Apr 182018
New Video! What to Look For Before Ordering Faux Panels

Not all faux is created equal – and we’ve made a video to explain the five things you should look for before ordering panels for your interior or exterior design projects. There are many options on the market if you’re thinking of adding the look of stone, brick or wood to your home – but Read More…

Jan 052016
Watch Our New Video, Get a Surprise!

We are excited to introduce our new video! To celebrate its launch we are also offering a surprise coupon. Watch the video until the end (only 2 little minutes out of your day) and the code will be revealed. There’s More – Enter for a Chance to Win $300! Tag a friend on Facebook and you will Read More…

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Jul 202012
New Music Studio Design for N'Stuff

The team at N’Stuff Music, in Pittsburgh, are proud to show off their awesome new studio design – completed using Cambridge Aged Brick panels and Light Gray ledgers. The steel town of Pittsburgh has always had a rich musical heritage, giving birth not only to the great tradition of piano jazz, but also some of its Read More…

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Feb 122010
Check out videos from our recent build on Extreme Makeover

As you’ve probably herd, we recent donated our Faux Brick Panels to a few Extreme Makeover Home Edition builds! Our Cambridge White Brick Faux Panels can currently be seen in the “Creasey Family” episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition.Check out our Extreme Makeover Home Edition page Video of the “Creasey Family” Episode Slide Show of Read More…

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Mar 122009
You Gotta Get Some Columns!

One of my favorite SNL skits was the one done by Scarlett Johansson and Fred Armisen – “You gotta get yourself some marble columns.” It’s kind of a random topic to parody, but both of their performances literally had me rolling on the ground laughing. Don’t get me wrong, while I thought this skit was Read More…