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Welcome to the Faux Panels® Tools page. This hub page features the various tools that will help you choose the best product for you, calculate quantity, determine shipping costs and track your order. Click on the links to the left in order to use our various tools.

Unsure which panels will suit your needs? Why not compare products. Our Panel Selector allows you to sift through all our choices by choosing one or two features most important to you and then showing you only the product lines which meet those requirements. The Comparison Chart is more in-depth, allowing you to choose multiple faux panel lines & styles, then comparing them side-by-side based on the criteria you choose.

If you know which style you’d like but aren’t sure how many panels you need to order, check out the Panel Calculator. Choose your panel line and style, enter in either the dimensions or exact square footage you will be working on and we’ll let you know how many panels and the approximate price. Then head over to shipping quote tool to double-check how much your potential product order will cost to ship to you.

If you’ve already placed an order with us, the Order Status tool will let you know how it’s doing. So go ahead and click on one of our tools. If you need any other help, please check out our Contact Us page to call, email or chat live with a Customer Service Representative.

Comparison Chart

Compare products with this in-depth and easy to use site tool.

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Track your order status simply, easily and quickly from our site.


Product specifications and testing results for various faux panel and siding lines.


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