service on August 18th, 2010 and she asked that we send them via email.

Denise C. McGlone

Here is the new Mailbox that we just completed yesterday. We used the Wellington Earth Dry Stack Wide Column to make the body of the mailbox. Then we used on of your Wide Column Caps for the top.

Holly B.

The project was small but made a big difference in the overall look, as you can see from the before and after pictures.

Alan R.
My fireplace turned out beautiful compared to what it looked like before! Amazing, love it, very happy with your product. Thank you.
Diane K.

Thank you for all your help! Here are my before and after pics.

Anthony J. C.

We just finished installing the Nailon Stone Wall panels on 2 framed chimneys. We have attached before and after photos of the project. The panels were straightforward to install and we are very pleased with the realistic result. One of my biggest concerns with using real stone was placing that much weight on our roof trusses. The low weight of your product allows this application without having to go through the expense and aggravation of involving engineers and architects. We are now considering using the same panels on the front exterior of the house, under the porch shown in the pictures. The panels are just thin enough to slide behind the trim flange on the windows, which would be difficult if not impossible with most other products.

Overall, we agree with many comments we read online. Your customer service is well beyond today's standards, there were no surprises with the product we received or the installation process, and the website has a tremendous level of detail that sets it apart from any other product we have used during a major addition/renovation. There simply weren't many questions left unanswered after reviewing your website.

Ryan and Janice Newtown, CT
We were looking for different products to cover our 36 inch concrete foundation. After research of different companies we were not sure which product to choose. After samples arrived the decision was easy. The Carlton Cobblestone was clear winner by far. I installed 45 feet of panels by myself in one day.The corners were beautiful and a perfect match. Customer support was first grade and very helpful. We are very pleased and happy with not only the look but also the quality of your product. I thank all members of customer service for great and promt help.
Eduard P. Castlegar, BC
I was looking at stone to go around my bar in my rec room, but I wanted to get something to stay within my budget. The Fauxpanels are fun and easy to install and way cheaper than real stone for the same look and feel. The professional customer service along with the fast shipping made me want to use Fauxpanels on the fireplace for the next upcoming project.
Josh G. Milwaukee, WI
This product is very easy to work with with just some glue and a couple of screws per panel. Although the panels are 2ft, I split them in half to put around the house and garage foundation. I only needed a foot in height, so the panels went twice as far. Neighbors were very pleased with the (stone) and were very surprised when I told them it wasn't stone but a polyurethane product. They all wanted to see the samples I purchased. My UPS man even sent contractors over to look at the stone. They took down the web address to check the product out. Thanks for a great product!
Chuck D. Sanford, MI
Very easy to work with and the look is so realistic. Could not have accomplished this any other way. Used it to cover the front of a 20 by 7 foot RV gate. You would think it was a real stone wall, even when right next to it. Looks fabulous, better than I could have ever imagined!
Chris J. Glendale, AZ
After considering using real stone for my new two-way fireplace installation, I found Faux Panels online and decided to try their product. I was not disappointed. The Stone panels were easy to install and looked fabulous. I will be using them to install base trim around my new sunroom next month.
Mark B. Fayetteville, NC
I used these stonewall corners on my back deck for a BBQ island and it worked out great! The product looks so real, I was very impressed!
Elko, NV
I needed to simulate red brick on a trade show exhibit and it worked perfectly. Being lightweight was a bonus.
Knoxville, TN
I needed to remodel the ugly side walls of my crawl space. The stone panels stroke me as ideal for this purpose. Ordering with the help of customer service was easy. As the house is a weekend home, delivery needed to be scheduled precisely, and after an initial misunderstanding everything worked out fine. Installation with screws and glue was idiot-proof. The panels can easily be cut by table saw. The interlocked panels require some thinking to ensure they are cut on the correct end and to avoid too much left overs. Now I have a pretty, new siding, which looks perfect, provides good thermal isolation, and keeps unwanted animals out of my crawl space.
Upstate, NY

I have a room in my house where I collect things that would have been found in the hall or private chambers of a well-to-do Anglo-Saxon noble in the Anglo-lord (England) of the "Dark Ages," in particular to me, the 10th & 11th centuries.

