Jan 252019

Inspired by Fixer Upper‘s Joanna Gaines, this list of home improvements to increase value includes several you can do quickly and cost-effectively with FauxPanels.

Shower remodeled with Norwich Stacked Stone panels in Earth color.
Product Used: Norwich Stacked Stone Panels in Earth color

One of the top-rated shows on HGTV has always been Fixer Upper – hosted by the husband and wife team of Chip and Joanna Gaines. In a recent article in The Cheat Sheet, enterprising design buff Amanda Harding lists 15 of Joanna’s signature design tricks – and we think more than a few of them are a perfect match for our stone, brick or wood-style panels.

Joanna Gaines has contributed significantly to the look of modern American design; and the best thing about her inspirations are that they remain timeless and immune to dating. In the list of 15 tips and tricks to increase the value of your home, several suggestions would be easily and affordably achievable using FauxPanels.

The first and most obvious suggestion is the use of shiplap – which is one of Joanna’s signature design styles. Using real shiplap is fine – but we offer a faux alternative that may be the better solution.

Kitchen island resurfaced with faux shiplap board panels.
Our faux shiplap doesn’t just look “as good” as the real thing. Thanks to our molding and coloring process, it often looks even better!

In addition to being more affordable and easier to install than reclaimed wood, our panels also emit no Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) which are problems with both new and reclaimed wood. These chemicals can trigger asthma and have been linked to other health issues; so ‘going faux’ is a smart move to avoid them.

The panels are also much easier to install, and look seamless – interconnecting with subsequent panels for a sleek and continuous wood texture.

Finally, these are molded from real reclaimed wood, and colored using an industry-leading painting process which means that they are almost indistinguishable from real shiplap; and in some cases actually look better.

The fifth suggestion on the Joanna Gaines-inspired list was to redo your fireplace – and that’s something we’ve blogged about many times. Faux panels are the perfect choice for refinishing a fireplace; and we even offer varieties of faux brick that are available in white, to match Joanna’s signature color scheme.

Our Regency Old Chicago Brick panels brought this fireplace to life – and also matched Joanna Gaine’s fondness for white walls and siding.

Number Six on the list was the suggestion to ‘focus on the entryway’ and the picture they use in the article features column posts that could be effortlessly recreated with our custom faux stone column wraps; which offer an affordable and easy-to-install way to get the look of stone without having to invest in heavy masonry.

Home's front entrance with faux stone panels and match column wraps.
A home’s front entrance transformed with faux stone panels and matching columns wraps.

The list also suggests adding features like faux beams – which are products offered on our sister site, FauxWoodBeams.com. All in all, you couldn’t have asked for a more comprehensive list of suggestions which could be achieved using our industry-leading synthetic wood, stone and brick products; and we’ll definitely be sharing this list of suggestions with future customers who want to get the signature look of a Fixer Upper house while retaining the affordability and versatility of our faux products.

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