Carlton Columns

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Column and deck post covers are the perfect DIY solution for adding lasting appeal and eye-catching design to your home’s exterior. Made from durable polyurethane, these faux brick and cobblestone covers will withstand the harsh elements and remain looking beautiful for years. The hollow core design allows you to easily slide them over a wood beam.

Not only are they perfect for adorning posts on your patio and porch, they can easily be used as a standalone column in your garden, at an entranceway, or flanking your driveway. With optional base pedestal and column cap accessories, your new columns will give the impression of professional custom masonry in less time and for less money.

Our deck post covers are highly resistant to cracking, peeling and chipping. Unlike real brick and stone, there’s no fear that environmental wear and tear will cause breakage or make your column look worn down. They’re also rated for near zero UV degradation which means that they’ll keep their color longer without fear of fading often associated with the real thing.

The faux brick and cobblestone are simple and easy to cut and screw into, allowing you to make openings or to attach crossbeams and shorten your column as necessary. Their stackable design also means that you can add on more to create a column of any height. Whether you’re making a faux brick column for a lamp post or a cobblestone fence post, these deck post covers are a simple addition to make your design shine.