Benefits of Faux Panels®

Benefits of our products:

  • Realistic & Lightweight
  • No Mason Needed
  • Fast & Easy Installation
  • Interior or Exterior Use
  • Increased R Value
  • Offers Great Value
  • Hundreds of styles

Why Choose®?

  • Established in 1972
  • Largest selection
  • Estimations & Guidance
  • Best Customer Experience & Design Support
  • Blueprint takeoffs and quotes
  • We'll beat any competitor's price!

Our Faux Panels® are the perfect Solution for a low-cost installation...

Whether you are using our faux panels® for a commercial or residential application, you will find no other faux product that will look as authentic. Our faux stone, brick and wood paneling and siding are so realistic that they are indistinguishable from real brick or stone. We currently offer hundreds of different styles of panels in a large variety of color choices. Additionally, the labor savings you’ll get from our product often exceeds the actual cost of the material.

A variety of uses...

Whether you are re-siding your house, enhancing the decor of your den, creating a backdrop for your photo studio or building a shopping center, storage shed, steel building, restaurant, movie set, theme park, housing development or simply enclosing your outdoor patio, our faux panels® are a excellent solution!

There are many uses and applications for faux panels®. Our customers include homeowners, restaurant owners, TV shows, franchise restaurants, clothes stores, dentists, doctors, hotels, and more. Each one of them saves time and money on their remodeling projects, and all have been extremely satisfied with the results.

Our panels are a wonderful design choice for all kinds of DIY projects. These can include interior and exterior designs for residential remodeling, commercial designs, set designs, business sign décor, garden retaining walls, entertainment centers, mobile homes, and many more.

Faux panels® weigh approximately 1 lb. per square foot. This makes them very easy to handle and ship. We can easily ship our panels nationwide using standard UPS service.

Our hundreds of testimonials say it all...

“These panels were just what I needed to complete the desired look of my kitchen without the hefty price tag. The faux stone perfectly complements the wood in my log cabin. I am a beginning DIYer and this only took a few hours to install. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to all skill levels.” - Megan, Vermont

“Awesome products!!!!! The best Customer Experience & Design Support I have ever encountered +++++!!!!” Kevin Toronto, CA

“Your product is the best-kept secret in building and remodeling… but not for long. We ordered stone siding for my ranch house and there are no seams where one panel ends and the next begins! My walls look great, my home is more beautiful, and it was easy and well-priced! - Tony M. Dallas, TX

“What can I say...You have been an amazing continual support to our team. This episode marks the beginning of it all! We could not do what we do without the support and dedication of generous people like you!!" - Alex & Veronica Extreme Makeover