Faux Crown Molding

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Faux crown molding is a great way to a decorative flair to your rooms and hallways. They can easily be used alone for great effect or coupled with base molding parallel to them along the lower edge of a wall. Decorative molding and trim create a beautiful layout that enhances and bolsters any interior design plan.

For a truly unique look, FauxPanels.com® offers molding that perfectly mimics real stone thanks to its polyurethane material. This leads to two huge benefits compared to normal crown molding: You get the look of real stone without the weight and they’re much more durable.

Polyurethane is extremely durable and lightweight. You won’t need to worry about deterioration, wear and tear, damage from pests and insect, chipping or fading. Thanks to their light weight, you can add them practically anywhere without concern for needing added structural support. Attempting the same designs with real stone just isn’t feasible due to time, cost and weight.

The easy to install, DIY-Friendly design of our decorative molding makes them a perfect weekend project. With a few hours and some construction adhesive you can completely transform your designs.