Wine Cellars

Create a stunning look with manufactured stone

Wine cellars should reflect the personality of its contents, with sophistication, character and good taste. Building a warm, inviting, stately wine cellar for your collection has never been simpler with the help of manufactured stone wall panels.

You can forget about lugging heavy bricks and stones into your home — instead use custom wall panels that perfectly mirror the texture of real rock delivered right to your front door.

Manufactured stone panels:

  • Are made out of lightweight, durable polyurethane
  • Stand up strong against aging, insects, and cracks
  • Require no maintenance or upkeep — just install and enjoy
  • Are available in a wide range of styles, from rustic stone to polished brick
  • Can be installed in a weekend project, without outside help

Wine cellars are an investment; you want to keep your vintage merlots in an environment that matches their sophistication. By using manufactured stone wall panels to line your cellar, you ensure that your wines will be kept safe and secure until they are aged to perfection.

Have a look through of our photo gallery of past customers who have used our panels for their wine cellars project and gain a little of your own inspiration.

Manufactured stone panels help create a French Winery feel.
Wellington Panels
Dry stack and river rock wall panel designs add flair to wine cellar design plans. The rugged, natural look is beautiful and appealing.
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Brick and stone add a classic touch to wine cellars.
Cambridge Panels
Faux brick, rock and manufactured stone panels add the look of traditional masonry without the time or hassle. Give your wine cellars that realistic look for less.
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Beautiful manufactured stone panels in a variety of color choices.
Regency Panels
With a variety of manufactured stone, river rock and brick designs to choose from, Regency gives you options for every design plan. They give wine cellars a touch of sophistication and beauty.
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Durable, realistic faux stone and rock wall panels for design ideas.
Norwich Panels
Realistic manufactured stone panels offer a durable, low-maintenance alternative to traditional masonry. Create wine cellars that look professionally done without the time and cost of the real thing.
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Realistic manufactured stone designs including fieldstone, ledgestone, cobblestone and more.
Carlton Panels
Carlton wall panels offer numerous faux stone designs to choose from as well as artificial brick and rock. When your wine cellars need a touch fieldstone, ledgestone, cobblestone, castle rock or brick, there's a perfect choice for you.
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Windsor wall panels are incredibly lightweight and durable while offering a realistic touch.
Windsor Panels
Manufactured stone provides a lightweight and affordable alternative to the real thing. Whether you're making DIY wine cellars or updating your home design, these faux panels are easy for anyone to install.
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Manufactured stone, faux wood and even imitation diamond plate are available.
Oxford Panels
All wine cellars are different and reflect personal style. Our Oxford wall panels give you options ranging from classic and timeless to unique and industrial to suit the look you want.
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Rich, warm faux wood wall panels provide an inviting appeal.
Woodland Panels
Tongue-and-groove wood wall panels evoke an Old World style which can transport you back to a simpler, more relaxing time. The beauty and appeal of Woodland panels make wine cellars an inviting place to unwind.
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