Jan 242014

According to some researchers, the average person will spend one and a half years of their lifetime in the bathroom.

While some may view the bathroom as strictly utilitarian, others view it as their sanctuary – a place to escape for a little peace and quiet.

Artificial stone panels can be a fantastic addition to any bathroom remodel – especially one on a budget. Replace that old wood, tile or fiberglass with the natural look of stone and you’ll have a bathroom that is truly unique.

Bathrooms on a budget - small bathroom remodeled with stone style panels on the wall.

Another benefit the panels offer comes from their heavy-duty polyurethane material, which is virtually unaffected by moisture. The panels won’t peel, crack or get moldy, no matter how steamy your bathroom gets.

Below are a few bathrooms that were remodeled using the stone panels. Take a look here and then see more at our project gallery to help realize your own little home oasis. You’ll have people banging on the bathroom door in no time!

Artificial stone accent wall in the bathroom. Bathtub clad in simulated fieldstone paneling.
Remodeled bathroom wall
with Regency Stacked Stone Potomac
Bathtub sided with
Carlton Fieldstone Desert Sky
   Create a high-class looking shower with affordable, moisture resistant faux panels.
 Master bath renovated with
Norwich Stacked Stone in Creamy Beige
 Shower updated with
Wellington Dry Stack Espresso


I used two of the panels for the front of a tub surround. They were easy to cut, easy to install, and ended up looking great. Next, the faux stone panels will be wrapped around into the shower. Couldn’t be happier with the product. – James

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  1. Where can I see this product? I would like more info. The cost can run from and to ?

  2. All products can be found on http://www.fauxpanels.com/ including pricing, specs, shipping and more. Price ranges can vary greatly depending on product style and design.

  3. More info please

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    How can we help?

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