Carlton Castle Rock Tall Panels

  • $107.59 each panel
  • Model: CP-CR-PN-ST
  • Color: Summer Tan
  • Production Time: Approx. 2 to 3 weeks
  • Quantity:
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Specifications of Carlton Castle Rock Summer Tan Panel:

  • Model: CP-CR-PN-ST
  • Line: Carlton
  • Style: Castle Rock
  • Color: Summer Tan
  • Type: Panel
  • Edge Type: Standard
  • Production Time: Approx. 2 to 3 weeks
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Overall Dimensions: 48 ½" Wide × 30 ½" High × approx. ¾" Thick
  • Coverage Dimensions: 47 ¾" Wide × 29 ½" High
  • Stone Dimensions: 11 ½" Wide × 7 ½" High
  • Coverage: Approx. 9.78 sq. ft.
  • Suggested Amount of Caulk / Glue: For caulk: 1 tube for every 4 panels
    For glue: 1 tube for every 3 panels
  • Weight: Approx. 11 lbs each panel
  • Exterior Use: Weather Proof, near zero UV degradation
  • Interior Use: Highly Durable, increases R-value
  • Area price: Approx. $10.48 / sq.ft.
    based on overall dimensions
  • Coverage price: Approx. $11.00 / sq.ft.
    based on coverage dimensions
  • Price per pound: Approx. $9.78 / lb.
  • Ships From: Midwest Region
    A benefit of this panel is that the height makes a near perfect match to most Wainscotings and also fits under most standard windows. The ability to do this without having to use multiple panels or cutting, greatly reduces waste and install time.

    When your goal is a natural-looking interior or exterior that's attractive but not loud, lending itself beautifully to almost any architectural style, Carlton imitation rock panels are your answer. Choose from several finishes, each one with neat lines, realistic colors and textures to add a quiet grace to any room or exterior.

    These panels have more than just good looks going for them - thanks to their polyurethane composition. They boast incredible resilience to heat, cold, moisture and general weather damage, as well as harm from insects and other pests. Their lightweight character makes them a shoo-in for an easy, hassle-free installation—no need for a mason with this DIY project.

    Try Dakota Blend Castle Rock in the walls in your kitchen, dining area or in a finished basement. The inlaid pattern of these squares and rectangles offers both precision and rough-textured charm.

    Limestone is elegant yet edgy, and fits in anywhere from a luxurious bathroom, high-tech kitchen or classic patio to a boutique or gallery.

    Tie together all the elements of a garden, gallery showroom or patio design with Sierra Sand– just the right combo of straight lines and rough edges.

    Everyone covets a summer tan…this one will look great year-round! Summer Tan Castle Rock will charm with its offbeat mosaic pattern and mix of grays and earthy tones.

    Harvest blends russet browns and soft gray tones for a classic color palette that works beautifully with any style of kitchen cabinets, patio designs or exterior renovation.

    For a subdued but rich look, Smoke is the perfect choice. Alternating light and dark gray pieces are paired with muted browns in an authentically textured panel that will fool everyone into thinking you used real stone in renovation.

    Brown is anything but boring in the Desert Sky palette. The variety of earth tones combined with a realistic look and feel make this the perfect choice for a living room accent wall, kitchen backsplash, patio or exterior siding.

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