Apr 052019

This beautifully rustic kitchen island in a lodge style home was refinished with Norwich Stacked Stone panels in the Earth color, demonstrating how our products blend seamlessly with natural building materials like wood.

Lodge style home's kitchen remodeled with a beautifully rustic kitchen island resurfaced with stacked stone style panels.

As you can see from the BEFORE and AFTER photos, there’s a lot of wood in this kitchen – from the gleaming pine floorboards to the wood plank ceiling. It’s a great look for those who like the rustic, hunting-lodge aesthetic, but even the homeowner thought it was a bit too much.

Stone is always a fantastic contrast to wood – but in the case of this project, it wouldn’t have been possible to add real stone to the existing island, or build a new one. This is where our panels proved themselves invaluable.

Molded from high density polyurethane, the panels with an innovative injection molding process that perfectly recreates every crack, seam and fleck of real stacked stone; for an authentic, three-dimensional stone texture that’s almost impossible to tell from the real thing.

The panels were cut to size using a regular wood saw, and installed directly to the existing island’s surface using nothing more than construction adhesive and screws.

Kitchen before photo

And the end result? Well, you can see for yourself in the AFTER picture. The panels add a really beautiful dark contrast to all that wood and pine; and help give the whole room a more balanced look.

It’s a very simple application of our faux stone panels – but a strikingly vivid change that turns a dated look into something contemporary, dynamic and stylish. We love it!

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