Faux Column Styles

Only you will know it's not real.

Add a faux column to your home's landscape or entranceway to instill polish and elegance with the realistic look of brick or stone.

So Many Uses

With a large variety of styles, finding a column in our collection to suit your project is virtually effortless. Dress up a property fence or entrance gate, light the way to your door with an elegant outdoor lamppost, transform an existing drab support structure, or turn a once purely functional mailbox into a gorgeous design element. These columns and posts are available in a range of stone, rock and brick designs, each one distinct yet all with the intricate detail, shading and texture of the real thing.

No-fuss, Low-cost Installation

With these products, you'll save precious hours of searching for a reliable stone mason or bricklayer, while also saving your wallet from the pinch of having to pay a professional. This is a job you can accomplish yourself – in very little time. The columns are made to be installed quickly and easily by the average homeowner. Their lightweight material allows for easy handling and our step-by-step installation instructions guide you to a finished result in as little as one day.

Low Maintenance, High Durability

Our columns are constructed of High-Density Polyurethane or Medium Density Polyethylene, materials that offer benefits in two-fold. One is their ease of installation; the other is an incredible ability to resist cracking, peeling, discoloration and many other signs of wear and tear – far better than real stone, rock or brick. Steadfast against extreme cold, heat, moisture, wind or insects, these columns will maintain their beautiful color and texture for years without added maintenance. Convinced? Start browsing through our catalog of offerings to find the style that best enhances your property.

Our Customers say:

We finished our installation yesterday, here are some pics, everyone was thrilled with the look of the columns, a big hit! The sign identified a special area at the McAfee user conference at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. After I left, they installed some uplights to highlight it even more! Thanks for everything, it all worked out great.

Tim L.
Sacramento, CA

We ordered the Norwich Colorado stacked stone colums to dress up our finished basement. They shipped sooner than expected and were very easy to install. When friends saw them, they thought for sure it was real stone and cost over $3,000. They were floored when I told them that it was faux stone and how much I paid.

Shaun S.
King of Prussia, PA

Let us start by saying, we couldn’t be happier with your product and the look that was achieved; just as we imagined it.

Denise C. McGlone

Faux columns make for a beautiful accent to your fences and driveway.

Ashford Columns

An Ashford faux column or mailbox post offers the discreet coloring of earthy, hand-cut stone. Tall and graceful, they will add elegant architectural detail to a driveway or exterior of your home. The columns boast a polyethylene composition that makes them more durable than real stone and able to resist all forms of harsh climate, deterioration and general wear and tear. Polyethylene's lightweight qualities allow for an easy installation-almost any homeowner can have these up in no time, without the need for a mason or contractor. There could not be a simpler way to transform the outward face of your home! Mailbox not included. View Product

Faux columns, half columns, post wraps, sleeves and more in a variety of styles.

Accessory Columns

For pure design effect, a stately faux column or half-column in stone or brick affords you amazing versatility in dozens of classy styles and colors. In finishes such as Cobblestone, Stacked Stone, Sandstone, Brick and Drystack, your decorative options are endless.

Thanks to their polyurethane makeup, each column, half column, wrap and sleeve is even tougher and more resistant to the elements than actual stone. And because of the lightweight nature of this material, they're a cost-efficient, easy installation project that any homeowner can tackle without the need for a mason or contractor.

It would be hard to find a simpler way of imparting elegance and structural integrity to your exterior landscape. View Product