Grommesh Family Home Remodel

For the Grommesh family, one of the main goals of the home remodel was to make their house more handicap-accessible for their son. Second, was to give the family a wonderful space to live in and to run their non-profit organization, HOPE Inc. Among the various interior design ideas for the home was the use of our Wellington Earth faux stone panels. The master bedroom redesign involved using creating a faux stone accent wall behind their bed to complement the color scheme of the room. A faux stone column design was also added to the home to create a focal point inside near the front entranceway.

Photo Gallery

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Exterior and interior design ideas can drastically change the look and feel of your home’s façade. GF1
The interior design ideas for this home followed an earthy color scheme with some splashes of color. GF2. Wellington Drystack Earth
A home remodel can improve curb appeal and create a more inviting atmosphere. GF3
Browns and tans used for these interior design ideas are complemented by the touch of green used around the windows. GF4
After the home remodel, the look and curb appeal of the Grommesh home was vastly increased. GF5
Interior design ideas featuring complementary color and a faux stone wall gives them bedroom a relaxing feel and calming appearance. GF6. Wellington Drystack Earth
Interior design ideas using faux stone accent walls can complement a room’s color scheme. GF7. Wellington Drystack Earth