Fake Brick and Stone Chimneys

Great Look, No Maintenance

Using fake brick and stone is a smart way to give chimneys a facelift easily and economically. Unlike real brick or stone, our strong polyurethane panels will never chip or dust, and don't need pointing and cleaning.

With so many styles and colors to choose from and a simple installation, implementing new design ideas are easy. From a geometrical brick to rounded random rock and all the various patterns in between, one is sure to fit your style.


  • Strong polymer construction
  • Simple installation – can be a DIY project
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Wide variety of colors and styles
  • Weather and pest resistant

Chimneys don’t just need to be functional. Adding a fresh look of stone or brick can do wonders to improve your home’s curb appeal. Check out the possibilities with faux.

Our Customers say:

We've just completed our home exterior refishining. Our Faux Panels® are not only on the front of our house but also now surround our old chimney. Not a single day has gone by that someone hasn't commented on how incredibly great the house looks.

Rita R.

The product is great and I get a lot of complements about the way they look.® for such an easy to work with great product!

Greg R.

We just finished installing the Nailon Stone Wall panels on 2 framed chimneys. The panels were straightforward to install and we are very pleased with the realistic result. One of my biggest concerns with using real stone was placing that much weight on our roof trusses. The low weight of your product allows this application without having to go through the expense and aggravation of involving engineers and architects.

Overall, we agree with many comments we read online. Your customer service is well beyond today's standards, there were no surprises with the product we received or the installation process, and the website has a tremendous level of detail that sets it apart from any other product we have used during a major addition/renovation. There simply weren't many questions left unanswered after reviewing your website.

Ryan and Janice N.

Fake stone siding for virtually every design need
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Faux brick looks like the real thing but won't dust or need pointing
Regency Panels
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Interlocking siding panels means easy installation
Norwich Panels
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Faux brick, cobblestone and more create the look of a stone mason's work
Carlton Panels
From faux brick to cobblestone and fieldstone siding panels and more, Carlton can create the look of elaborate, hand-laid chimneys while staying easy to install.
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Fake stone siding panels look like real stone but are made of durable polyurethane
Windsor Panels
With a distinct style, coordinating accessories, range of colors and the durability of polyurethane, Windsor works well.
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Turn practical chimneys into style accessories with faux brick and manufactured stone siding panels in a wide variety of colors and styles. They make a great DIY project or can be installed quickly with a contractor. Either way, it's a low-maintenance option that will look terrific for years and years.