Trade Show Displays

Make your trade show booth or exhibits more dynamic and inviting.

Does your trade show display need some extra character or pizzazz to make it pop? Faux brick panels are a perfect way to give your booth or exhibit a polished, classic look. Stone veneer could be the thing that draws eyes to your displays. Or perhaps faux wood paneling would be better to give your exhibits a more inviting and homey appeal.

All of our panels are made from lightweight and durable polyurethane. They're quick and easy to install, create a realistic look, and are virtually maintenance free. When you need to spruce up your booth design without going overboard or under tight time constraints, our panels could be the difference that helps you come in on-time and under budget.

Benefits for trade show booths:

  • Easy installation
  • Completely maintenance free
  • Made of high-quality, lightweight polyurethane
  • Ships right to your - or your business - front door
  • Available in a huge array of styles and textures

When your trade show booth needs character and class without the exorbitant price, faux panels® – whether stone, rock, brick or wood – can be the perfect solution.

Our Customers say:

I needed to simulate red brick on a trade show exhibit and it worked perfectly. Being lightweight was a bonus.

Knoxville, TN

Overall we were very pleased with the products and the customer service received. Very helpful staff made my time constraints their emergency. Made me look like a hero. Product has a very realistic look to it, people looked at our display and thought it was the real thing.

Saginaw, MI

I did not want another day to go by without thanking you sincerely for your prompt and attentive service while I was ordering regency riviera stacked stone panels to be used in my trade show booth. I know my order was not large by any amount, but you and your team treated me with such care and patience that it felt like I was buying enough to build a house.

Deby F.

Your trade show booth can have the look of rugged river rock in realistic colors with faux stone panels.
Wellington Panels
When your trade show display needs a rugged touch or contrast, Wellington panels simulate the look of real stone and river rocks.
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Trade show displays can have the look of real masonry without the weight and cost.
Cambridge Panels
Cambridge panels offer brick, rock and stone designs for your exhibits that are easy to install and won't break the bank.
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An authentic look for your trade show display without breaking your budget.
Regency Panels
When building or adding to your trade show display, Regency accommodates any booth design with the realistic look of rock or stone.
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Trade show displays can have affordable, professional looking results with lightweight, portable faux stone.
Norwich Panels
Accentuate your trade show booth's style or layout with the appearance of real stone and rock.
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When your trade show display needs a touch of character, Carlton panels feature stone and brick designs to get you there.
Carlton Panels
Give your booth that desired look of brick, rock or stone without the hassle and expense of the real thing.
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Make your trade show booth durable and portable without skimping on looks.
Windsor Panels
Perfect for that portable display, not only is it attractive… it's lightweight as well – the largest is less than 5 pounds.
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Lightweight trade show displays with a realistic rock, stone, brick or wood look.
Oxford Panels
Your booth and exhibits need a great look that's also affordable and lightweight. Oxford panels offer a variety of styles and color schemes that will give you the look you want while staying within budget.
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Give your booth the inviting and timeless look of hand-hewn wood.
Woodland Panels
Perfect for when your large scale trade show exhibit needs the look of real wood without the cost or weight.
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