The room I'm doing is paneled in dark rough wood, put there by the people who owned the house probably in the 70's. Even the ceiling is this paneling and 2 sections framing the window were wallpaper. I wanted to put stone on these 2 sections. The wood is perfect as the Saxons used wood for homes, some say they believed homes needed to be wood because it was a growing living thing. Stone was used for walls and sometimes churches. I decided this noble would like a bit of stone in his hall. The Saxons also liked to whitewash stone, as they thought it was crude and unfinished. I like stones.

There are 3 "before" pictures of the wall. There were 3 layers of wallpaper, each one worse than the one before it. The "Railroad" stuff was last before the sheet-rock, which was green.

I had looked at the real stone, textured paint (this looked great but made the sheet rock bubble) tile, Styrofoam, ceiling tiles... and found Faux Panels to be the most authentic look for the right price and ease of use. Stone would have required major restructuring to hold the weight.

I ordered samples and choose Royal Rockface Potomac. This pattern was very close to stones I had seen in England from the 9th to 13th centuries. They were light and easy to work with. I would caution people to cut them outside due to the dust. I had enough caulk to do all the spaces on both sides, so all the "between the stones" is the same.

I would use Faux Panels again and I would recommend them to others. They saved money on materials and labor and looks great

Linda M. Stafford, CT
I recently installed a wood stove in my home. I used the Norwich stacked stone panels. The job came out great. The panels are easy to install and give my home that rustic look I was looking for. Thank you.
Frank C.
Good Morning,

I did not want another day to go by without thanking you sincerely for your prompt and attentive service while I was ordering regency riviera stacked stone panels to be used in my trade show booth.

I know my order was not large by any amount, but you and your team treated me with such care and patience that it felt like I was buying enough to build a house.

Service like yours is rare in business these days, and I don't want my appreciation to go unstated. Thank you so much for going to such great lengths to make sure I was purchasing the best product for my needs.

I have attached a picture of our booth so you can see just how great it turned out.

Deby F.
Recently we purchased, and installed your Faux Panel product. We are very pleased...as is our modest house. Thank you and attached are a few pics!
M/M M. Los Angeles, Ca.

We are thrilled with our new kitchen, and the faux stone was definitely the way to go for the Wow factor!

It is a great product. We had a brick layer here, he came in to see the remodel, took him a couple minutes to figure out it wasn't real stack stone!

Thanks again, attached are some Before and After shots

Cathy S. Whitesboro, TX
I want to thank you again for getting our order in and shipping so quickly. They came in time for us to take advantage of some super weather (Indian Summer in Ohio). We're very happy with your service and the product. Ran into a few ‘challenges' along the way but figured ‘em out. We'll probably use this 'stuff' again on another rehab project down the road. Thanks again!
Teresa S.
We endeavored to modify our basic lake house into a craftsman style cottage appearance and the Wellington Dry Stack column wraps helped us move in that direction. My neighbor and my sister were so impressed with the appearance they are in the process of placing orders for some of the Faux Panels for use on their homes.
Middle, TN

I would like to take this opportunity to state that this product is totally worth the time, money and effort. I used the stacked stone panels to cover my brick fireplace. The before and after is AMAZING. Easy to use, cuts like butter with a table saw, jig saw, and hacksaw. The only problem I encountered was the amount of panels I ordered. I measured thinking the panels were a rectangle shape. These panels are "z" shaped and I was almost one panel short due to this. Not to worry! I was able to "piece" together my excess and you cannot even tell!

AGAIN....100% recommend this product for use. I am in the process of gathering information to order some different panels to do the exterior of my home as well.

