Jul 012011

Mark Griff added craftsman style to his Tennessee lake house with our Wellington Dry Stack column wraps.

Lake house porch columns before faux column wraps were added

BEFORE: Marks lake house was built out of generic building materials – the antithesis of the craftsman aesthetic

“My wife and I wanted to modify our very basic lake house so it had a craftsman-style cottage appearance,” customer Mark wrote to us, enclosing pictures of the home remodeling project he’d undertaken with our faux stacked stone. “Your Wellington Dry Stack column wraps really helped us move in that direction.”

You can’t fault Mark’s taste. America is rich with architectural styles, but few are as striking – or popular – as American Craftsman style. Pioneered during the late 19th century, it was a style of home building that celebrated originality, simplicity of form and the use of local, natural materials – a far cry from the “McMansions” of today.

Mark used our Wellington Dry Stack column wraps around his bare front porch columns – recreating the hand-made look by combining molding with our artificial stacked stone. They pay perfect tribute to the craftsman style, and are a marked improvement over the plain wooden beams that held his porch roof up previously.

Some modification was required: Mark had to cut the column caps to fit his 4” x 4” interior posts, and fit the white molding on top. However, our faux column wraps are made from durable molded polyurethane and are easy enough to cut with a regular wood saw.

Faux stacked stone added to porch columns

AFTER: Faux stone column wraps and molding helped create the illusion of stacked stone columns

In fact, the modifications are what helps the columns blend so seamlessly with the other craftsman-style updates Mark has been working in – and it’s only fitting that adding the “craftsman” look involves some modest craftsmanship of its own.

And the end result is spectacular. Mark finished his email to us by boasting: “My neighbor and my sister were so impressed with what I’d done that they’re placing orders for Faux Panels too, for use on their own homes.”

We’d love to see pictures of what they do with them!

  4 Responses to “Creative Craftsmanship With Faux Stone Column Wraps”

  1. Where do you sell the top white column portion? I didn’t see it on your website

  2. Only the lower portion of the porch column makeover includes our products (the faux stone column wrap and the matching column cap). The tapered white column portion was a design element added by the customer during installation. I don’t have any information on where they purchased those or concerning their installation.

  3. Love this look and also interested in the top portion. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  4. […] To expedite the process of getting these wraps in place, the moldings can be easily trimmed down to fit the inner supports, as the owner of the columns pictured here did.  http://www.fauxpanels.com/blog/column-wraps […]

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