Oct 292010
How to Install Mobile Home Skirting That Looks Like Stone

Want to learn how to install mobile home skirting that looks like a real stone foundation? Check out this step-by-step tutorial using FauxPanels™. Your mobile home may be practical and affordable, but the typical aluminum or vinyl skirting doesn’t have much curb appeal. What you need is a nice solid-stone-looking foundation. FauxPanels™ are perfect for this project Read More…

Sep 072010
A Stone Wall from Scratch

Building a stone wall sure sounds like a masonry project. But with faux panels, it’s actually a carpentry project. And a fun one at that. The main ingredients to create this wall include: – Your choice of panels – Complementary wall caps and capitals – A wood-framed wall to attach the panels and caps to – Read More…

Aug 132010
Think Beyond the Flat Stuff

We write a lot here about our brick and stone style products, but let’s not forget about faux wood – including corbels, beams and mantels which you can find at our sister site       Faux wood corbels are great little accent pieces, and can be used to add visual interest underneath roofs, fireplace mantels, shelves and Read More…

Jul 292010
Winery on Wheels

Here’s this custom trailer manufacturer that started out 32 years ago making horse and livestock trailers. And here’s this tasty little winery that started 11 years ago in the same region of North Carolina, transforming grapes into Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. Team these two companies together and you get — um, what do you get? Read More…

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Jul 272010
Decorative Switch Covers and Frames

When you cover a wall with fake stone panels, one of the classiest ways to treat electrical switches and outlets is to surround them with beveled stone frames. The frames are part of our Wellington line of panels, but you can use them with other panels as well. They come in seven colors, so you’re Read More…

Jul 132010
A Window Fit for Rapunzel

You remember Rapunzel, right? A wicked witch shut her up in a tower with no stairs or door, and the only way up was to climb her long, braided, golden locks. “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!” Hey, I’m not making this up. The point is, what would the story of Rapunzel be if there Read More…

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Jul 072010
Beautify an Ugly Retaining Wall

If the retaining wall in your yard is your pride and joy and the envy of all your neighbors, you can skip this tip. In my case, my old railroad-tie retaining wall was so ugly, I finally had it ripped out and the whole yard re-graded to eliminate the need for it. But if I’d Read More…

Jun 292010
The Quicker Sticker Upper

One of the best things that’s happened to building construction in the past 15 years is the Insulating Concrete Form, or ICF. This interlocking system for sandwiching poured concrete between two layers of insulating foam is the greatest thing since … well, you know. Anyway, once you’ve made one of these energy-efficient wall sandwiches, you Read More…