Dawn T.
Virginia Beach
The regency panels, corners, & ledgers that I ordered were delivered quick and damage free. They are so easy to work with, it's amazing. They really made my porch project stand out. The compliments I receive are many. I'm making plans for another style of panel to finish an interior wall surrounding a fireplace. Thank you for such a great product.
The Carlton Cobblestone panels were easy to cut and install. I was pleased to see that no panels were alike as far as coloring, which give my walls a continous look. The panels were very easy to router as I recessed around my outlets in order to in lay them with birch which allowed my outlet covers to lay flat, then I caulked around the edges to finish them off. My gameroom looks great!
Very happy with the product. I used the Norwich Fauxpanels on a feature wall in my living room and love the completed look.
Shingle Springs, CA
We just opened our new clothing store and used the drystack panels in our store design. The pictures are a little dark, but the overall look was supposed to appear as a cellar and I think we acheived our goal. If we open a 2nd store, we'll definately use these panels again.
The Faux Panel product gave us a realistic stone look without the expense of a mason. Customer service was exceptional. This is the first time we have used this product. I would recomend it the other FASTSIGNS owners.
George P.
Traverse City, MI
This is a very nice product and I have recommended it to everyone that sees it on the house. I will purchase more in the future for more projects!
Jogn P.
Amarillo, TX
We used this product as skirting on our enclosed porch. Easy to use and modify for your project, installed quickly and fast shipping.
RD Wiliamson
Boody, IL

We were considering doing a faux stone fireplace as my husband has done this work on an outside of a home. When I started thinking about how we were going to do this inside,with all the dust, the time consuming process of getting all the stones to fit just right, the mortar clean up using muriatic acid, I started looking for another alternative.

Faux panels was the perfect solution. It was comparable to the other method in price, but allot LESS time consuming and no clean up. We were fearful even after receiving the samples, that the product would not look like real stone. Trust me as we are very particular about our home, this product looks very realistic and was very easy to work with. We used sanded chalk between the trim stones to give it the real mortared in look.

We did have an issue with some of the trim stones coming scuffed up but after working with faux panels customer service representative and our local paint expert, we were able to resolve this.

Our project turned out really well and we are very pleased with faux panels. From oak to stone, our fireplace has a more sophisticated look.

Patti W.
Watertown, NY

Hello. Here is my testimonial and pictures if you would like to post them on your website.

I love this product. It is very simple to work with and to install. My wife wasn't sure if she would like the faux stones before I started and by the time I was done, she loved it! The accent wall literally transforms our entire living room. The earth drystack stones give a "warmth" to the room that was missing before.

I'm sure I'll be using this product again in the future.

Shawn E.
Lititz, PA

Here is the before and after photos of our foundation renovation and we really love the results. I have attached all the photos so that you would have several to choose from. The house is over 100 years old and your product was just what I was looking for.

Thanks again.

Kathie W.
Clinton, KY

The front of my mobile home gets the most sun, and quickly fades the paint, particularly the brown. So my contractor suggested that we put faux panels on the front brown section, and with the warranty you offer, I would not have to worry about the fading and repainting for a very long time. I used the Nailon used brick.

Pictures are attached, and I think you will agree, it looks fabulous. I am so very happy with the results and have received many complements. I hope that you think it to be a good representative of your Faux Panels to use on your web site.

A VERY happy customer.

Brenda E.
El Cajon, CA
I re-did my fireplace with your panels. My wife could not be happier. I refused to get involved with the real mortar and brick mess, I do all my own projects. Your product was easy and looks terrific.
John T.

We are submitting these before and after pictures of a retaining wall in our pool area. We installed gray Nailon panels on the wall and could not be happier with the results. Before application, the retaining wall was unsightly and the paint would repeatedly peel. Now the wall is a centerpiece of beauty and sets off the area complimenting the deck.

The siding was applied as part of our weekend projects and was easy to install. We've had many compliments about how much this has added and improved the area that previously we were at a loss as how to renovate.

Jane & Jim Sheridan
Fayetteville, GA

Here are some before and after pictures of the bar we built in our basement.

