Architects, Design Plans, & Faux Panels®

At Faux Panels®, we pride ourselves on the range of knowledge we have in the industry and the services we provide. Our knowledgeable staff includes design engineers and consultants with degrees in engineering and years of experience in the building industry. Let us help you turn your vision into reality.

Services we offer include blueprint help, product selection to best suit your vision, quoting jobs, Free Builders’ Kits to sample of our panels and various forms of assistance. We can also help you reduce waste, save labor, find cost effective alternatives and recommend installation techniques that will better serve your needs.

Our creative and detail-oriented technical staff is equipped with the skills and knowledge to help you realize those grand designs so your dreams and visions can go from paper to reality. We also offer volume discounts on large orders to builders, designers and architects.

Realistic Look:
Our artificial stone, rock and brick panels look like the real thing but without the same cost, weight or time associated with installation.

Low Weight:
No need to worry about added weight on load-bearing walls with our panels. Whether it’s an issue of time, cost or space required to install added support structure, our panels weigh a fraction of the real thing so they won’t put the same strain on a wall. This makes them perfect for historical site renovations as well.

Fire Rated Polyurethane Available:
While not required for ALL buildings, we have panels that are available with optional fire rated polyurethane. Hotel lobbies and fire exit corridors often require fire rated materials; our panels offer that security while still adding a gorgeous look to the design plan. You don’t need to sacrifice the design for the sake of security with Faux Panels®.

Benefits for Architectural Design:

  • Low Weight
  • Realistic Look
  • Great for Historical Renovations
  • Fire rated polyurethane Available
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Cost effective alternative
  • Perfect for Hotel lobbies & fire corridors

Add wonderful touches and accents to architectural designs using faux panels.