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Baseboard molding is a great way to add detail and sophistication to an interior design. Update and enhance the ambiance of your dining room, living room or hallways with base molding and matching crown molding.

Made from durable polyurethane, our baseboard molding will easily withstand years of wear and tear far better than other products on the market. They’re also extremely lightweight, easy to handle and simple to install… all you need is construction adhesive and some screws or finish nails. A one person install will likely only take part of an afternoon or less.

Polyurethane baseboard molding is also resistant to deterioration, chipping, pests and insects. While it’s perfect for interiors, it’s durable enough for exteriors as well. They’re completely maintenance free… once installed you’ll never have to worry about them again.

Whether you’re a design professional or a first-time DIYer, you’ll be amazed at the results. Base molding from® saves you time and money without skimping on quality.