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Siding corners are used in conjunction with our panels to add the final touch to a wall, foundation, or other interior or exterior design project.

The corners make sure you’re covered when investing your time, energy and money into a beautiful panel installation. Right and left inside and outside corners will accommodate any install situation. Of course, their surfaces match up with the same precise realism and details, blending in with accompanying faux panels® perfectly. They’re built to fit correctly and expertly, lining up with their corresponding panels for a polished, seamless look.

Because they’re made of lightweight polyurethane, they’re just as easy to install as our user-friendly panels. With a few simple tools—which you likely have in your possession already—and the help of our concise, easy-to-follow instructions, the average homeowner will approach the installation with confidence and achieve professional results.

The corners have another edge over real stone and brick: besides its lightweight advantage and ease in handling, polyurethane is a material which boasts extreme durability and resistance to harsh climate conditions such as heat, moisture, sunlight, cold, and wind. They’re also impermeable to other forms of wear and tear like insect and pest damage. Whether installed indoors or out, the corners won’t crack, fade or peel, and will maintain their fresh look for years to come.

Thanks to these ultra-tough, no-hassle corners, no one will believe you didn’t hire a team of professionals to install your siding.