May 282009
Spring Spruce-Up Series: Who Says White Siding is Boring?

There are two towns in the area where I live that are about six miles away from each other, yet virtually a universe apart when it comes to their building aesthetic. One of them is your classic New England village, with stately old whaling captain houses – lots of white wood and black shutters. The Read More…

Apr 302009
Spring Spruce-Up Series: Outdoor Patio Couch

A little tradition is starting here at the Faux Panels blog. Most of the photos of finished projects that are sent by our customers are beautiful, but once in awhile I see one that particularly tickles me as an ingenious use of the paneling. This week the “Fauxny Award” is given to this striking patio Read More…

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Apr 232009
Spring Spruce-Up Series: Garden Fountains and Ponds

It’s been a beautiful, sunny week. The daffodils and crocuses are all starting to peek out and the birds are getting louder every day. Nothing is better than all these sights and sounds – promising longer days spent in the garden or backyard. These kinds of days really get me pumped up with ideas on Read More…

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