What is Polyurethane?

Discover the many benefits of polyurethane, which is a strong, versatile substitute for stone, brick, wood, rubber, fiberglass, rubber, silicone, etc.

Polyurethane products are known for their extreme durability, budget friendly cost and environmental friendliness.

A Safe, Reliable Material You already know polyurethane -- you see it every day without realizing it.  It is a component of sneakers, furniture, car products, sports equipment, theme parks, home decorating and so much more.

Polyurethane is now an important ingredient in home decor and building supplies.

Polyurethane is so durable because it has a closed cell structure. This makes it very stable, unlike plastics which degrade over time, and it keeps moisture from transferring behind coatings. Moisture migration is the reason behind serious problems such as mold on stone or brick, rot in wood trim and beams, and blistering, peeling paint, all of which can happen with natural building products.

Realistic appearance:
Our polyurethane stone and brick panels are crafted from molds made from genuine rock and brick. This creates a realistic texture that mimics the beauty of natural stone.

Polyurethane advantages:

  • Highly durableHolds up beautifully to even harsh wear and tear without chipping or “dusting” like real stone or brick can
  • Weather resistantWithstands temperature extremes, snow, ice, salt water exposure and heavy rain without fading, warping, etc.
  • Pest Proof – Does not attract pests, termites or carpenter ants
  • Green & Environmentally SmartMaking faux stone panels uses less energy than is used to mine quarries for rock. Polyurethane does not contain atmosphere-damaging chlorofluorocarbons. Even better, our high-density faux stone and brick panels are manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way possible.
  • Light weight – Easy to handle. Unlike real stone, load-bearing reinforcement is not required. (Always check local building codes)
  • Easy to install – No mason or special tools are needed nor are cranes or forklifts.
  • Cost-effective – Polyurethane costs a fraction of its real stone counterpart and because of its easy installation and light weight, labor costs are lower, too.

Our high-density polyurethane products

  • are nontoxic – formaldehyde is not used during manufacturing
  • Standard Class B Construction/Fire-rated material
  • Firerated Polyurethane is an option on many products.
  • no toxic fumes or gases are released
  • made with water-based finishes and stains
  • use less energy during manufacturing than it takes to mine stone

Even better, our sophisticated manufacturing methods prevent waste material in manufacturing.

Unlike genuine stone, which can chip, or real brick, which requires regular cleaning and pointing, FauxPanels are virtually maintenance free!

Won't Crack
No Mason Needed
Earth Friendly
Polyurethane is used in many industries