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Mobile homes and prefab houses are an affordable and practical way to live; but not always the most beautiful. Our faux stone panels used as mobile home skirting or in other applications can help give any trailer or prefab a unique and stylish look, and offer other practical benefits people might not have though of before.

Mobile and prefab houses transformed with faux stone panels

Faux stone panels  instantly transform prefab or mobile homes.

The eponymous prefab started to become popular in the United States following World War II, when returning soldiers sought to capitalize on the “G.I. Bill” to find their own slice of the American dream.

Produced cheaply and quickly in factories, these prefabricated and modular homes are normally transported to their final destination by flatbed truck; and then installed on foundations similar to regular homes.

Others are transported as trailers, with the wheels removed when they arrive at their installation site.

These days, modern building materials and standards make most prefab houses match up to regular building codes; which is why, despite being called “trailers” or “mobile” homes, only about 5% of them are ever moved after installation.

Installing faux stone mobile home skirting

Faux stone or rock veneer panels are quick and easy to install

Faux stone panels can be used in several ways to enhance the exterior of a modular or prefabricated home; but the most common option is installing them as skirting or wainscoting.

This is a great way to cover any gap between the ground and the lower corner of a mobile home or prefab; plus has the added benefit of keeping animals, insects and pests out.

There are many stone and rock veneer panel options to choose from; but we recommend options that resemble brick or stacked stone; giving the impression that the prefab is built on a solid rock or stone foundation.

This subtle detail can often totally transform the appearance of a trailer or prefab; giving it a unique look which is a benefit amongst homes that notoriously “all look the same.”

Faux stone panels also have the advantage of being molded from weatherproof, light and durable polyurethane; making them tough and resistant to the elements.

Unlike a real stacked stone or brick foundation, installing stone veneer panels is a quick and simple job; accomplished with nothing more than a regular wood saw, caulk and screws.  Our  panels are also highly affordable; another good match for beautifying a modular home or trailer.

Check out the pictures we’ve posted of faux stone panels that were used in past customers’ projects. If you’ve used our panels on your own trailer or mobile home, we’d love to see pictures – email them to

  5 Responses to “Skirting the Issue with Faux Stone Panels”

  1. I like the looks of this, but how does it “absorb” the freeze/thaw difference in heigth through the change of seasons?  The vinyl has a wider top flange it can slide in and out of-  what about this stuff? 

  2. The best way to answer your question (without resorting to a potentially long response full of technical jargon) would be to point you to our Specifications page where you can see for yourself the testing done and the results found concerning our various panels.

  3. I want info and pricing of the faux log exterior

  4. Hi Kim,

    The log siding in that photo actually already existed on that mobile home – the homeowner added Carlton Cobblestone panels ( for the skirting. We DO have several wood styles including log siding, you can see them all here on this page: If you have any further questions, our customer service department will be happy to help. You can reach them at 1-800-651-4223 or by emailing Thank you!

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