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Don’t make this common mistake when you corner your stone veneer panels.

As you can see for the picture, skipping a step like mitering the corner for a finished look can lead to ugly ends on your stone veneer.

An example of how NOT to miter your stone veneer panels

Check out the picture to the left. It’s a photo of a stone veneer made out of concrete that we snapped in Manhattan over the weekend.

Why? Because it’s a fine example of why our faux panels are more practical, more versatile and easier to install than stone veneer products made out of other materials – and ours always look better as a result.

I’m not sure who did the job with the concrete veneer – but here’s where it went wrong: The corners.

When it came to installing stone veneer on the right-angled corner of this exterior wall, the installer simply stopped going, instead of using a miter to complete the joint.

As a result, you can see the flat, patternless concrete the veneer is made out of end abruptly, and it completely destroyed what would otherwise have been a seamless stone veneer look.

With the right tools, you can have your panel cut to fit the right angle without creating much waste.

It’s easy and straightforward to miter your stone veneer panels. Just make two 45 degree cuts.

Why did the installer do this? Most likely because concrete stone veneer is difficult to work with – it’s not an easy task to perfectly miter stone veneer that’s made from a substance as hard as the sidewalk. He saved money and man hours cutting corners – but the result looks horrible.

That’s why our faux stone veneer products are much better for the home installer, or even the professional.

Made out of molded polyurethane, our stone veneer panels are practically indistinguishable from real stone (and easily better looking than concrete stone veneer) yet combine ease-of-installation, economy and versatility.

They’re also easy to install on corners – even if you’re not a regular handyman.

When it comes to doing corners right, you have two installation options with our stone veneer panels – and the good news is that neither of them are difficult or expensive.

For those with some construction experience, you can simply miter the panel to create a seamless corner.

To do that, simply mark a line along the back of the panel where you intend to cut it, and then make two 45 degree cuts to remove a V-shaped wedge from the back of the panel.

It’s essentially the same process as putting a corner into molding or a baseboard.

No matter the job or the angle, your faux stone panels are a perfect fit for the job and will come out looking beautiful.

You can create miters to suit almost any angle – like this awesome wall.

And the result? The panel folds over and every nook, cranny and crevice of the faux panel will blend together seamlessly – it’s astonishingly quick and simple when you get the hang of it, and there’s no additional expense because you’re creating the corner out of the same panel, with very little waste.

The only additional step it to tidy up the seam.

You might need to file away some imperfections or use caulk to fill some tiny holes. It’s well within the ability of almost any home installer and we have full and detailed instructions on how to miter stone veneer here.


Miters are a great way to give your home design projects the look and feel of a professional job while saving costs.

There might not seem like much of a corner here, but this installer mitered his panels to create an authentic stone look where the panel finished.

The great thing about this technique is that you’re not limited to simple right-angled corners. With a regular wood saw and a bit of math, you can make seamless corner connections to match almost any angle.

But if you are trying to tackle a 90 degree corner, the next option is even easier – simply buy pre-made corners!

We have molded right angle corners for the majority of our faux panels, and you can simply use them instead of trying to miter your panels.

The only challenge is measuring the rest of your stone veneer panels so they line up perfectly – but because you can cut them easily with a regular wood saw, this is a challenge almost anybody should be able to meet.

Check out the full catalog of faux panel corners here:

As you can see – there are plenty of options to get your stone veneer corners right. Don’t “cut corners” and your project will end up looking beautiful.

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  6 Responses to “Don’t “Cut Corners” Cutting Corners: Why Miters Matter With Stone Veneer”

  1. I have put off doing my fireplace because I have the same problem my fireplace has a 22 degree angle at each end of it and looks like I have to miter the stone the problem is I want to use river rock and it will be tricky to cut being round and all is there an easy way to so this job?

  2. Most of our products are very easy to miter if you have the ability and the tools to do so. In the case of the river rock/river stone panels it would depend on which of our panel lines you would be using for your fireplace. We always suggest products with a Class A firerating to clad fireplace surrounds for safety reasons. Of our river rock and river stone panels, Regency and Oxford are available with Class A Fire rating. When looking at the two products though the Oxford would be the easiest to miter.

    Why is that? Well, in order to get a proper 3D look for the stones on the Regency River Rock panels you’ll notice from the closeup photos on our site that the back of the panel has voids so that the polyurethane flows properly and sets firmly. Because of these voids it becomes extremely hard to miter the panels properly for a clean, natural look. The Oxford Riverstone panels on the other hand have a flat back and no voids so are simple to miter and line up properly when following the mitering instructions on our website.

    Ultimately if you’re unsure or have any other questions, you can call our Customer Service line Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Eastern at 1 (800) 651-4223 and they will be able to answer anything you need.

  3. I would like to know if there any vidios on how to put faux stone panels on hot tubs.And what is the best product for the project.

  4. Hi Larry,
    We don’t have any installation videos for hot tubs, but you can view the gallery of other customers who’ve used the panels around their regular bathroom tubs: Our customer service team is very knowledgeable about home improvements and which style of panel would best fit your project. Please contact them at 1-800-651-4223 or email [email protected]. Thank you!

  5. This is what happened to us. Installer just did a straight cut and now it looks terrible! What can we do to either cover it up or removing the edge pieces??? This particular ledgestone does not have corner pieces available. I’m ready to rip it all off. 16ft ceilings and fireplace goes to the ceiling.

  6. Hi Becky,

    So sorry that happened! I am passing your question on to our customer service team, someone will reply to you ASAP.

    Can I ask what style you purchased?


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