We decided to use faux panels after visting the website and reading all the wonderful testimonials and seeing all the beautiful pictures. We decided on the Wellington Dry Stack Earth color panels and we couldn't be happier with our decision! They have added a touch of the outdoors and a touch of originality to an otherwise fairly ordinary project. Everyone that visits our home comments on how amazing our bar looks and are shocked and amazed when we tell them about faux panels.

We will definitely be using faux panels again in the future.

Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

The Keys Family
Enola, Pennsylvania
I recently installed the Regency Panels on the back wall of my downstairs bath/powder room. Installation was easy. I didn't use any of the touch-up paint I had ordered. I found that sanded chalk used for grout lines in tile, bought at Home Depot worked out very well. I bought several earth tone colors including gray and they all matched well and was very easy.
Marvin L. R.
Houston Texas

Dear fauxpanels,

This fireplace was painted white brick. The faux panels changes the whole look! Due to the uneven surface, application was tricky and its not "perfect" if you know what to look for. Unfortunately, I can't find a full face example for the before in the kitchen, but it does show the uneven surface of sump brick we had to go over. We added a juniper mantal to match our kitchens juniper table.

There had to be extra cuts due to venting for heatilator. Overall, it turned out great. It has a fault line, but it was only visible at the angle we took the picture and if you were looking for it. I do need to go around with the touch up paint you sent with kit. We will be using your product for the outside wall and some decorative outside accents as well.

Thanks very much for a great alternative product that mimics stone without the heavy weight or labor intensive and transport needs!

Wendy and Charlie P.
Sahuarita, AZ

I have attached two pictures of small scenery projects my Brother-in-law has done so far with the scrap Panels and Beams we have given to him.

The first one is a Wall that he built with the “reject” (not routed) Carlton Panels and a section of a Hand Hewn Beam for the Children’s Play Alice in Wonderland. It is a Brick Wall for Humpty Dumpty to sit on. In the Interim of storing it, instead of placing it in the Attic, we felt it also worked just fine next to the Waterfall on the Pool (since it is so light and easy to just place there, and then just remove when it is needed for the Play).

The second Picture is a Fireplace that he built for the Play “Scenes From an Italian Restaurant”, which was done by building a Frame and then covering it with the leftover Regency Panels. He then used a section of the Tuscany Beam and just mitered it to actually go around the 3 sides of the Fireplace.

There will be many more projects to come, and many more pictures to come also. One or two of them will actually be for an upcoming Play in July. It is the Long Island Premier of “The Sting” (which I will actually be playing a role in).

Hey Guys. Attached are the before and after photos of my fireplace. Didnt look bad before but loved the idea of the faux stone. Turned out wonderful!! Thanks for providing a great product. I get compliments from everyone that sees it!!!
Jeremy B.
Greencastle, PA
Overall the product result was alot of bang for my buck. It was used to cover a not so attractive wall in a new western store,Cowboy Fancy. The response from contractors and customers was amazing! Check it out on facebook at Cowboy Fancy.
Cowboy Fancy
Big Bear Lake, California
Love this product. First time using these panels. It was easy,fast,and simple to install. Fantastic look when your finished. I cant wait to do another project.
Cris K.
I used these Carlton Fieldstone panels above a couple of zero clearance fireplaces in condominiums. They look great and are much easier to install and more economical than real stone. I need to order more.
We absolutely LOVE our fireplace. We used Wellington Dry Stack in Earth. We are finishing building a new home and plan on using the columns on our front and back porches as well. Everyone who comes to see the house thinks that it is REAL stack stone and can't believe how good it looks!

Great look even closeup!

While I was not quite prepared for the amount of modification around the corners, I was pleased in how easy it was to carve the material with a utility knife, fill with mortar patch and paint. The inside edges of the firebox were able to be shaped and painted to look like the rest. Will use again for sure, planning exterior use on garage next.

Maryland, WA