Dec 222011

From the Grand Canyon to the Empire State Building, America seems built on the philosophy that “bigger is better.” But one enterprising homeowner from New Jersey sent in pictures of his new kitchen backsplash made with our decorative panels, illustrating just what a big difference a little change can make.

Modern appliances and cabinets clashed with dated wallpaper.

Insurance expert Dave Weiner, from New Jersey, is a man who knows how important the small details can be. That’s why he managed to use just a few of our Oxford Ledgestone panels to completely transform his dated-looking kitchen.

Dave’s cabinets and worktops were in great condition and their stylish design weren’t dated like the old floral wallpaper. He planned to give his kitchen a cool new look while keeping those important elements as-is.

The trick was creating a decorative backsplash from our panels. Because they’re molded from durable polyurethane, Dave was able to cut them perfectly to size using a wood saw and that meant they fit seamlessly in the space between the worktops and counter; giving the impression of an authentic stone wall but without having to make any alterations to the design of the existing kitchen layout.

Attaching the panels to the wall is easy – it can be done with regular construction glue, or screws if you prefer. Even better, the panels are 100% waterproof and impervious to damp; so they were ideal for creating a backsplash that was as practical as it was impressive.

A DIY kitchen backsplash created with decorative stone panels

Kitchen backsplash completed with decorative stone panels

Dave made one more clever decision when he ordered his panels – he got them fire rated. Many of our products can be ordered with fire rated option, and in Dave’s case it was perfect for ensuring that whatever appliances he puts up on his kitchen counters – from a toaster oven to a tea kettle – the  panels will stand up to the heat.

The results, as you can see from these before and after pictures, are pretty grand. Even better, it took just a few panels for Dave to perform this amazing transformation – making the whole process quicker and significantly less expensive that ripping out an old kitchen would have done.

Do you have any similar kitchen remodeling projects you’d like to show us? We’d love to see them. Send your before and after pictures to and we might even showcase them here!

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