Apr 192019

With the help of our Carlton Fieldstone panels in Sierra Sand color, these homeowners gave their country kitchen a new backsplash that’s both stylish and practical.

A ‘backsplash’ is one of the few terms in home design that needs no explanation. It’s literally a surface at the back of your kitchen counter designed to weather the splashes of water, food and other messy elements.

Country kitchen backsplash created with Carlton Fieldstone panels in Sierra Sand color.

Many homes are built without any specific form of backsplash material, so it’s often one of the first things a homeowner will add to their kitchen to keep the walls clean and dry.

Most backsplashes are made from a waterproof or water-resistant substance, like tile. You don’t want to use anything that can easily stain, or retain water.

Kitchen backsplash with Fieldstone texture made with waterproof polyurethane panels.
The panels’ Fieldstone texture fits in perfectly with the country-style aesthetic.

To a certain extent, however, this does limit the options available to homeowners looking to add a unique or customized element to their homes; and this is where the versatility of our line of faux stone and brick products comes into play.

In this remodeling project, the homeowners wanted to add a French farmhouse-style element to their country kitchen; which worked well with their wood cabinets and beautiful porcelain double-wide sink.

Creating this backsplash with faux Fieldstone was more practical and cost-effective than using real stone.
Using real stone would have been wildly impractical,
as each stone would have had to have been individually trimmed to fit the space.

For them, their first choice was stone – but of all backsplash materials to work with, that’s potentially the post problematic – especially when it comes to the large fieldstone style that the homeowners wanted to use.

This is because fieldstone is characterized by large, flat sections of rock, mortared together in an asymmetrical pattern. in a limited space – like the wall between a kitchen counter and the cabinets overhead – you’d be required to perfectly trim the tops and bottoms of real stones prior to installation; which is difficult, time-consuming and requires specialist equipment.

Kitchen backsplash made with easy-to-cut panels to accommodate electrical outlets and switches.
Our panels are easy to cut to accommodate electrical outlets and switches.

Backsplashes also need to account for electrical outlets and switches for various kitchen appliances – and these would need to be built around, which is another challenge when using natural stone.

Finally, there’s the cost and the difficulty of installation. Stone is an expensive material in and of itself, and it would require hours of skilled labor to hand-install each individual stone to the surface of the wall.

Which is why the homeowners turned to FauxPanels.com. We offer a gorgeous range of faux stone products that recreate various stone styles in a lightweight and durable high density polyurethane foam.

The injection molding process we use captures every detail of the original material – and then we use an industry-leading panting process to color the molded product to make it look vividly realistic. The result is a lightweight flat-panel that looks so outrageously authentic that you actually have to reach out and touch the surface to confirm that it’s not real stone.

The panels also come with a variety of other advantages.

Firstly, the flat panels cover a large area with a seamless stone texture – with each subsequent panel interlocking with the previous one for an unbroken pattern. This means just a few panels can cover an entire backsplash area, making it a very affordable choice of material.

Secondly, the panels can be cut to size with a regular wood saw, and attached with nothing more than construction adhesive and screws. Compared to the mortar required to install and support actual stone, this streamlines the installation process tremendously.

Thirdly, the panels can easily be trimmed and drilled to accommodate switches and electrical outlets – again, with regular carpentry tools most homeowners already own. You can also drill into and through the panels, making it easy to install outlet covers on them – which is something you can’t say about stone!

And, finally, the panels material is a closed-cell polymer, which is impervious to water.

The panels’ advantages quickly add up – making them the logical choice for adding a stone-look to a kitchen without the headaches or expense. The project we’re featuring here took just hours to install, and looks fantastic.

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