Project Support for Professional Home Designers

Our engineers and consultants understand the needs of professional home designers and are here to work with you. Whether you’re working on an interior design project and need panels to suit each room or have exterior design ideas that need the right faux stone or rock, we’re happy to lend a hand.

Support staff is on-hand to answer your questions, aid with project estimations and offer guidance on the best product for your needs. If the faux panel style you want for a design won’t work because it needs to be fire-rated, we can point you to the best alternative. If your exterior design ideas just aren’t matching up to the needs of your client, we’ll show you what else we have to offer that can meet those needs. There’s no job too big or small that we can’t help on.

With our large variety of products available, there is certain to be the right product for your design plans. If something you’re looking at just won’t work or you’re uncertain about specifications, our knowledge coupled with your expertise will provide the best outcome for your clients and projects.

Order Samples with our Free Builder’s Kits:
If you have concerns about the look, feel or durability of the faux stone, rock, brick and wood panels that we offer, why not order samples of the product? Our Builders’ Kits are offered free of charge to designers, builders and architects. Every sample is an actual cut piece of our real panels so what you receive is exactly what you will be getting when you order full panels.

We Strive for Realism:
All of our panels are made from mold of the real thing. This ensures that every nuance found in natural stone, rock, brick or wood will shine through in our products. They’re practically indistinguishable from the real thing.

Durable and Lightweight:
Unlike real brick, rock or stone, our faux panels® weigh a fraction of the weight of the real thing. This makes them far easier to handle and install. They’re also built to withstand the elements while staying beautiful for years. No need to worry about deterioration, wear and tear, fading or cracking that is often associated with the real thing. We also have a number of products available with optional Firerated polyurethane making them safe for interior use as well as external applications.

Benefits for Professional Home Designers:

  • Large variety of designs, styles and colors
  • Builder’s Kit samples are cuts of real panels
  • Beautifully realistic look
  • Available Fire Rated Plyurethane Panels
  • Durable, lightweight design
  • Little to No Long Term Maintenance
  • knowledgeable Support Staff here to help
Create amazing home interior designs with faux panel wainscoting, accent walls and more.

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